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  1. Jumping Jack Clennett

    A Day at the Races

    Two out of three aint bad! red and Blue in 2019!
  2. Jumping Jack Clennett

    A Day at the Races

    Surely we Demon fans must be attracted to Prince of Arran......those colours!!! Meets Yucatan on better weight terms than the last time they met. Apparently Prince was boxed in a bit early in that run, though Yucatan looked very impressive in the run home. Cross Counter has good colours too, and is Richo's tip(or was it Dr Turf?)
  3. Jumping Jack Clennett

    Official Nicknames

    I reckon Petracca could be called the Fonz. Somehow I think it suits him.
  4. Duh. Ignorant comment.
  5. I’d like to see May up forward( where he played as a youngster) I can picture him pole-axing a few backmen(eg Rance) It seems to me we have more backline depth than forward, and he could be most useful in attack.
  6. Jumping Jack Clennett

    Andrew Russell

    I liked the “think tank”.
  7. Has May ever played forward for GC? I seem to remember him taking a strong mark and kicking confidently for goal on one occasion. Can anyone confirm or refute this? With two-metre Peter and Lynch up forward, plus a backline always under pressure, May would rarely be tried forward for GC, even if he showed promise there. I like our backs and their "back-ups". Could May's strength and aggression be useful forward if we lose JH there.?
  8. Jumping Jack Clennett

    10 positive things from 2018

    I reckon Charlie Spargo is a star of the future.
  9. Jumping Jack Clennett

    How does the draw work

    London to a brick we’ll go to Kardinia Park, and Richmond, Essendon and Collingwood won’t. Its as bad as an interstate game in SA or WA, and we get it at least 80 % of years. AND..........We MUST stop selling home games interstate. This year has shown, that if we are successful, lukewarm supporters will turn up to our home games.
  10. Jumping Jack Clennett

    My grand final dilemma (carn maggots!)

    I will never forgive Colonwood for going the man, and sucking us into trying to retaliate in ‘58. The better side lost, thanks to nefarious tactics, at a time when sportsmanship was an expected virtue ( eg when Ray Gabelich clapped Barrass on the victory dais in ‘64..... not like Peter Moore chucking away his runner up medal) I can’t help wishing the worst for the Mudpies. I’ll never forget the threatened feeling Demon supporters had at Victoria Park, whereas their supporters enjoyed the lap of luxury at our home ground. i just can’t help wishing the worst for Colonwood. I’d love to see a big internal split, leading to fundamental administrative destruction. Call it jealousy... I don’t care! Go Met Coke!!! Do to them what you did to us. They don’t deserve to be where they are! They’ve done well to overcome injury, but they’ve hardly beaten any good sides( except an overconfident Richmond, and us), and most of their injured players are back now, just when they need them. A pox on you, Mudpies...Go Met Coke!!! Inject whatever it is that has given you your three flags, and stomp on the baskets.
  11. Jumping Jack Clennett

    Our home games

    I like Robbo,but at our home games he hosts stupid sprinting or spekky competitions, instead of revving up the Demon supporters. I agree with previous posters who urge us to try to build up the “cauldron of hatred” that interstate clubs, Etihad clubs, and even MCG tenant clubs develop at their home ground. Geelong have been perennial finalists, however mediocre their list, by having 8-10 games a year with enormous home ground advantage. iSimilarly for SA, and WA clubs, with 11 games per year with that huge advantage. And....We MUST stop selling home games!! Onfield success will draw more money from sponsors than the money gained from selling games to NT. Lets have a few easy home games at the G against Bris ,GC. and Freo, where they have to put up with a stadium with no one supporting them. It would help to occasionally play WCE and Adelaide at home, too.
  12. Jumping Jack Clennett

    Casey Demons v Box Hill Hawks - VFL Grand Final

    I thought Box Hill had by far the better run from the umpires, who exuded inconsistency and diffidence. Could someone please explain to me that last free they got dead in front after we marked it.Was it no 15, play on, then Petty was deemed to throw it? ( I think he thought the ump was going to say no 15, but he didn’t, so he pulled his handball, expecting to be paid the mark)
  13. Jumping Jack Clennett

    The SANFL Preliminary Final fiasco

    Standing near the interchange bench during a game, one can see how easy it would be to make an error and have 19 (or 17) on the field at any time. They are running on and off, sometimes 2 or 3 at a time. Players often seem uncertain if they should go on. Mistake or deliberate , the penalty should be to forfeit all score during the time they breached the law.
  14. Jumping Jack Clennett

    1964 memories- calling our older supporters

    In the fifties before the game, the entertainment consisted of a military band. ,who would split up ,with a small group (“ the ball”)marching through small goal posts, for a “goal”. I used to like the goal umps in their butchers’ coats and big white sun hats. After a goal, they would collect the right hand post flag first, then collect the other flag from the other post. Sometimes that was how you could confirm what score it was before they waved the flags, if you missed the quick finger signals. Also , the boundary umps, in their brilliant white shirts and shorts, and long black socks, sprinting back to the centre, knees high, then doing perfect “drop punt spinning” throws back to the similarly dressed ump, before prancing backwards to the wings. Also, all the police coming out to line the boundary line,once there were a couple of minutes to go( how my heart sank in ‘58!)
  15. Jumping Jack Clennett

    Shades of '87, albeit 31 years on

    Hawthorn perpetuate that myth about the Demons kicking with a strong northerly for 3 quarters. Don’t forget, Buckanara was kicking into that “ gale” after the siren, and still maintains he’d have made the distance easily BEFORE the 15 m penalty. His kick from 35 m went through post high. Yes, the wind was on and off that day, but Hawthorn were just making excuses for their lucky win when they were short price favourites pre-match( just as North and Sydney were the 2 weeks before). Hawthorn had a field day with the umps that day. Their experienced players knew how to manipulate the umps( eg the Buckanara dive in the Grinter tackle) No Hawthorn supporter will acknowledge that Kennedy hit the post in Q4,and the( unsighted )goal ump gave a goal....despite advice from Jimmy. I have video proof of this fact. As in all finals that year ,we’d have been rank outsiders in the GF v Carlton. We beat Carlton 3 times the next year, including in the finals.