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  1. Your reference to Daniher speaks volumes. Daniher's emergence in his fourth season, should provide a lesson regarding writing off young key position forwards. If his stocks are low this week, I'm happy to load up.
  2. We're talking about the finals they play in September right? Seriously we're 2 - 3 with a solid percentage. It's been a frustrating and disappointing three weeks but all hope is not lost. We've got to find some ways to scrape wins over the next two months and then come home like a freight train. Forget the wins and the losses thus far. We've got a list that when fit can compete with anyone. Don't be distracted by the short term misfortune. I think we have the hardest midfield in the comp. We've waited a long time to have the class and excitement of Hunt and Hibberd in our back half. Hogan will get better and better. Jeffy is up and about. Watts is a serious footballer these days. There's a piece or two of the jigsaw still being sorted but we're close. I'm certainly not writing off finals.
  3. Richmond won't play finals.
  4. This is why posting straight after a frustrating loss isn't advised.
  5. Yeah, what could possibly go wrong?
  6. Collingwood will win tonight.
  7. Yeah but as long as we don't do too much finessing and kick it up the guts, we'll be fine.
  8. Thanks Sats.
  9. Ironic if Vince's suspension gives Bugg a chance.
  10. 10 minutes into the third quarter I was definitely get ahead of myself. I'd already booked my September flight to Melbourne, applied for long service leave and order the Premiership Season Highlights DVD. And after the quality of footy I'd just watched I think I have every right to get ahead of myself. I do so because I'm a supporter and thankfully not a player.
  11. Yep, I'm happy with that.
  12. 2018 membership campaign?
  13. Please don't tell people to settle down. Following a footy team should be fun - at least some of the time. Given the 10 years of utter garbage we've witnessed I think we're allowed to get a little carried away when our young talented core give us a little hope.
  14. Thanks for sharing btdemon. I loved this bit: But for now, AFLW is a different product to what we are accustomed to in the men's competition. It is less precise and less systematic but an overwhelmingly positive response to the opening round's matches suggests it's not structure and perfection that satiates footy fans. There is something enthralling about the rawness of the women's version.
  15. I saw JKH turn it over a couple of times but I also saw him show clean hands every time he met the footy, work incredibly hard to make space and show a willingness to take the game on at every occasion. Some decision making was questionable but overall I thought he was very good. I don't see him as a small forward, I like him up the ground. I think he'll be competing with Stretch for a spot.