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  1. Males

    Chris Judd thinks we celebrated too hard.

    I guess we're stuffed then, as he believes we can win the flag? 😭
  2. Males

    Chris Judd thinks we celebrated too hard.

    I listen to triple m footy a bit when I'm stuck working during the games, Juddy is pretty bullish on the Dees and how well they could do in finals, I got the feeling that he doesn't want the Dees to be celebrating so much for just making finals when he thinks we should go further? I understand what he's getting at, but considering how long it's been for the club, you can understand the players getting pumped up about it. 😄
  3. Males

    My 3 word player analysis V West Coast

    I don't understand the constant ANB bagging, on Footy Classified a short time ago they had the following. DEMONS' LESSER LIGHTS HARMES: Disposals - 20.7, Goals - 0.6 (Above Average) HANNAN: Goals - 1.6 (Elite), Score Involvements - 6.4 (Above Average) FRITSCH: Disposals - 16.7, Meters Gained - 315 (Above Average), Goals - 0.8 (Above Average) NEAL-BULLEN: Disposals - 17.6 (Elite), Goals - 1.1 (Above Average), Fwd Half Pressure Points - 36.6 (Elite)
  4. Males

    Arrogant Swans Fans

    The swans fans that were around us were actually pretty good, didn't need to bag us, our players were pathetic enough.
  5. Males


    I'm actually shattered and embarrassed by our team today, shocking coaching, shocking decisions by players, shocking accountability of your direct opponent and the worse one, shocking goal kicking...again. 😓
  6. Males


    And to make it worse, we are still playing the extra player off the backline at centre bounces and only 5 in the forward line. Good coaching that, bomb the ball into our fwd 50 where the opposition has an extra player. 😓
  7. Males

    Round 20 - Non MFC Games.

    Great chance to be 4th at end of round, as long as we don't screw the pooch. Massive game next week if we win tomorrow. Come on Dees. 😈
  8. Males

    The 2019 fixture

    The possible problem I see with the 17-5 scenario is that it may cause tanking claims again. Let's say Team 6 & 7 are equal points coming into Rd 17, Team 6 (for this example) has won on the Saturday, Team 7 needs to win by 36pts on Sunday to leap frog into 6th, would it be worth winning by 36 and going into the higher draw for last 5 games, or win by 20 and play against lower teams for last 5? In the above scenario for example, if it's a close year like this year, it might be better to finish the 17 rounds in 7th, then play teams ranked between 7-12 for last 5, this may get you 5 wins instead of 2-3 and actually finish higher on the ladder for finals?
  9. Males

    Will 12 be enough

    I don't think 12 wins will be enough, I think we need 13. If we can manage two of those against Cats, Swans or Giants would be ideal. 👍🏻
  10. Males

    Demons in the Media

    I don't see Max Gawn listed in the above article, he was listed as one of our five players on the list that On the Couch showed? Whatever show he pops up on would be amusing to watch. 😂
  11. Males

    Worst selection of 2018

    To be fair on Petty, our game plan, or lack of one, didn't help. Out coached again, the ease in which they transferred play and went from defensive 50 to attacking 50 was a disgrace, they isolated Petty with a stronger opponent or Omac with a faster one and delivered the ball accordingly. They hit their targets going forward, we just bombed it and hoped for the best. 😓
  12. Males


    This drove me nuts at the game, I was 5 rows back in M54 section and could see this, yet we did nothing? Worse, we kept bombing the ball in. 😓
  13. Males


    I don't really like the idea of "trading up" for this draft. As I understand this "Super Draft", it's not that the top end are all guns like Judd and Hodge etc, it's just deeper, more talent to pick from. I also believe this draft will have a few more talls going early, then midfield depth will follow, hopefully this means we can snag a good young outside mid with the picks we have?
  14. Males

    Oscar vs The Gorillas

    I don't find it unusual, Oscar's normally relaxed in his on field warm up when the players come out in their pink shirts and have a few shots at goal etc. All players are different, Jack Viney has stated that he used to get himself worked up too much before a game, I have no issues how players warm up as long as they're switched on at game time. 😉 At the same time, Tyson always wonders around spinning the footy like a basketball and taking a few shots, Petracca normally takes lazy right foot snaps from about 50 on the fence. Jones, Brayshaw, Hogan and TMac normally take a few more serious shots at goal in this warmup. 🏉👍🏻
  15. Males

    Jack Billings

    They smashed Frankston who are poo. If I'm reading it right, VFL do a 6,5,4,3,2,1 vote system for each team? Billings only got the 1 vote for Sandy, with 53 touches and 3 goals. 😂 Remember that JKH constantly racks up massive possessions against better VFL teams than Frankston for Casey, yet struggles at AFL level. 😓