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  1. I do like the look of Smith, but from what little I've seen of his disposal at AFL level, it's been pretty odinary. Perhaps it's just nerves, a little uncertainty and struggling to pick up the faster pace of the game. I'm certainly hoping he can tidy up this area of his game, because he looks like a more than handy prospect.
  2. Nice article on Jeffy: He was interviewed by Fox after the game on the ground on Saturday, but didn't speak very well. That's all right, his football speaks more than words ever could. Great to see Jeffy back in form, up and about. The article states all the players had their boots painted by an indigenous artist for Saturdays game again, like last year. I didn't notice while watching the first time, but will keep an eye out watching the replay. I do like this boot painting initiative that Jeffy started and the club has embraced. Jeffy states he'd like broader Australia to learn more about and embrace indigenous culture in the same way the MFC has - you've got me brother.
  3. You've been pretty quite in your critique of Pedo too PD, since he has returned to the side and is quietly getting the job done whilst having a real impact. Personally, my only reservation with Pedo is that he is around that 30 y.o. mark and how long he can continue to produce the goods may be limited. Still if we can get another one or two years out of him at his present output whilst younger KPFs and the team in general develops, I think it's winners all round.
  4. Not when it should be awarded to the MFC anyway.
  5. Don't care, it's money in the MFC's pocket and that matters to our club. That said, one thing it does highlight is - does the MFC get any sponsorship funding fromy the Vic Gov? We often here quoted what the 'Melbourne' name is worth to promotional value, so "Show us the Money". I wonder how the MFC actually fares through government funding when considered how much public money has been gifted to clubs like Essendon, Geelong, Collingwood etc for their lavish training facilities and new grandstandsite etc.?
  6. 100% I was certaily one that thought we played like poop in the first half, but probably mainly because we wasted our opportunity with the wind after a decent first qtr. And after that goal that put GC up by 30 points, I was mentally preparing myself for what looked like it would turn into a thumping for the MFC (huddled fetal position in the corner of the lounge room for anyone who's wondering). Thankfully the players had better emotional contol than I. Again in retrospect, we really pretty much controlled the entire second half, because even though GC opened up the lead early in the third, even that was somewhat against the flow of play and it was just them making the most of the opportunities they had. Though GC are hardly a high quality team, it was still a good win by the team in many respects - I'll take it. It's a Grand Old Flag...
  7. Apologies if I'm repeating (I've read some of but not the whole thread). A few quick observations: 1. In retrospect, I'm not sure we were playing all that badly in the first half. We were winning our share of the ball but were slaughtering it in front of goal; 2. That intercept of Bernie Vince's in the third quarter turned the game some what, as I'm not sure we would have come back from 36 points down; 3. Jones, Watts and Harmes purple patch mid third quarter was sublime.
  8. Great way to finish the game
  9. You are a MFC supporter though, that has to be even more frustrating, but hopefully we're done with our share of pathetic
  10. Time to order Pizza for dinner... and a few celebratory beers!
  11. A well earnt bag to Jeffy and in indigenous Rd won't he love that. You rock Jeffy
  12. After last week and the first half we had, this is making me very happy - Go Demons
  13. Pile them on now Demons, leave nothing to chance. About the only good thing Trac has done today. Gee Lewis is fummbly
  14. Go Demons. Bugg's goal kicking continues to frustrate, but his competitiveNess has been good.
  15. Got to kick one soon buggy