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  1. Well, if it's good for Max. But seriously, the Demonland auto-censor is seriously lacking in intelegence on occasions. Admittedly, there are times when my intended curse words have been picked up as such, but there are also some pretty benign ones that seemed to get picked up, even in completely benign context. Eg: Was a good coin toss for Josey to win today; Or We gave Gold Coast an absolute flogging last year.
  2. I'm actually wondering about the logic in him wearing the head gear. Quite counterintuitivly all that I have ever read is that the research says they are in effective in preventing concussions (something about the brain still floating around and hitting the inside of the skull, despite the padding from the helmet). I actually wonder if the headgear is actually as much to remind Guss he has one (a head) and that it needs protecting, much like taping an ankle or a shoulder tells the mussels around it to tighten and that's the part which does the good.
  3. Here with you on this one Maxy and happy with the outcome against Port on Saturday: "We focused a little bit on our start this week especially because our starts have been - excuse my language - sh--house," Gawn told Fairfax Media.
  4. I don't actually notice him that much in games compared to other players like Viney and Jetta, but he just goes about his game in a no nonsense, business like manner and gets the job done, week in, week out.
  5. He only missed the first half dozen game of the year, so that was a flying start too... (But I take your point, Hibbard has been gold - GO Demons).
  6. Jack wasn't much chop today... but seriously I don't really care. I think Jacks 100th game was probably marked by the question of would he make it as a player. Since then, I thinkhe has proved the doubters well and truly wrong. Fast forward a fee years to Jack's 150th and I think it's more about will the team make it. Let's hope that question is settled in the afirmative in the years ahead as well. Certainly looking ok at present.
  7. Not completely sure what you are getting at here Dean, but Milkshake has definitely stamped his mark in our best 22 in my book. A bit slow to start (who wouldn't be after 18 months away from footy), but has consistently been in our best performers over the last month when we really needed players to stand up. Another pretty good effort today.
  8. For MFC supporters who can't handle the Fing cold and snobbery. I'm in.
  9. He can have a ralph every week if we have a first quarter like that as far as I care. Must have been about the second time this year we were up at the first break.
  10. Lewis's whole first half was huge. People have been calling for him to stand up and in the past month he has delivered in spades. It's just a pitty we had to give up so much for him in last year's trading period.
  11. You win, we win Ox. Have as many vouchers as you want.
  12. All I care about right now, % even that improved.
  13. GWS - all talent, no heart.
  14. First half Wow; Second half - what happened; 4 points, who cares, forget the seconod half