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  1. grey wolf

    Demonland Player of the Year 2018 - Round 8

    Came down from the rainforest to sell my vinyl at the West End Fair and that sat in the front row at the Gabba with the 53 other spectators. . I kid you not I counted them .. A very different game on the fence then in the armchair and a suberb four quarter performance from the Dees. In the flesh let me say that ANB and Harmes will play every game this year bar injury not for their brilliance (unlike Clarry Gus and Chunk) but their ability to get from contest to contest and you don’t realise this on TV because your following the ball. Best ...and you could do multiple versions.. 6 Harmes 5 T Mac 4 Lewis 3. Gawn 2 Salem 1. Fritsch only two lesser lights today who will be hoping Viney has a quiet one.. Petracca and Tyson... though you would expect they would survive on potential and that Spargo will be spelled.
  2. grey wolf

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 8

    As I see it albeit after a cheroot or two ... both Hunt and Garlett are victims of the press.. neither have the room to exploit there biggest asset .... their pace... Hunt runs into the wall or the opposition make him turn to the boundary and his hook kick is picked off .....and Jeffy spends all day chasing shadows rather then run into th paddock... they have been marginalised... best 27 or 28
  3. grey wolf

    Changes vs Saints

    No change this week .. Petracca if fit to play for Casey until he genuinely looks like taking a game apart .. not just ten minutes ... Viney must play minimum of two at Casey to prove fairness and gain touch.. Pedo to retire gracefully...
  4. grey wolf

    Demonland Player of the Year - Round 6

    6. Hibberd 5. Jettta 4. Fritsch 3. O Mac 2. Gawn .1. Jones note Harmes who I think is a liability played his role.. Just a win except for two rays of light... Fritsch and Spargo... sorry Jefffy they were talking about you being AA four weeks ago and now it’s Casey for the rest of the year ... Wow!
  5. grey wolf

    Nucleus of the team

    Very subjective isn’t it.. for me .. first three .. Lewis Vince and Jones and then it gets a little harder.. say five.. Gawn, Hogan, Oliver, Viney TMac then you start to Stretch... Salem, Tyson, Lever, Jetta, Hibberd, Melksham, Garlett.. then it’s potential Trac and Gus and Weed and Spargo and Petty and Keilty then its foot soldiers.. uuhm.. sorry cant think of any..
  6. grey wolf

    Demonland Player of the Year - Round 5

    0 Chaplain -1 Jennings -2 McCartney -4 T Viney -5 Neeld -6 Goodwin
  7. grey wolf


    Seriously That coach of ours sucks.. he is destroying our young talent..
  8. grey wolf

    Post Match Discussion - Round 4

    I think that Sunday’s game allows for some negativity... sorry but I don’t wish to gloss over it like some.. one of our problems is expectation getting in the way of reality... the Tigers are likely to give us a 100 point thrashing ... more about confidence then talent.. speaking of which when is Trac or Gus or Salem or Tyson or Clarry or Hogan or Weed or any other top ten talent ,really going to rip a game apart... are we deluding ourselves about their potential??
  9. grey wolf

    Changes v Richmond

    Why is it that Dee supporters can rationally accept the garbage served up by this team post quarter 1 on Sunday? Reality says this means obscurity again this year .. not enough ticker not enough footy smarts.. we don’t need to sack Goodwin just ask the basic question... earn your $500k mate or nick off... talk about headless chickens... or a team of eunuchs..
  10. grey wolf

    Shepherding the man on the mark

    Lets face it ... children playing against grown ups ... not a player who can sense what’s happening.. the coaching staff went to the bar at quarter time ... what an abysmal adolescent team I’ve barracked for these past 64 years.. let’s start again... a real purge of players and coaches.. but not till the Tigers beat us by 120 and the Dons by 119...
  11. grey wolf

    The Last Time they Met

    We can’t get within 100 points of this TEAM .. because we are not one... at least 12 changes needed .. hide them all in Casey build their confidence playing babies and then take on the bombers.. and start the season again .. or give up
  12. grey wolf

    Freo poised to pinch 2

    After last weekend (and the past 6games) I would go the garage sale on the damn lot..time to start again.. I want rebuild.. it’s time
  13. grey wolf

    Changes v Richmond

    Time people looked at Petracca ... partly to stop him watching himself on the big screen adding to his highlights package.. sorry but for me the first two outs are Trac and Lever ... go back to Casey and earn your spot ...
  14. grey wolf

    Jordan Lewis Out with Broken Hand

    I think this is a disaster for coming games against Tigers and Dons. First three guys I would pick each week in our brittle team are Jones Lewis and Vince and the rest are just deck chairs to be shuffled as we try not to sink...again
  15. grey wolf

    Changes v Richmond

    Line in the sand for Goodwin... I was off selling Miles Davis and Charles Mingus Records at the local market and got home to the mountains for the start of the second quarter opened the Glenfiddick and sat to watch us deestroy the ‘awks and then bugger bugger bugger. Goodwin needs to assert some sense of direction now in one of two ways he can either treat it as an aberration or get strong and nasty. OUT... Frost, Bugg, Fritsch, Petraccca, Harmes, Melksham, Jetta, Garlett, Wagner In... Weed, Hannan, Baker, Tyson, Maynard, Stretch, Hunt, JKH, King