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  1. Great chicken at a Korean place opposite the Gabba if you're in town for that one.
  2. There have been a few desperate calls today, but I think this is an early and probably unbeatable contender for overreaction of the season.
  3. Lever didn't put a foot wrong today. No problems with his game.
  4. This is a laughable response to a game we lost by around 20 points. Soo predictable, yet so expected. Demonland, you've done it again! Lol
  5. Brayshaw started lIke a house on fire, but died in the preverbial today. Oliver was hardly seen. My take so far is that we are under done. That effect/excuse can only last a few rounds, but until then I'm prepared to give our guys some grace. That said Geelong are comming off a very similar base to us next week ad expecting that step it up and 'show them who's boss'.
  6. They had a 4 week head start - how can you put the blame at our fittess staff. It's the penalty we paid for making finals last year. I'm happy to leave my assessment on that until the end of the 2019 season.
  7. So does anyone remember what the equivalent game was at this point last year? We are playing mostly poorly, they are playing fairly well, but still very much there for our winning. Carn the DEMONS!
  8. Garry Lyon says Jack Watts will play the rest of his career as a 'half back flanker'- you said it Garry
  9. It's probably even already from when we last played in Adelaide
  10. True, but we have 21 other players out there too. They are clearly targeting Max - every time they do, there should be two Melbourne players slamming them back. ...a bit of the umpires doing their job wouldn't hurt either.
  11. Bad quarter, but we fought back well and stopped their momentum. Back to zero zero now.
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