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  1. biggestred

    Jack Watts video

  2. biggestred

    Foxtel "Classic matches"

    I've noticed this too. I'd also like to note that the games they do play just get repeated over and over again. It's very poor
  3. biggestred

    AFLX Revamped

    Dont worry, the kids at my club dont like AFLx either. If any of our players play and get injured I'll throw all the marbles out of the pram.
  4. biggestred

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    I think its the other way. I think this generation behaves BETTER as a result of knowing everything could be posted on the net for everyone to see. We just see more misbehaviour because we see all of it and not some of it
  5. Happy for him to take it slow and be back 2nd half of the season proper. Get it right, dont rush. Finals win flags, not round 1.
  6. biggestred

    Rule changes

    I guess this is also the point- that the afl havent thought through scenarios like this that their rule changes may cause
  7. biggestred

    Rule changes

    Is it?
  8. biggestred

    Rule changes

    So, the afl have said that each team must start at the centre bounce with 6 players inside each 50m arc. To reduce "congestion" One would assume the penalty for a significant breach of this would be a free kick from the centre to the non offending team, given thats where the ball is at a centre bounce. However, i reckon the following scenario is an absolute lock to happen in 2019 and make a mockery of the rule. Team a kicks a goal with 45 seconds left in the last q to go, say, 2 points up. Team b now needs to kick a goal inside 45 seconds to win, but team a are no longer able to just push players back, as team b would get a free. But, what if team a said, ok, and just pushed all bar 4 players into the defensive 50? Team b gets the free kick but are then heavily outnumbered in their forward line (as they cannot push players forward and must start 6 back), and now face an impossible task, despite having the ball. Thoughts? am i nuts?
  9. biggestred

    Best of 3 Grand Final

    Well, they all travel 10 times Most vic clubs travel 6 or 7. Hell, we go gold coast and then perth inside 6 days next year, i bet wce dont do gold coast and then melb in 6 days
  10. biggestred

    Best of 3 Grand Final

    Funny how the interstate teams neglegt the fact that they get true home ground advantage for 10 games a year and the vic teams might only get it 4 or 5 times, when they play an interstate team at home, and effectively are playing at neutral venues most of the time. Ya kidding yourself if you don't think the likes of the eagles have benefited from this hugely, especially when it could be argued that it probably counts as a win or two in any given year and that without that extra win they wouldnt have finished 2nd and gotten 2x home finals. Swings and roundabouts, not saying its fair to have the GF in melb every year but they shouldnt overlook their natural advantages, which pretty much even themselves out over the course of a season. It is what it is
  11. biggestred

    Jumper Revamp

    The 3 we have now are perfect. Just wish the shop would sell long sleeves
  12. biggestred

    The Day the Contract Died

    Aye, looks like he was right. I still have a problem with him reporting stuff before its happened though. If damo had said "we believe he is going to request a trade", thatd be fine. But he didnt, he said "beams is going to collingwood". Damo then had to go back and say that "he actually hasnt yet". Or perhaps its the editors fault for the inflammatory headline?
  13. biggestred

    End of season bonus payments.

    I have a vague memory of us having so many injuries and having to make so many bonus payments to rookies and lower paid players we had to let the afl know we were going to be over the cap Or am i imagining things
  14. biggestred

    2019 Forward options if JH out and SM in?

    Agree, BUT injuries do happen And competition for spots is a good thing too
  15. biggestred

    The Day the Contract Died

    Hello There is no trade There never was a request Its all just fake news AND very distracting from "lets introduce positioning at centre bounces"