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  1. Jumping Jack Clennett

    Round 17 Non MFC Games

    I'm in doubt about tonight's game. If Adelaide win, they'll still be in the finals hunt, and play us in 2 weeks, over there. If they get knocked off tonight, they're 3 games from the eight. Time to send your injured players for their operations to prepare for 2019. However..... if Geelong win, they'll become harder for us to catch in the race for the finals. If we don't beat Footscray, this is academic. I'm very worried about the games in Geelong, Adelaide and Perth, where the opposition have 25(?26) in their side.
  2. Jumping Jack Clennett

    Wayne Carey

    Wayne isn't all that smart.
  3. Jumping Jack Clennett

    What the Fritsch

    Can anyone else see likeness to the young Pendlebury? Wouldn't it be great if he develop;ed into a player of that class!
  4. Jumping Jack Clennett

    Casey Demons v North Melbourne VFL - Round 14

    Don’t. Forget........it’s on Ch 7!
  5. Jumping Jack Clennett


    I reckon we’ve created a problem for ourselves with the selection of Petty last match. It hardly seems fair to drop him after one game. Few players star in their first game, especially big blokes. BUT........winning this game is crucial. We MUST pick our best possible side(as we should have last week). Worry about the future when our finals chances are over.
  6. Jumping Jack Clennett

    Is Jayden Hunt Injured?

    He was in a moonboot when he got hypnotised at the Foundation heroes dinner the day after QB.
  7. Jumping Jack Clennett

    Umpire Report

  8. Jumping Jack Clennett

    Umpire Report

    It is crucial that we put in a request not to have(WA umpire) Dean Margetts when we play the Eagles in Perth. Did anyone else notice how he seemed intent on bringing WCE back into the game when they were way behind against Essendon last Thursday? Normally comments on umpires from me are not worth reading,since I’m so one-eyed Melbourne. I can’t stand Essendon, but I thought the umpiring in that game was disgracefully biased against them. I guess it’s not deliberate bias, but it’s a cowardly tendency of some umpires to be influenced by the “ crowd affirmation”, which is worse there than anywhere else....even Geelong. Margetts( why does that remind me of “maggots” )was the worst, and if he’s in charge again, I’m betting on the Eagles.
  9. Jumping Jack Clennett

    Umpire Report

    That’s the whole point. There will be no significant “ noise of affirmation”. There will be as many St K supporters as Melb supporters. Crowd influence on umpires will be evened out. This is one of the reasons we are at a huge disadvantage to the Interstate clubs and Geelong. We are at a similar disadvantage ( to playing interstate) on OUR OWN HOME GROUND against Collingwood, Richmond,Hawthorn, even Carlton...... but we have a chance of overcoming that in the long term future, IF we can become a strong club with greatly increased membership, and numbers of supporters at home games.( and NOT selling home games) To achieve this,the talented on-field group we have at present have to put together successive highly successful seasons to attract people to our club.
  10. Jumping Jack Clennett

    Four Field Umpires

    Last night it wasn't just 4/3 times the mystery and confusion, but double the "crowd affirmation"!!!!! 6 frees to nil in the forward 50 when it was in our forward 50 for 65% of the game, and I doubt that included the questionable 70m penalty v. OMac, which occurred in the back 50. Holier than thou contributors will preach that the umpires don't affect the outcome of matches. I reckon we'd have won with umpiring not crowd-influenced, despite not taking advantage of our chances in the forward line.
  11. Jumping Jack Clennett

    Who wants a child membership?

    He was! Offered me a bottle of wine! Not accepted, of course!
  12. Jumping Jack Clennett

    Who wants a child membership?

    A three yr old Dee supporter now has become a member!
  13. Jumping Jack Clennett

    Who wants a child membership?

    As an MCC/ MFC premium member ,I am entitled to a membership for a child under 15. I don’ t have anyone to give it to. Please send me a personal message if it’s any use to anyone.
  14. Jumping Jack Clennett

    Top Red Headed Demons

    Till this week! He played v. the Hawks. I reckon he's been under-rated. Hawthorn gave him the job on Buddy once! He didn't do a bad job.
  15. Jumping Jack Clennett

    Four Field Umpires

    Multiplies the mystery and confusion by 4/3.