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  1. biggestred

    2019 Forward options if JH out and SM in?

    Agree, BUT injuries do happen And competition for spots is a good thing too
  2. biggestred

    The Day the Contract Died

    Hello There is no trade There never was a request Its all just fake news AND very distracting from "lets introduce positioning at centre bounces"
  3. biggestred

    The Day the Contract Died

    The conduct of beams? You mean damien barrett writing a bs story based on nothing? Beams has done nothing. Not requested a trade or anything. Barrett should be sacked for lying
  4. biggestred

    Grand Final Entertainment

    Get rid of all of it Bring back the under 18s and reserves The only entertainment i want is 4qs of footy.
  5. biggestred

    St Kilda

    Haha fair. Just because we lost to them this year. Should change it probably
  6. biggestred

    St Kilda

    Ive been reflecting for the last few days, and while im disappointed in how we played on saturday, something has been gnawing at me. so i did a bit of quick research. we have a pattern of losing to much lesser teams and it costing us at the end of the year. 2018 Lost to st Kilda (finished 16th) – missed top 4 (instead of 3rd), end up playing away to wce in prelim 2017 Lost to dockers at mcg (finished 14th), lost to kangaroos twice (15th) – missed finals by % 2006 Lost to carlton twice (3 wins) – finish 7th 1 game out of top 4 2004 Lost to hawks (4 wins) – finish 5th, a game out of top 4 1998 Lost to dockers (15th) – finish 4th instead of 2nd ive pretty much just looked at finals years and losses to teams who finished bottom 4 (wasnt much point looking at 2012 for example) if we ever want to be a REAL force in september, we have to make sure we dont drop these games. of course, what if, what if. but off days in may cause problems in september. Edit - left out 2002 (should have beaten adelaide in that final) and 2000 - we didnt drop a silly game in 2000 and made the GF. Shock horror.
  7. biggestred

    Finals Week 1 - Non-MFC Games

    Toby greene Most punchable face in the afl Yes/no?
  8. biggestred

    Finals Week 1 - Non-MFC Games

    Is it wrong i want these two to just bash 7 shades of [censored] out of each other?
  9. biggestred

    Finals Week 1 - Non-MFC Games

    Rance on poppy Definitely an attempt Is rance Nothing to see here
  10. biggestred

    Finals Week 1 - Non-MFC Games

    bit of an eye gouge from rance then?
  11. Im pretty sure you're correct. But it was also sold as "can help equalise the comp"
  12. Imho i think they need to get rid of the minimum salary cap. Carlton are paying (minimum) 93% of what richmond/wce/hawks are spending. They should be able to pay their players next to nothing and use the rest of the money to make huge offers to free agents. Who is to say lynch wouldnt have gone to carlton if they could pay him 2mill instead of 800k at rich?
  13. Tom lynch has apparently chosen richmond as his destination. Gold coast lose a key forward and get worse Tigers get one and get better Seems fair
  14. biggestred

    18 Years Ago ...

    18 years ago troy Simmons was knocked out in what would get you 16 weeks now and brad green sent to hospital because he couldnt breathe. The same club then embroiled the entire afl in controversy by instigating a systematic doping regime and flatly denying it. Absolute scum
  15. biggestred

    Jetta and LeCras

    Did we ever find out what lecras did to get nev so bloody angry on the siren? Just watched the replay and nev was absolutely filthy