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  1. I don't think enough is being made of Gawn's game. Prior to rolling his ankle he was on fire both in the ruck and around the ground. Against the form ruck of 2017, he won the taps and as a consequence we dominated the stoppages. He was integral to all we did to create a match winning lead. And during the much celebrated 15 minutes of goalless action in the last quarter he manfully played under duress and ensured Port couldn't get any clean clearances. And great to see him clunking marks in the first quarter. Really hope the reported ankle scans are clear. He is central to our hopes.
  2. I've just started listening to the stream and just heard, "Brayshaw, having some sort of a game . . . "
  3. Given the kid seems to display a healthy level of self-confidence, I wouldn't be surprised if the club is very deliberately trying to keep his ego in check and avoid pumping up his tyres unnecessarily. VP summed up his enticing mix of attributes beautifully. I love that he possesses a team-first attitude and that his team mates seem to love him. And I love his swagger. He and Clarry embody everything we've lacked over the past decade. I love him in the middle and can't wait to see him with 2 - 3 more pre-seasons under his belt.
  4. Bring him back and name him captain. Sorry just wanted to kill two threads with one post.
  5. I gave Jesse a call, told him I was coming down from Brisvegas for the game and he said playing on Friday night was the least he could do.
  6. "We had a play on Viney, Oliver and Petracca, but you can't stop them all." Simpson
  7. I'd take Barrass, who I really rate, over OMac and he wasn't listed in your bottom 8 but I take your point. Our roles players are playing their roles. Their role players are mixture of older keys (McKenzie Schofield, Petrie) on the way out, green talent yet to establish themselves (Duggan, Cole, Karpany) and disciplined C graders (Sheppard, Cripps, Hutchings). And Hill who has well documented issues with attitude consistency and work ethic. Like PD, I like our chances. Belief and momentum are hugely important and we have both. I think West Coast are still filled with self-doubt. As always, we need to start well and get the crowd on their backs.
  8. How about an explosive line-breaking mid? Outside mid makes me think of Farren Ray or Cale Morton.
  9. I'm just relieved Michael Hibberd made a tackle this week. Might keep his place now.
  10. So it's half way through the season and we're playing the reigning premiers and we're without Gawn and Hogan and we're feeling quietly confident? So close to being a serious team. Today would be a huge step!
  11. I feel more confident now that Vince has confirmed that "we're expecting their best".
  12. Your reference to Daniher speaks volumes. Daniher's emergence in his fourth season, should provide a lesson regarding writing off young key position forwards. If his stocks are low this week, I'm happy to load up.
  13. We're talking about the finals they play in September right? Seriously we're 2 - 3 with a solid percentage. It's been a frustrating and disappointing three weeks but all hope is not lost. We've got to find some ways to scrape wins over the next two months and then come home like a freight train. Forget the wins and the losses thus far. We've got a list that when fit can compete with anyone. Don't be distracted by the short term misfortune. I think we have the hardest midfield in the comp. We've waited a long time to have the class and excitement of Hunt and Hibberd in our back half. Hogan will get better and better. Jeffy is up and about. Watts is a serious footballer these days. There's a piece or two of the jigsaw still being sorted but we're close. I'm certainly not writing off finals.
  14. Richmond won't play finals.
  15. This is why posting straight after a frustrating loss isn't advised.