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  1. My 3 word player analysis V Carlton

    Totally agree - it was an amateur players effort. I don't care how long or why you've been out of the game, but get back into the contest and help a team mate out. I would love the high performance managers to put a heart rate monitor on some of our players and see how often they hit the red zone (90+% max heart rate).
  2. Simon Goodwin and Culture

    Quality individual, leading the way with a group of individuals acting as one. Goody will be our next premiership coach if he can have a full list to choose from.
  3. Demon Injuries 2017 season

    Just driving past training and stopped in. Jack Watts doing rehab running over about 40-50m at about 1/3 pace. I'd say he's quite a few weeks from playing.

    A Richmond mate invited me to join him at the "battle of the co-tenants". I pointed out that I would be attending a game on Friday night, but it is between a landlord and a one of their feral tenants.
  5. Will Malthouse be sacked ?

    When Carlton lose to Geelong this week and then to West Coast at Subiaco the week after, will the Carlton board consider sacking him after 4 straight losses ? I don't think so ! So for all you doomsday keyboard critics, hold tight as nothing can be gained from sacking a coach after 2 games. Malthouse was bought by Carlton to do a particular job, as was Neeld at Melbourne. So let's see what can be done by actually backing him in to do what he needs to do. - it's alway darkest just before the dawn !
  6. Chris Dawes - Minor Calf Injury

    Lose the agro "bossdog". Fair comment for such an alarmist title I would have thought
  7. Caroline Wilson's descent into gutter journalism

    Where has the fire breathing dragon gone ? It's been two days without a scathing article. It seems the tide has turned on this argument and she has either headed back to the fiction section of her local library or has scampered off to her den to pick at some other rotting carcass. Hopefully the Demon's legal team will now come out and emulate St George and slay the dragon once and for all.
  8. Latest murmurings of a crazy time

    It looks like the club has done the right thing by these 3 players and have helped them find a new home. I think it's got nothing to do with the picks, but rather the club being up front that they were not in our future plans and such have helped them extend their careers, rather than going into the PS or national draft where they may well be overlooked.
  9. Let's stop screaming and start cheering!

    Some of you people seriously have to get it into your heads that the pick these guys were when drafted has absolutely nothing to do with their worth today. My sparkling new car when it drove off the production line in 2006 is probably now worth only about 25% of what I paid at the time. It's called market value. Gys and Cale may well have been shinny and new when drafted with all the optional extras, but the club has accepted that they were sold lemons and have traded them in for used vehicles with a solid build and proven reliability. I'm much happier to have a couple of 5 year old V8's over a brand new Prius. How many games were you expecting them to play in 2013? .......... Plenty at Casey I'm sure Great work Todd Viney, Tim Harrington & Mark Neeld
  10. National Anthem

    I think you've got bigger things to worry about, namely your spelling !
  11. Leave this club Colin Sylvia

    And take you pea hearted mates Green and Moloney with you!
  12. Geelong v Casey Scorpions 

    K rock's like listening to a SA station - some chook just stated that Watts hasn't done much.
  13. The New Sponsors

    Starwood are a New York based hotel management company. They own the brands St Regis, Luxury Collection, Westin, W, Le Meridian, Sheraton to name a few. They don't own the real estate though - they manage the hotel operations on behalf of the hotel owners/developers. Starwood are very significant in North America, Europe and Asia and have been opening 20+ hotels in China each year over the last couple of years. I think each and every province in China already or will have a Starwood Hotel opening soon. I doubt however that they would be looking to sponsor a team in Melbourne as they already have a strong market presence in Australia. There is one connection I can see with Schwab and Starwood - the team stayed at the Westin in Beijing & Le Meridian in Shanghai while on the exhibition game trip a couple of years ago.
  14. Hardly adding to any hysteria - don't be so precious and take it the way it was meant to be ........ a joke
  15. The New Sponsors

    They would be Australia's number 1 & largest energy broker. A far cry from some hack airline from China flying aircraft that should be in moth balls