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  1. Casey Demons 2018

    So D167 does that mean if all 44 of our list are fit and sober than 22 play for the Dees and 22 for Casey and all the Casey boys have to bugger off... they can come and share a cheroot with me at Byron...
  2. Rd 1 Team with Lever

    Round 1 with depth... Back end Jetta (Baker). OMac (Petty) Lever (Smith) Hunt (McKenna). Frost (Keilty) Hibberd (Wagner) Midfield Lewis (Stretch) Brayshaw (Maynard) Vince (JKH) Gawn (King). Oliver (Vanders ). Viney (Balic) Front end ANB (Johnstone). Hogan. (Smith). Petracca. (Fritsch) Garlett (Spargo) Weed (Pedersen) TMac (Flipper) Changelings (players 19 - 25) Salem (Bugg). Tyson. (Harmes) Jones (Hannan ). Melksh am (Kent)
  3. The Dees make it to the least day in September against the Swans ... here is our line up in the grannie..... Baker OMac Lever Hibberd Smith Hunt Lewis Brayshaw Vince Track Hogan Gartlett Spargo Weed TMac Gawn Oliver Viney I/C.... Jones Maynard Bugg Kent out injured...Frost Jetta Tyson Result.... 3/4 time Dees trail by a point!!!
  4. NAB Draft - Closest the Pin

    29 Bailey 31 Ling 36 Petruccelle 47 Baker
  5. List Analysis Potential v Reality

    I’m not much of a believer in reality, last I looked it was 1967, but ..pardon while I exhale...I am a big fan of incremental development. Given the club’s resources in coaching staff et al, I would be astounded if every player wasn’t expected .. no demanded that they improve deficiencies, black spots, skill sets, aerobic targets... I expect Bernie Vince to keep improving or else his time is up and he can go make a fortune selling real estate with that cheeky grin. The blue sky of my rainforest has no limit like Jesse, Olly, Gus, Track, Maxwell, Oscar, Lever, Viney......... in saying that and lighting another cheroot the big gain in ‘18 has surely got to be the game plan. The plan must demand improvement of players and coaches as it gets refined to the millimeter.... i’ll blow away now.. see ya..
  6. Rd 1 Team with Lever

    Holding it in ....sorry need to exhale...the jack Watts thread doin my noggin in.. ooohhh the sweet smell of my cheroot backs ... nev Omar Lever Salem frosty hibbo and bernieeee mids .... TMac Ollie Viney Lewis gus xxxxxxxxx fronts .... ANB hulk trac Jeffy weeeed (my boy) inter.... jones hunt Tyson melksh emerg.... Gawn Baltic et al light my fire DA...
  7. Farewell Jack Watts

    No matter how thick the smoke from my cheroot swirled today some truths are inescapable and wattsy will never be in premiership team nor will josh Jenkins so let jack go to wherever and take what you can pick 25 or 38 or 49 or 99 but let him be gone and the same goes for the other fourteen on our list who would never have got a game with the tigers today like jkh stretch Salem Wagner white Spencer Hulett Trengove tsmith pedo flippers Kent King Vanders

    Watching the game today through a haze of cheroot smoke and the taste of an Asahi or three it seems obvious we need pace pressure and power and this boy was a rabbit in the headlights so pick 27 and nothing else but also plain to see wattsy is yesterday's hero so pick 29 form port would be okay and keep 10 for speed......
  9. Depth issues

    I went to the beach after that Saturday of woe. I took two litres of Dimple and a bag, well a sack really, of weed. The sooty oystercatchers and the local dolphins kept me informed on the misery of the demonlanders. I am in detox right now but am optimistically looking forward to the draft and my next cheroot. So BB how deep is our potential? Here's my take: 2018 best 22... Back 6 Jetta OMac LEVER Hunt TMac Hibberd Mid 6 Gawn Oliver Petracca Lewis Brayshaw GAFF Front 6 Melksham Hogan ANB Garlett Weed TRENGROVE Depential Backs.. Vince Salem Frost Smith McKenna Wagner Mids... Jones Viney Tyson JKH King Vanders Maynard Stretch Fronts... Watts Pedo Hannan Smith Harmes Bugg Johnstone Gone.. Trenners Pencil Kent Flipper White Hulett Lamumba Yes that first drag will be goooood..
  10. Draft Pick # 10 (gone)

    There's smoke here from my cheroot but no fire left in the belly....pick 10 and Watts to Brisbane for pick 1 and we get that gun ... Rayner. Frost and Stretch to Adelaide for Lever Next years first rounder and Spencer to Giants for Kelly
  11. Changes versus Collingwood

    Sitting in front of the fire last night encircled by smoke from my cheroot listening to miles Davis on my stereo it came to me in a white lightning moment..... Just one change and it's a point of difference...bring big wild Frosty in for Wagner and play him on the wing like a runaway bull careering up and down the members wing totally out of control...
  12. Changes v Brisbane

    I'm still swimming toward a darkening horizon... but he's gone... Viney's gone... season over... how can I light a cheroot in the sea!
  13. Changes v Brisbane

    Walking along my local beach just watching the whales heading north and a sooty oystercatcher flew through the smoke ring from my cheroot and laughed and squeaked hey bro he said about your next game. whats up I coughed as I did a double drawback? viney man he's gone for the season and the big bloke's ankle is bad and he can't jump, they were going to play frosty and Maynard against the saints but were able to get them up one more time, but Viney he's done mate. i peeled off my clothes threw my roach in the water and swam for the whales on the horizon...

    Between white clouds from inhaling my cheroot I watched a game of footy on the telly here in my rainforest today. It was an epic battle with Melbourne wounded from previous weeks and Carlton down two at half time but this .... yes this was a game of real footy. At one point in the last quarter the ball was on the ground on the wing and six blokes were too stuffed to bend over and pick it up. I love tough footy. I love ugly contested footy. You know I think I'm loving these new dees. By my cheroot they're as tough as teddy whitten and the Ronald dale and the jimmy Stynes. I cant get enough of them. And that Jordan Lewis and Bernie vince my sweet smoke don't they make all those young fellas walk tall. Sure they make some mistakes but because they take chances and tutor these impressionable like Oliver petracca hannan anb. Not to mention the bloke the silk the Neville. For those who want to drop smith and Kent and stretch understand that playing one week with Bernie and Jordie and nev is worth thirty games for Casey. Let's beat the crows ugly..after the siren.. and no changes Tyson watts et al can earn their re entry through Casey... and only if Casey win... and leave Wagner to learn from Bernie and Jordie...

    Walking the beach break nothing in my head the whirl of cheroot smoke riding my tread and two sooty oystercatchers coming my way low on the wave and I call out to them ...Hey who's in and they waggle their wings like two big W's and I see its Wagner and White for Garlett and Salem and exhaling I say thanks but what does that mean and almost lost in the waves is the sooties cry ... Hunt goes fooorwwarrd... And so I stop take of my clothes and walk into the surf Byrons lighthouse is blinking on the horizon.....