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  1. Jumping Jack Clennett

    Anyone for cricket?

    It’s a pity we opted for Paine as skipper. Wade is no worse as a keeper( though both are ordinary), but he’s a much better bat. Our batting would look much stronger with Wade at 7 instead of Paine, and someone else captaining(? Hazlewood), till Smith is available as capt. again.
  2. Jumping Jack Clennett

    Anyone for cricket?

    7 left -handers, I note.
  3. Jumping Jack Clennett

    Anyone for cricket?

    Watching Australia play India is like watching a district team playing a Test team. Dont be too confident about Sri Lanka..... let alone the Poms.
  4. Jumping Jack Clennett

    Anyone for cricket?

    I know Handscomb sincerely thinks he caught it, and Kohli annoys me.......but the ball hit the ground. Kohli got a shocking decision. I can’t believe the commentators saying it was out. The whole series could hinge on that decision, and I’m convinced it was wrong. I admired Kohli for hiding his emotions as he left the field. He knew he wasn’t out.
  5. Jumping Jack Clennett

    Does Height matter that much?

    I reckon there’s a “ conventional wisdom” about full forwards that is misleading. Everyone wants a tall full forward who ideally can ride someone’s back and take screamers then kick goals. How often does that happen??? Rarely. Most goals from full forwards are from well-timed leads,a good pass, and a chest mark.( McKenna and Dunstall being classic examples.) So I contend that the most important facet of a FF is speed on the lead, and the football nous of knowing when to lead. Obviously there are times when there’s no time to pass, or space to lead, and a long kick comes into the pack in the goalsquare. If the FF isn’t tall, and the tall ruckman isn’t there, the kick should not be a high one to the pack, but a low scrubber that favours the pacy crumber. Fullbacks are always tall, so the tendency is to put similar players on each otherJust imagine a tall fullback( let’s use Fletcher as an example),with a tall Ff on him. A high kick comes in, and all he has to do is spoil, while the forward tries to mark. You’d back Fletcher to win. BUT, just imagine if , say, Garlett was somehow left “ one out “ with him, and a deliberate low bouncing kick came in. The smaller play would run rings around him( perhaps a Fletcher is a poor example, since he was so versatile, ) My point is that height should not necessarily be a desirable feature of a potential full forward. ps....I’m very happy with TMac, though he’s tall, he times his leads well.
  6. Jumping Jack Clennett

    Our Tall Forwards

    Have to ward off Saints with their high draft picks!
  7. Jumping Jack Clennett

    Our Tall Forwards

    I’m a bit worried that we haven’t recruited any tall forward prospects in the draft.I think we’re a “tall short” as far as forwards are concerned on our list. We have TMac and the Weed, but who else? Tim Smith would be next, I guess, and I think Max will be free to play more up front now we’ve got the big Prussian. I would have liked to see us pick up a tall forward prospect for development. If Frost can’t squeeze back into the backline, perhaps we should give him another go up forward for Casey, in case TMac or Weed miss through injury. Does anyone know if there’s a tall forward prospect in the rookie draft?
  8. Jumping Jack Clennett

    A Day at the Races

    Two out of three aint bad! red and Blue in 2019!
  9. Jumping Jack Clennett

    A Day at the Races

    Surely we Demon fans must be attracted to Prince of Arran......those colours!!! Meets Yucatan on better weight terms than the last time they met. Apparently Prince was boxed in a bit early in that run, though Yucatan looked very impressive in the run home. Cross Counter has good colours too, and is Richo's tip(or was it Dr Turf?)
  10. Jumping Jack Clennett

    Official Nicknames

    I reckon Petracca could be called the Fonz. Somehow I think it suits him.
  11. Jumping Jack Clennett


    Duh. Ignorant comment.
  12. Jumping Jack Clennett


    I’d like to see May up forward( where he played as a youngster) I can picture him pole-axing a few backmen(eg Rance) It seems to me we have more backline depth than forward, and he could be most useful in attack.
  13. Jumping Jack Clennett

    Andrew Russell

    I liked the “think tank”.
  14. Jumping Jack Clennett


    Has May ever played forward for GC? I seem to remember him taking a strong mark and kicking confidently for goal on one occasion. Can anyone confirm or refute this? With two-metre Peter and Lynch up forward, plus a backline always under pressure, May would rarely be tried forward for GC, even if he showed promise there. I like our backs and their "back-ups". Could May's strength and aggression be useful forward if we lose JH there.?
  15. Jumping Jack Clennett

    10 positive things from 2018

    I reckon Charlie Spargo is a star of the future.