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  1. Gawn-Cam

    Demonland Player Banner 2018

    Call me crazy, but I think the far left looks like Pedersen
  2. Gawn-Cam

    Mitch Clark - did we dodge a bullet?

    We should have known something like this was going to happen, he originally requested a trade from Brisbane to 'go home' to WA, then decided that home didn't matter as much as a bigger contract at Melbourne.... we knew the kind of player we were getting into bed with, but ignored that and deserved what we got.
  3. Gawn-Cam

    We need two big key defenders

    Has anyone seen Frost play a good game? I haven't...
  4. Gawn-Cam

    Lynden Dunn

    Probably the best theory I've heard as to why Oscar is playing in lieu of Dunn. Can't believe it never occurred to me.
  5. Gawn-Cam


    If Trengove comes back in, the boys might be inspired and perform well, even then, I think it will take a fair bit of luck for the boys to snag the win.
  6. Gawn-Cam

    Devil's Advocates Dinner 2014

    Right-o cheers Whispering Jack.
  7. Gawn-Cam

    Devil's Advocates Dinner 2014

    I am a Melbourne Member and a lawyer and would like to join up to go to the dinner, how can I do that?