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  1. Collingwood V Melbourne Round 22. 1976

    I think our victory over the Mudpies in that last round in '76 made them Wooden Spooners for the first time in their history. Like with "fndee" above, my mates and I were mocked by their supporters when the Footscray/Carlton result came through. We were behind the goals at the Yarra Falls end.......where were you," fndee"? It's not relevant, but interestingly the Demons won their last three games at Victoria Park.....such joy for us Demon fans! I remember Sean Charles getting 5 in one of them, Dirty Dave Williams getting about 6 or 8 in another, and a young Schwarta marking everything in the last.One of the games was Rob Flower's 250th. In the Norm Smith biography, "The Red Fox", Norm is quoted as ordering his players to play around the outer wing, rather than the Coll. Members' wing, since he felt the Umpires were unduly influenced by the Coll. crowd. Things haven't changed!
  2. Worrying Stats

  3. The Legend of Fred Fanning

    Does anyone know which, of the two pubs in Apollo Bay, Fred owned?
  4. Are you there Harry? Vale Harry Beitzel

    I think Harry's son, Brad, is a Dee supporter.
  5. Round 21 - Non MFC Matches

    How the hell does Footscray do it? 20 frees to 11, despite 10% less disposals. The umpires were clearly influenced by a crowd containing only one side's supporters( as in Perth). It was disgraceful the way every 50:50 went to the Dogs, and they could tackle wherever they liked, and hold the ball all day. It won them the 2016 GF, and it's been going on for years. Unfortunately the Demons rarely have a stadium with no opposition supporters,even with Sydney and Brisbane on the MCG.
  6. MCC Committee Election

    I get the impression , from Clare Cannon's profile, she's not a Dee supporter. The fact that the MFC isn't mentioned suggests to me she supports some other team, or no AFL team at all. She is more involved with cricket...and so she probably should be, on the MCC Committee! However, I'm trying to find out who has leanings to MFC , like Steve Smith, the pres. So far, I reckon we should go for King and Hodges. Can anyone suggest who the third vote should go to, with the welfare of the MFC in mind.?
  7. MCC Committee Election

    Does anyone know this Cannon lady?
  8. MCC Committee Election

    I thought so. Let's not vote for Mugavin.
  9. MCC Committee Election

    Do any Demonlanders know the MFC connections of the 6 candidates seeking 3 positions. I want to see as much MFC Sympathy on the Committee as possible. I think it's very important. The 6 candidates are... Peter King, John Mugavin, Clare Cannon, Duncan Banks, Bill Hodges, and Adrian Anderson. I think Anderson oversaw the unfair singling out of MFC in the tanking saga, while Demetriou was away. I therefore won't vote for him. I see Bill Hodges at all MFC games, so assume he's a Dee supporter. (then again, he says in his manifesto he attends over 90% of MCC events, so perhaps not) Does anyone know of their affiliations? We have to vote before 16/8.
  10. Player Sponsorship BBQ today

    The players were magnificent. It must be a drag having to roll up on Sunday lunchtime and chat to fawning fans, but they were so polite and friendly. My 15 yr old daughter got photos with about 6 players who were all so kind to her. She even got a photo with her future husband.( J H!) Jack Watts and Trenners are such charmers! So patient!
  11. AFL Footy Op. Manager.....PJ?

    After Lethlean's demise, the AFL is seeking a new Football Operations Manager. There has been talk of Garry Pert, Nathan Buckley,the Geelong or Brisbane CEO's succeeding him. I'm worried they'll pinch Peter Jackson. Is there anything to worry about?
  12. Don Hewson

    Should the team wear black arm bands in respect on Saturday, when the oldest player has died?
  13. Don Hewson

    Don Hewson died last week, aged 98 .I think he was the oldest living Melbourne player. Can anyone confirm this? He played about a dozen games during WW2 while a medical student, before joining the army. He also played district cricket as a fast bowler for Uni. He was a GP for many years in South Melbourne. He was well until a few weeks before his death, and was still a keen Demon follower.
  14. Jesse in the Square

    If your tactic is to emulate what Geelong did with Danger on Saturday, leaving him "one out" in the goal square,Jesse's not your man. It needs to be someone very fast, who is good one on one.......Jeffy Garlett! He's pretty good at body work in marking duels, too, but the ball should be delivered low. It's incredible to me, that no teams ever try leaving someone one out in the goal square. Conventional wisdom is that it leaves you one short up field. It created match -losing problems for the Tassie Hawks last match.
  15. Anyone for cricket?

    Does anyone know if Kristen Beams, the Aust women's team legspinner is Ben Beams' sister.? Ben was a talented cricketer who once made a triple century in a 50 over Club game in Hobart. Ben was a last minute replacement for Cam Bruce in the 2000 GF. I know Kristen is a Tasmanian, too. She's 33, and he's about 38.