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  1. Andrew Gaff

    Any chance we're going to surprise by making a move on Andrew? I think he becomes a restricted FA next year, so now might be the time for WCE to try to get full value for him if he wants to come home. Perhaps that's why we hurried the Lever deal through, and are trying to get a decent draft pick for JW.
  2. The Aaron Mullett Thread

    I've always thought Mullet was a proper AFL tall forward, who couldn't get a game at Norf because they had Petrie, Brown,Tarrant ,Waite ,etc. If we could get him for nothing, he's worth it, for depth, in case Hogan gets injured as usual, or Weideman continues his over-slow development.
  3. Ten Things I Learned From the B&F 2017

    Gosh you're tough.
  4. Farewell Jack Watts

    Can someone tell me if the following two stats are correct? I think I heard Glen Luff stating these stats on "Pure Footy", but I might have misinterpreted. 1/ Jack Watts is no. 4 in the AFL for contested pressure in the forward line.(!!!) 2/Jack Watts is no. 2 in the AFL for one on one contests. Surely they can't be true, but he's usually spot on, so I think I heard it wrongly. Am I correct in my recollection, that in the first third of the season, before our injuries, Melbourne was considered the no. 1 pressure team in the AFL? Watts was part of that side.
  5. "We're a troubled team at Hawthorn"!!!

  6. Blast from the Past: Ricky Jackson

    I remember an amazing win at Windy Hill, where Ricky took two contested marks in the goal square at the members' end,for two goals that ultimately were significant in our win. Contested marks were definitely not his strongpoint, but he did it that glorious day. He was as fast as lightning , and was inspiring as he dashed away from packs bouncing the ball,and was a pretty good short passer. He surely wasn't an "in-and-under "type, but I think he is an example of the fallacy of not picking players because they're "too short". Though it was in the 80's , I reckon it still is true.(Caleb Daniel, Dayne Zorko come to mind).
  7. "We're a troubled team at Hawthorn"!!!

    Domestic issues at the "family club". Sacking the CEO, and a longterm board member quitting. I feel so sorry for them. One bad year on the field and the knives come out.
  8. 2017 Player Reviews: # 4 Jack Watts

    I reckon one of our greatest problems at Melbourne is poor kicking efficiency. I think Jack Watts is the most efficient kick in our team. It seems foolhardy not to keep him. Hoges has said he licks his lips when Jack has the ball. Most unfortunately, Jack has rarely had Hoges as a target due to Jesse's frequent absences. One of the reasons Jack is so proficient at pinpointing team mates and setting up attacks is because he does not rush. This apparent lack of urgency is misinterpreted by many observers as a lack of endeavour. It appears to me Jack Watts is popular with his team mates , and a significant part of the heart and soul of Melbourne. Please keep him, list managers.
  9. Casey Demons Development League 2017 premiers!!!

    Thanks a lot,KC
  10. Casey Demons Development League 2017 premiers!!!

    Who has wind in Q4?
  11. Casey Demons Development League 2017 premiers!!!

    Thanks KC Interesting game!!!Barrack hard!
  12. Casey Demons Development League 2017 premiers!!!

    Does anyone know if K Byers is related to former Demon of the 60's Gary Byers?
  13. AFL Finals - Week 2

    Unlike the players,they can't be criticised.
  14. AFL Finals - Week 2

    I thought Zac Jones played well.
  15. Umpiring of MFC games very questionable

    I've just watched the Geelong/Sydney game. I wasn't really barracking for either side, so for once, I was unbiased in my judgment of the umpiring. For the first 5 min, the umpires let the game flow, not paying "twiggy touch woods". Then they gave Dangerfield a very dubious free in front for a tiny jumper tug, which happens in every marking contest. From then on, I could only describe the umpiring in that game as unintelligent, ignorant and inconsistent. Nicholls, Raspberry and the other goose should never get another final. They pay too many "unnecessary" frees, where nobody would criticise them for not paying a free. Frees that you have to watch the replay three times in slow motion to see why they were paid. Then they fail to pay blatant holding the man, throw, or push in the back. The umpires are very well paid. They are above criticism. Tonight's Pelicans should get a pay cut or a fine.