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  1. Do the Tigers finish 3rd or us? Both knocked out in preliminary final, Tigers were higher ranked, but we were knocked out by eventual Premiers? (Edit: I googled it, we finished 4th 👍🏻)
  2. Males

    Has Nicholls ever paid us a free?

    I detest Nicholls, but this call was correct, he blew the whistle and paid the mark quickly, Hannan fumbled it and I believe it hit the ground. I have no issues with that decision. Nicholls can still get stuffed though. 😂
  3. Males

    Finals Tickets

    I think registration for us is available on Wednesday 19th? Edit: AFL site says that Semi Final 1 winners can register Wednesday 19th. Semi Final 2 winners on Thursday 20th
  4. Males


    I've done this to a few of my work mates, see how long it takes them to realise. 😂
  5. Males

    Finals Tickets

    I'd check your email, you may have still gotten those tickets? I had the same thing happen, told me I had timed out when I payed, luckily I then checked my email, there were the tickets. 🙄
  6. Males

    Finals Tickets

    2 tickets in M50, Row CC. Was hoping to get down the front but didn't want to take a 3rd try at it.
  7. Males

    Alex Neal-Bullen

    Third best ranked Dee on the night, fourth overall. Disposal efficency of 70%, no clangers, 9 tackles and was leading pressure player in first quarter - I only saw that stat for 1st quarter - probably for the game too. Personally, I think he played well and I was happy with his game.
  8. Males

    Hosier Lane, MELBOURNE

    They can add the 2018 Premiership Cup in a few weeks. 🏆😉
  9. Males

    Petracca in a rut?

    The kid has talent, I just see him as being a little too excitable at the moment. When players were asked who is the biggest pest, they all voted Petracca without a second thought. 😂 He just has that personality, once he learns to curb it back a notch on the field, he'll start being more consistent and will rip games apart more often. (In my opinion. 😜)
  10. Males

    Favourite Current Dee

    Such a tough call, Brayshaw and Jones are probably my slight favourites. To all the Harmes supporters, I will add that he is probably the best at taking time to sign autographs for the kids in the pink shirt warm up, when the players are doing their own set shot stuff etc. He just really seems to be loving his footy at the moment, he'll always take photos and sign autographs with the kids and he normally has a bigger grin then them. 😃
  11. Males

    Mitch McGovern

    With two years left on his contract, Adelaide will want a 1st and 2nd round pick for him. (Only slightly tongue in cheek 😉) Carlton are after mids, I can't see them throwing away a 1st round pick for him. Unless they get a priority pick at the end of 1st round, trade that for McGovern and a 2nd round pick?
  12. Males

    Slamming Sam Frost

    Always a fan of his athleticism, but even though I never bagged him here, I wasn't impressed by his decision making or foot skills. Other then his mistake of leaving Hawkins 30mtrs on his own last time we played the cats, he seems to have improved both immensely. Great work to the coaching staff, in either working and improving those deficiencies, or in keeping him at Casey to build his confidence up if that's all it was? The last two games, against good opposition, he's looked good for the whole game, not just a few mins of it. 👍🏻
  13. At least all their members will be guaranteed GF tickets if they ever make it. 😉 (Probably scalp them though. 🤔)
  14. Males

    The Road to the Cup

    Either way tomorrow, it's going to make for an interesting EF. We win, we play against a team coming off two 100pt wins and have beaten us twice during the year, both close at least. We lose, we play the same team again, high on confidence because they just beat us, their home ground and a few more players back for EF. We will have Viney back too.
  15. Males


    It's still going to play a big part in who plays who in the first week of finals though. 🤔 Correct me if I'm wrong, but if we win we'll play Geelong, unless Collingwood lose then we'll slip into 4th and play Richmond. If we lose though, we have about 55pts of percentage over Geelong to work with I think. So if we lost by 30 and Geelong win by 30 etc, we'll finish 8th and play GWS. If our loss and the Cats win is under the 55pts, we finish 7th and play the loser of Swans vs Hawks. 🤓😲