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  1. Hey mate, not sure if youre on facebook or not but if you are theres an awesome group called "blokes vs the black dog" which is a really safe and supportive space online for blokes to vent (Assuming you are a bloke of course)
  2. Turn $10 into $18.50 easy money
  3. This is the club that got 17000 to the mcg on a Sunday arvo in 2014.... as reigning premiers. but obviously its just the crap clubs that have no fans
  4. None of clark, the prince or $cully are drug cheats
  5. And yet still a tool
  6. On a list of my favourite demons players hes about last
  7. Except he is only 1 person who wasnt conducting the investigation so he doesnt know what others know
  8. Them playing on tuesday as guilty drug cheats is beyond vomit worthy #refusetowatch
  9. They did have the good fortune to be up when free agency came in. But yes, no problems with the club. The arrogant [censored] fair weather fans that werent there in 04 who spent the last 9 years mouthing off.... suffer in your jocks ya [censored]
  10. Important to remember Even quarter by quarter
  11. Does anyone know where i can find the average ages + games played for this weekends teams?
  12. I'm not angry im [censored] wild
  13. Watched for 5 mins i reckon ive seen about 5 or 6 people flop around in that time
  14. Warragul have beaten Morwell by 4 goals morwell probably shouldnt have given them an 8 goal to 0 first quarter
  15. Theyll win 10-11 in perth 3 or 4 out of perth Home final Get smashed in a final out of wa yawn