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  1. It would be interesting to compile 2 lists.... 1/ Demon recruits who fail to get through their first season due to season-ending injuries in the first few weeks 2/Demon recruits who get through their first season unscathed. I reckon it would be about 10:1
  2. What about those Vic. cricketers!!! Home Shield Final, probably v. NSW. Going for a clean sweep of the trophies! Pattinson was venomous in the 2nd dig. Don't know how Tremain can get back in the team.
  3. Thanks, Mark. When I posted my query about your cousin, I didn't realise the topic had been already raised, though I thought I'd checked pretty thoroughly before posting. I'm glad we've got another Demon enthusiast in the role. I guess they don't publicise their affiliation to an AFL side in case it arouses concern amongst the many (majority) of non-Demon MCC Members. Is your cousin Mike related to the journalist, and former Uni cricketer, Charles? I suspect so.
  4. Former Demon champion, Steve Smith has finished his term as MCC President. Michael Happell has taken over. I have a feeling he's a Carlton supporter. This is regrettable. I know it's not absolutely necessary, but surely it's desirable, that the MCC Pres has an affinity to the Demons. This, in my opinion, shows the importance of MCC-member Demon supporters(of whom there are many), exercising their vote, where possible, in favour of Demon -connected candidates in committee elections. I hope some Demonlander with more familiarity with Happell will correct me.
  5. Also, Seecamp's punch on Pearce was virtually a reflex action after he was punched in the "groin" by the gutless sniper. He deserved a better whack than he got.
  6. Have we had a worse run than other teams with injuries to recruits? I think of Petracca doing his knee, Scully, Hogan, Lever,Watts,Hunt,Blease, Molan.....help me... there would be at least half a dozen more, ( ?Gawn)....... whom we recruited with high hopes , then their early careers were severely handicapped by injury.Now Neitchke, though he’s a low draft pick, so we don’t know what we’re missing there, but it will hold him back. When it happens to your own side you notice it, but perhaps not when it happens to the opposition, Have we been worse off than the others? I bet Hawthorn gets a good run with Scully, like they have had with O’Meara, who has always had injury concerns till he came to them. I think Collingwood has had a bad run, too, but they deserve it! Also GWS but there reserves are unlimited.
  7. Interesting to note in the video of Newman's goal, it looks like a swarm of players all on the same side. I was occasionally confused about the jumpers watching the game on TV(higher definition than the You-tube of Newman's goal), especially with long range shots, not with close-ups. I think it shows the commonsense of alternative strips. Incidentally, I was amazed that we got 6 frees to their 12. I didn't think we got ANY!!!
  8. Harriet has improved so much. Last year Sabrina killedus off her own boot. Harriet subdued her completely. Incidentally, her GREAT grandfather, Ted senior, was a Demon. I guess they’re right calling her a “third generation “Demon, since her Dad, Chris, “only” played amateur footy(VIC amateurs, a dominant ruckman for Uni Blacks, and a Rhodes scholar). If Don Cordner was her granddad, Ted Cordner junior must be her great uncle, and David her uncle(?). Apparently Ted jnr. would have probably won a Brownlow,too, if they’d awarded it during the war years, while he was studying Medicine. Does anyone know if Lily is any relation to Laurie and Kevin.? Whether or not she is, she should wear no. 11.
  9. I know it’s Demon supporter pessimism, but I’m just waiting to hear that Max’s knee goes again, and Tmac,and Clarrie miss the season. We just don’t get stars that play 300 games(Neita excepted) Hawthorn, North, Carlton, ESS., Footscray , StK ,etc......300 game stars to burn!
  10. The hospitals are full of motorbike riders who’ve been doing it for their entire lives.
  11. Poor old Demon supporters! Foxtel have been showing selected "classic" matches since the early 80's. Apparently we haven't been in ANY of them. I know we were pathetic in most of the 80s, and 2007-2017, BUT.....we had some pretty good teams in the other years, and had some great matches. I wonder if Foxtel take into account the likely audience, so that Richmond, Coll, Essendon etc get priority. Has anyone else noticed how rarely we're on?
  12. It’s a pity we opted for Paine as skipper. Wade is no worse as a keeper( though both are ordinary), but he’s a much better bat. Our batting would look much stronger with Wade at 7 instead of Paine, and someone else captaining(? Hazlewood), till Smith is available as capt. again.
  13. Watching Australia play India is like watching a district team playing a Test team. Dont be too confident about Sri Lanka..... let alone the Poms.
  14. I know Handscomb sincerely thinks he caught it, and Kohli annoys me.......but the ball hit the ground. Kohli got a shocking decision. I can’t believe the commentators saying it was out. The whole series could hinge on that decision, and I’m convinced it was wrong. I admired Kohli for hiding his emotions as he left the field. He knew he wasn’t out.
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