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    But it’s all clear with the block chain.
  2. The Ox and Marko sacked by SEN

    My mate had an old FJ Holden. When you turned on the radio you had to wait about 15 seconds for the valves to warm up!
  3. Where's Harrison Petty?

    Has he been seen at Post Christmas training?(I presume they're back this week)
  4. Happy Birthday Maxy

    Is he 27 today? If so, he was born on the same day as Joe Root. But I think he might be 26(I hope!)
  5. Will Jack Watts make us pay thread?

    There was a blatant free to us not paid immediately before the Neitz indiscretion. That was a memorably frustrating loss.
  6. The 2018 Fixture Thread

    They listed the criteria under the table when it was in the paper yesterday.
  7. The 2018 Fixture Thread

    This table did not take into account the difficulty of playing at Geelong. The unusually shaped ground with 30000 hostile supporters and virtually none of our own,means that it is rare for away teams to win there,however poor a season Geelong has. Collingwood, Essendon, usually Carlton(surprisingly they go there this year), and usually Richmond, don't face this problem. It is easily as great a factor as successive 6 day breaks, but is not taken into account in the above table. It's similar to travelling to other states, but that disadvantage is shared more equally.
  8. The 2018 Fixture Thread

    Et "too" Brute?...........I see your point!
  9. David Schwarz

    What a champ was the Ox. Tall, mobile, great mark, great kick.Supreme talent curtailed by injury. No wonder Collingwood offered him a fortune to change. But he remained a Demon. Still is a Demon.
  10. Andrew Gaff

    Any chance we're going to surprise by making a move on Andrew? I think he becomes a restricted FA next year, so now might be the time for WCE to try to get full value for him if he wants to come home. Perhaps that's why we hurried the Lever deal through, and are trying to get a decent draft pick for JW.
  11. Aaron Mullett

    I've always thought Mullet was a proper AFL tall forward, who couldn't get a game at Norf because they had Petrie, Brown,Tarrant ,Waite ,etc. If we could get him for nothing, he's worth it, for depth, in case Hogan gets injured as usual, or Weideman continues his over-slow development.
  12. Ten Things I Learned From the B&F 2017

    Gosh you're tough.
  13. Farewell Jack Watts

    Can someone tell me if the following two stats are correct? I think I heard Glen Luff stating these stats on "Pure Footy", but I might have misinterpreted. 1/ Jack Watts is no. 4 in the AFL for contested pressure in the forward line.(!!!) 2/Jack Watts is no. 2 in the AFL for one on one contests. Surely they can't be true, but he's usually spot on, so I think I heard it wrongly. Am I correct in my recollection, that in the first third of the season, before our injuries, Melbourne was considered the no. 1 pressure team in the AFL? Watts was part of that side.
  14. "We're a troubled team at Hawthorn"!!!

  15. Blast from the Past: Ricky Jackson

    I remember an amazing win at Windy Hill, where Ricky took two contested marks in the goal square at the members' end,for two goals that ultimately were significant in our win. Contested marks were definitely not his strongpoint, but he did it that glorious day. He was as fast as lightning , and was inspiring as he dashed away from packs bouncing the ball,and was a pretty good short passer. He surely wasn't an "in-and-under "type, but I think he is an example of the fallacy of not picking players because they're "too short". Though it was in the 80's , I reckon it still is true.(Caleb Daniel, Dayne Zorko come to mind).