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  1. Simon Goodwin

    Watts like everything else at MFC is being managed. If we don't win enough games to make the 8 this year was not meant to be. If we do and are near full strength we can beat any team on our day and may go all the way. Regardless, next year we will be better and will be assisted dy 1 or 2 free agents or similar.

    No excuses, if we can't win this we are not good enough to be competitive in finals, this year,
  3. The Harley Balic Thread

    Do you believe Ignition is his/her name? Looks like a sensible attempt to identify who is being responded to.
  4. Changes v Collingwood

    Not topic but I don't get on here much. Haven't read anything from Saty when I am on, has he left us?
  5. AFL Round 5 - Non MFC Games 2017

    Thanks for taking the time. I didn't realise there were that many over here.
  6. AFL Round 5 - Non MFC Games 2017

    I'm in Perth as you are and in peak hour traffic morning and night I pass a work ute painted red and blue with a logo in the rear window, just thought it may be you as there aren't a lot of us in Perth.
  7. AFL Round 5 - Non MFC Games 2017

    McQueen do you have one of the old Demon logos in the rear window of your truck/car /ute?
  8. AFL Round 5 - Non MFC Games 2017

    How did a Friday night game get allocated to Carlton and Port?

    Being in front doesn't help. We led StKilda in a lot of our recent losses and lost convincingly. We need to make every game a 4 quarter game and we will begin to win more. Until then I share your anxiety roman. Sad isn't it.

    Stkilda led by 23 points at quarter time last week and would have been a little smug in the huddle, they were badly hurt by their complacency. If Carlton are in front by any amount at quarter time on Sunday don't expect them to to suffer the same level of complacency and they can win. It can happen again, don't expect one game to dissolve all of our past sins. Having said that me and my boy are coming over from Perth to watch so we can't lose, can we??????
  11. Best 22 for Round 1, 2017

    I like LG's use of Stretch in the backline and if it turns out Jetta is not out man we should consider pushing Stretch further back to take on the small forwards. I like Jetta and believe his one on one skills outweigh his deficiencies on the rebound. But if he is to be replaced Stretch has speed, disposal and discipline. Given the competition for spots in the midfield I reckon he would provide another (developing) asset deep back.
  12. Training - Thursday 5th January, 2017

    Paragraphs 4 and 5 Saty,,,,, did someone steal your full stop button?
  13. Training - Monday 7th November, 2016

    The bloke on the right seems really happy to meet Goodwin.
  14. Winning Trade Period

    If a recruiter earns his money at the end of round one why did we work so hard to get Oliver and Wiedeman last year?
  15. Winning Trade Period

    Have you ever looked at the early history of No1 draft picks? You are not even close. Do some serious research.