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  1. WattsUp2312

    The next 3

    Slightly disagree on the Adelaide full strength perspective. Hammy’s take time to recover and I think they’ll be undercooked by that point - example was Gawn last year - just didn’t get that fitness back. Good time to face them in my view. on the post - we should be 6-3 (weather permitting). Bets are off if it rain s as we are rubbish in the wet.
  2. WattsUp2312

    Match Report - Round 4

    The term ‘cue in the rack’ came to mind yday midway through that 3rd quarter. A despicable performance and attitude. coaches were hopeless - Goodwin just doesn’t win really big games that we really have to win. No finals this year. He has the scent of Alan Richardson about him.
  3. When the players put the ‘cue in the rack’ you know it’s troublesome. Problems aplenty. We’ll struggle to make 10th
  4. WattsUp2312

    Post Match Discussion - Round 4

    We have a defender on 700k a year who I’m afraid can’t actually defend im really disappointed by our coaching team - it’s clear they are 2nd rate. We will finish 10th this season
  5. WattsUp2312


    A disaster - unmitigated disaster. Im calling it - no finals again. I’v not seen an improvement in our team. Same mistakes, same mental frailties.
  6. WattsUp2312

    Round 3 Non MFC games

    Looking at the Hawks and Cats it is clear that the Easter Monday game has stuffed them lets not get too far of ourselves for the Hawks - they will be much more energetic vs us!
  7. WattsUp2312


    Let’s do this Dees - no excuses, just play focused for 4 quarters and we win this comfortably.
  8. WattsUp2312

    Post Match Discussion - Round 2

    The hysteria around lever is ridiculous. 2nd game for us, 21 yrs old and not even close to his physical peak yet. He’ll be right. I’m more worried on hunt - appears off the pace currently and Positionally still naive. On Lewis - does some great things then some idiotic things...we forget he was part of the Hawthorn machine....sometimes I think he loses it due to the frustration with our team losing its structure. this season is going to be tough - looked at the fixture list again this morning. Going to be extremely tight all season. Don’t expect +30 point wins in many games
  9. WattsUp2312

    Changes v North Melbourne

    Sometimes we have to back that our team have the strength and depth to beat our opposition as a team. we lost to north last year as Bernie was too involved in tagging Higgins...when Higgins got the better of him, that galvanised North and they got up. i also think our lack of spread currently is due to players not playing zonal but following the man. They make it easy for opposition. Then when a team gets momentum, our players are chasing tails rather than trusting the system. if they go in tagging again this week it shows we don’t trust our team we’ll enough.
  10. WattsUp2312

    List Updates by Goodwin

    Jordan Lewis has been tearing up Sorrento oval over the last 8 days....been down there everyday and he’s been looking awesome.
  11. WattsUp2312

    Farewell Jack Watts

    I keep on reading about this 21st place in the B&F....where was he before he got injured? His injury (along with Max) proves coming back from hammies is really hard during the season (it’s a mental issue as when you do it, the stress on the body is incredible) I’m sad he is going, but if he does go then we should be showing respect to a guy who actually is a demon at heart.
  12. WattsUp2312

    Our Failure to Crush Teams

    That's a huge call on the players not agreeing with the style - is that from a player?
  13. WattsUp2312

    2017 Post Mortem

    We have some issues don't we. unlike other teams this year around this, we never seemed to have a game style that could create consistent football - it always seemed too rushed and hectic. defensively we are a sieve....too easy for teams to blast through the middle as our positioning and structure often leads gaps. in attack, we are simply too naive....we don't know how to play against a team when they have an extra man back, and we never give enough options for kicks...it goes too deep too often. we have plus points, but we've been scratchy since the break and don't deserve to be in the 8. we need extra Key Defender, another mid, another ruck and a medium forward Big offseason as I reckon next year is going to be even more of an even keel in the comp. hawks, Pies, North, St Kilda will be better you'd think
  14. WattsUp2312

    Looking ahead ... the Path to September

    In simple terms, we choked yesterday and it's bee coming over the last few weeks with the loss to North, the near surrender to St Kilda and Brisbane when we went 32 points up against the lions last week, that was the moment they should have gone in for the kill. We instead let them kick 5 straight and were hanging on for our lives. this team is not top 8 material, has too many floaters and lacks the mental instincts to be successful. We are going to have to do some smart trades this off-season to go to the nxt level. The scary thing is the teams above us will continue to be good nxt season and WCE, Collingwood, Carlton and even North will be much better nxt season also.
  15. WattsUp2312

    Jack Watts (again)

    I actually think he has a fitness issue