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  1. Best post on this site.
  2. Oliver will get 3 weeks for headbutting schofields elbow.
  3. Top 4 isnt an advantage? Id rather have the chance to win and earn a prelim at the g than have to travel! The dogs were brilliant last year for 4 weeks but dont let that fool you into thinking 5th is better than 4th because you get a home final week 1. Especially when 3 of the top 4 teams are currently interstate teams
  4. Probably the umpires fault
  5. Hahahahahaha suck a [censored] you [censored] drug cheats
  6. The dusties had a massive win today too
  7. Lets not turn this into a "was hibby yze magic" thread. Last saw hibby in adelaide after the game, he (and i) were pumped. Ill have a quiet pre game beer for you tomorrow hib
  8. 28.
  9. Pretty shattered about this. Ill have a beer for you sunday Hib
  10. Absolutely love this kid. Cult hero. Quick, hard competitor, loves his footy. Would absolutely destroy games if he learns to lower his eyes and drill a target in the fwd 50.
  11. I like him too but he was one of their top up players and they should have had to draft him.
  12. Ah yes, the weapon. He shut up shop very quickly. "Say that again?!"
  13. The article said anything about his daughter would have to be separate
  14. Yes because they would have to either A) fully disclose what they gave Or B) say they dont know whereupon they cant exactly defend the case
  15. My thinking is that if they cant prove what he was given then they cant prove that what he was given WASNT damaging. Theyre gonna be hoisted on their own petard