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  1. Watts2Hogan

    Post Match brawl

    Been to quite a few games in Geelong but not Saturday's. Have stood on the terrace, GA seats and reserved seats in the new stand. Never seen anything like that trouble, thing is, they were also day games. Saturday's incident speaks more to our drinking culture (yes, mine included although I tend not to drink at the footy these days) than the need to segregate opposing fans. The fact that Carlton Draught promote how often a keg of Carlton is changed during AFL broadcast displays how ingrained drinking is in Australian life. That video of the Melbourne supporter staggering around, barely coherent is embarrassing, not just as an MFC supporter but an Australian. The video of the Geelong supporter laying the boot in is downright disgusting.
  2. Never realised the Maltby Bypass crossed the state border! But seriously, these are crap seats ground level in the forward pocket. Much better available on Ticketmaster or buy a general admission ticket and take your chance of the night. There will be Dees fans sprinkled throughout. The myth that Sam Newman began years ago (and fuelled by similarly misguided folk) that only 200 Dees supporters turned up to a match comes about from this tiny allocation of seats under the scoreboard.
  3. Watts2Hogan

    Premium Members Getting Dudded By The Club

    Excellent summation of how I, as a Trident member feels. When I realised who the MCC's supervisor in our area was on Tuesday - Glenn - I saw no point complaining to him as his attitude in the past towards MFC supporters is nothing short of pathetic. I've written to the MCC and MFC about his behaviour in the past and received assurances that it would be adressed. I doubt it has been, no point wasting my breath with this man.
  4. Watts2Hogan

    Which Jumper are we Wearing?

    Seriously, pull ya head in, I'm not being negative nor am I mentally soft. Fact is whilst we play Anzac eve the AFL will fixture us against one of the teams that plays on Anzac Day. The Pies are out given QB, which leaves Essendon. Yes when it falls on a weekend it's a moot point, but when it's coming off a short break we'll play Essendon most likely at Docklands - which isn't a problem in my book.
  5. Watts2Hogan

    Which Jumper are we Wearing?

    At least many of those have been at the G to maximise the attendance through the MCC. I guess now we're stuck playing them after Anzac Day so it's almost certain to be at Etihad with Collingwood v Richmond at the G.
  6. Watts2Hogan

    Premium Members Getting Dudded By The Club

    Haven't noticed before but it looks like the Tridents areas is surrounded by corporate bays. So I suppose these are for club sponsors who can do whatever they like with their tickets. Problem then is when the MCC people don't check people are sitting in their allocated seats. Only once on Tuesday night did I see any Richmond supporters moved on. And that was well before the pre match ceremony began. Part of the problem arises from the number of empty seats in the Tridents bays, there were more people sitting around me at the Geelong match than on Tuesday. Do people not turn up? Are they dining or with larger groups in the MCC? Embarrassing to think thisatch was being touted as a sell out. According to the t&c of premium memberships, we must sit in our allocated seats and cards are not transferable. Time for the club to put some feet on the ground in this area and sort it out.
  7. Watts2Hogan


    Nice pub but we're now with The Sporting Globe in Richmond.
  8. Watts2Hogan

    29 Years Ago: Dancing on the Big Stage Again

    Pretty much. The VFL had decided to hold the 1984 GF at VFL Park and had plans to increase capacity to 104,000. Premier Cain cracked the shits, wouldn't approve it or upgrade transport to the stadium. Don't forget VFL Park had its own membership base which didn't have any facilities or reciprocal rights at the MCG, so finals were like gold to them. Wasn't until the old Southern Stand was found to be falling apart that the VFL got on board with redevelopment of the MCG. From 1992 the pendulum swung towards the MCG for big games and finals.
  9. Watts2Hogan

    Melbourne's Communication and Online

    I complained last night and got a lengthy reply this morning. In short, 10 clubs had these booklets produced by the AFL. They were finalised on the 14th August. The AFL bore the cost of them. The club is surprised they have only begun to arrive this week.
  10. Watts2Hogan

    Melbourne's Communication and Online

    Can only hope that any players who've done the right thing and signed themselves up felt like we did when we opened the letter box tonight.
  11. Watts2Hogan

    Hahaha Classic!!!

    Did he duck out early to do a bit of business for the old man?
  12. Watts2Hogan

    Tomorrow's crowd numbers

    Great turnout and to think I was scoffed at when I suggested this really should be a 60k plus match.
  13. Watts2Hogan

    Changes vs St Kilda

    Typo, QB 1965. http://afltables.com/afl/stats/games/1965/111519650614.html Match report, let's just say it all went downhill from then.https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=MDQ-9Oe3GGUC&dat=19650615&printsec=frontpage&hl=en
  14. Watts2Hogan

    Changes vs St Kilda

    72,114 is our highest home crowd against them in '65. Imperative we turn up and support the team.
  15. Watts2Hogan

    Changes vs St Kilda

    Second this. Chance of a big crowd given the Saints have a sniff. This is not a game to give up on or suddenly have something better to do. When we turn up we're loud and worth another goal or two I reckon. With decent weather 60,000 would be a pass mark. We must surpass their level of support at the G on the day.