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  1. AFLW: Rd 2 Vs Adelaide at Casey

    Cunningham has certainly caught my attention. Am I recalling correctly that this is her first season of AFL? Huge upside. Height, athleticism and can play footy.
  2. Women told to score more

    Watching yesterday's game on reply now. Nice first quarter goal to Alisha Newman.
  3. Women told to score more

    Good analysis and agreed. The other area where the women's game will be inherently at a disadvantage with respect to congestion is the lesser distance that players can achieve, both by hand and foot which will inherently compress the spread of players around stoppges and make it harder to break out into open space. Not sure how that could be best combatted? Limited zoning perhaps? (Which I also think could be a good thing for the men's game). Perhaps cut the feild in half and make it that all defenders can not go past half way, with one player a side to be perminantly positioned in the foward 50 arc...might be reasonably feasible to umpire using GPS tech now. I'm still at a miss as to why the AFL don't keep pulling back the interchange limit in the mens game. In my mind, it would force players to pace themselves more and for coaches to revert back to tactics that didn't rely on every player trying to cover the whole feild all the time. Aussie rules is at it's best when it's a free flowing display of airial and ground ball contests between a limited number of opponents, not a huge pack of players fighting for clearances. The occational pack is ok IMHO, but when the game starts to be defined more by packs than ball movement is when it looses it's appeal.
  4. Women told to score more

    Doesn't look as 'unfit' as Tony Locket did at times when he played and no one seemed to make a huge thing about that. I don't recall plugged going for too many runs on the ball like Cranston either.
  5. Women told to score more

    Upscaling/adjusting of the scores from yesterdays MFC Vs Crows game for minutes played would have us scoring almost the 100 points level (98.82 to be precise) generally considered to be par in the men's game. Even then, there were numerous times in the second half of last season our mens team failed to get above the 100 points mark.
  6. Women told to score more

    A few observations I made from the MFC Vs GWS game: 1. Some patches of good ball movement and good ball control/skills; 2. Both teams actually had the ability to move the ball the length of the feild and score quite quickly at times, to the point that, with only two minutes still remaining, I was concerned that GWS were still in striking distance of scoring a match equalizing goal. It also needs to be remembered that the women also play shorter game time, so that will inherently reduce scoring; 3. As much as I thought I would hate the so called 'last touch out of bounds' rule, I was pleasantly surprised that the actual rule seemed quite ok. It's not really last touch rule at all, but more of a last controled possession, which I see really working as a more objective form of the deliberate out of bounds rule; 4. The main problem I saw with conjestion was the umpires unwillingness to pay holding the ball for player diving on and sitting on top of the ball. They seemed to alow far more tolerance of that than in the men's game. That's not so much a player skill thing as an umpiring one. If the umpires pay the free kick more quickly, the players will soon learn, adjust, get the ball out, stop diving on it or be moving it freely via the free kick. I can't comment much on the other AFLW games, though I have seen the odd good highlight. The unattractive moving maul in modern footy is as much a problem in the men's game and I'd rather the AFL take step like serverly cut back interchange or introduce zoning in a more normal preseason game than play this AFLX thing or mess excessively and intrusivly as they seem to have with the AFLW in this instance.
  7. The Clash Jumper Poll 2018

    Like you said you were in the 2.7%. As an analogy I think there may well be 2.7% of people that would be ok with it if the International Olympic Committee forced Australia to compete in pale yellow and cyan or maybe green red and white so as not to clash with Brazil. Wouldn't make it OK. Conversely I don't think many Aussies really care whether we play in predominantly yellow or predominantly green, so long as the other colour is yellow or green. Adding a predominace of white completely changes the whole symbolisim of the teams colours if they didn't originally contain that colour. Whilst obviously I like all MFC supporters still celibrated the on field victories we have had in those hideous white and silver monstrosities, it adds a bitter aftertaste watching replays and highlights of the game with a jumper that isn't easily associated with the MFC. When we smash our opponents into oblivion in future seasons, they and their supporters will know they've been beaten by the team we love, the team of the RED and the BLUE.
  8. Anyone else feeling sick in the guts

    I'm feeling it too. Have been thinking there is huge pressure on the team to make finals this year. As much as I think they are primed and ready to make the next step, the last few years and watching other teams like Carlton and Collinwood and North that were also said to be building over the past decade, but then only falter into mediocrity, tells me it's no certainty. I'm really looking for this Melbourne team to mature into something solid and dominant beyond MFC teams of the 90s and put a consistent season from start to finish, stitching up a top four position and setting it's self up for a realistic crack at the big prize, rather than scrapping out the last six rounds just to scrape into the top 8.
  9. JLT Experiments

    Personally, I'm a little of column A, column B and C. Would like to see a few of the current outsiders played key roles, step up and push a case to be picked round one, any guns comming back from serious injury put in cotton wool and the rest of the side played more or less in position. A few of Weiderman, Bugg, Maynard and possibly Harmes, Trac or Brayshaw are the sorts I think of as potentially stepping up into key roles and Stretch, Kent and JKH as fighting tooth and nail for a Rd 1 spot in their more established roles/positions. I don't think you can throw the magnets around too much that close to Rd 1 and then expect the team to click and play with good chemistry for the opening of the season proper. Thus I expect to see a few that are on the cusp of bigger roles in the senior team given some bigger trial runs in that position, some of the developing players given a small taste with limited game time, our B grade and fringe players putting in the bulk of game time and scrapping out their case for a Rd one selection. Sounds boring, but it's really the development in this later group of players that I think will make or break our season anyway. Under Paul Roos, Sydney were natiorous for playing preseason sides lacking many of their best 22, but turning up primed to play the season proper. I'm not sure if we are there yet, but I'd like to think that' where we are heading and that as others are mentioned I'd like to see a sustained full seasons output from guys like Viney, Oliver, Jones, Lewis, Vince, Hibbard, T Mac and Lever. I don't really think guys of this sort of quality and experience need a heap of game time to step up and be primed for Rd 1. The only exception of sorts would be that it would be good for Lever to play around his new team mates so they understand how each other plays a little better.
  10. AFLW: Round 1 vs. GWS

    I do respect the moderators roll in aiming for some level of decorum, but the auto censor on this site is way too sensitive for my mind. [censored], [censored] and a few others I use in every day speach get censored. ...buy abreviating things like WTF are fine.
  11. AFLW: Round 1 vs. GWS

    I thought there was some really good passages of play in todays game from both teams. Daisy and Cranston did some really stand out stuff which I thought was the difference in the last quarter. Umpiring though was generally pretty auful though. Forget this last touch out of bounds stuff for speeding up the game, they really just need to start paying holding the ball for players sitting on the ball on the ground more often, was a real blight on what was otherwise a decient game. There were certainly a few other dubious decisions and non decisions, but from a nonpartisan point of view, I thought the holding the ball in when on the ground took the cake of the poor umpiring.
  12. Neville Jetta Article

    Love Nev. Another key quote from the article: "He is ranked No.1 in the AFL from 2011-2017 for the kick-rating stat, where Champion Data measures how well a player kicks the ball compared to the AFL average taking into account pressure, field position and intent." Wasn't that long ago that people lamented our lack of foot skills, but clearly we are aquiring and importantly developing elite talents in this important area of the game in many parts of the ground. I say developing, because I don't think Jetta would have been viewed this way early in his career. I think it also has something to do with overall team improvement as players now have that bit more time, space and confidence to dispose of the ball better than in the shambles our team was when we were getting smashed. Full credit to Nev though too, because clearly he has really knuckled down and developed his game since being delisted. Also an illistration of great determination and resilience to survive both being delisted and our era of depression.
  13. The Clash Jumper Poll 2018

    Good choice. If you foget about Steven Armstrong (which I had), a couple of great players in this jumper in the modern era (asides from Robbie whom I assume you were reffering), just Tingay and Jones have worn the jumper with great distinction. The jumper No. seems to have had some magic with it that has brought out great players ever since Robbie played in it. P.S. I mean no disrespect to Armstrong, he's just not in the same elite company of the afore mentioned.
  14. The Clash Jumper Poll 2018

    Jacko was about the only reason my old man went to games in that era. Brent Crosswell, Carl Detterich would have been some of the other players of note in that era... Steven Icke towards the end of the royal blue era.
  15. The Clash Jumper Poll 2018

    You would hope it is available in the AFLW version. I can see alot of young MFC girls prefering that version and would be good for all involved.