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  1. biggestred

    If you don't mind Umpire ...

    Aren't we talking about west coast though? Everyone else seems about right
  2. biggestred

    If you don't mind Umpire ...

    Id love to see that table broken down further with free kicks home and away. +900 is disgusting (esp when the wce fans carry on about it being the opposite away from home)
  3. biggestred


    Nfi why essendon would want to bring this all up. Demetriou is just gonna say "i knew it was them and i rang them to stop them getting in [censored]" And theyll just say the doping program was huge and they should have been rubbed out as a club for 2 years so really we saved your asses and everyone will laugh and essendon
  4. biggestred

    Round 8 Non MFC games

    I think the big difference with the tanking thing is that it was pretty much encouraged within the rules at the time. Everyone knew we were terrible and everyone knew there was a certain/max number of games we could win. We all thought we'd be better off with an extra high draft pick too.
  5. biggestred

    Round 8 Non MFC games

    Essendon fans. It takes a bad start to the year and a loss to carlton to make them have a meltdown, not a systematic doping regime.... Says everything really
  6. biggestred

    AFL Thrillers

  7. biggestred

    Tim Watson anti Melbourne

    Im anti tim Watson.
  8. biggestred


    Well the drug saga came to light as a result of an investigation into organised crime. Which it would seem bomber is also mixed up in. Doesnt seem like too much of a leap to me. Not to mention that clearly his thinking on the matter of substances going into the body is obviously totally skewed.
  9. Yeah na just play the damn song when they run through the banner
  10. biggestred

    Which Jumper are we Wearing?

    Where did you get this?
  11. biggestred

    Round 5 Non-MFC Games

    Its almost like they should have some kind of substitution system whereby a team isnt disadvantaged when someone is injured
  12. biggestred

    Be Patient with Lever

    No one ever mentions we got lever and a 2nd round pick. Effectively it was lever for a pick and a downgrade. 2x first roundpicks is ridiculous. 1 and a downgrade is fine ffs
  13. biggestred

    Be Patient with Lever

    Felt sorry for lever yesterday. Every time he got the ball he'd have 3 blokes coming at him and he would look up and see only hawks to kick to. Quite simply we did not work hard enough off the ball. We'd switch and the hawkswould take off, meanwhile our mids would be having a cup of tea on the original wing. The guy needs someone to kick to but had no options.
  14. biggestred

    Roos: "They’re so easy to score against"

    Our limitations are between the ears. Nowhere else
  15. biggestred

    Round 4 Non MFC games

    Crows had that won before they stepped onto the park. Never seen a team so visibly soft at the contest. Pies were on fire too though. Doubt they could play much better but adelaide allowed them to play so well