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  1. Richmond VFL v Casey Demons - Round 3

    Thx...... see you there!
  2. Shepherding the man on the mark

    How astute is Nat Edwards. IQ 100X Hayden Kennedy's.
  3. Richmond VFL v Casey Demons - Round 3

    What time?
  4. Post Match Discussion - Round 4

    In 1998, Melb. lost to Geelong by 95 points in round 12(15 goals to 1 at halftime), then the next week lost to St Kilda by 85 pts in driving rain. We Demon supporters felt similar despair to that we felt after massive losses to Fitzroy in '79, and,later, 186 at Geelong. BUT.....in 1998, not only did we make the finals, but we beat the eventual premiers(Adelaide) by 8 goals in the Qual Final. If we hadn't played the Friday night specialists, North in a gale in the Prelim., we'd have had a really good chance of winning the flag!!!...after abysmal, abject depression after round13!!! I'm hoping we'll later look back on the Hawthorn game as an aberration.
  5. My 3 word player analysis V Hawthorn

    Not a good summary
  6. Bomb it long!

    I think a guy by the name of Daniel Horne is on Pure Footy, and sometimes Glen Luff. These two blokes have encyclopaedic knowledge of stats, and,it seems to me, incredible understanding of football trends and tactics. "Horney" is very ( appropriately) bullish about the Demons.
  7. Bomb it long!

    Superficially it would seem that the idea of the "intentional free" ("professional foul") would not work, because the umpires should pay" the advantage". However, several times in every match, the umps fail to pay the advantage, so the tactic of deliberately infringing is occasionally effective. Players might as well try it....there's nothing to lose.
  8. Bringing back the torp!

    Garry Hardeman could roost torps with either foot on the run.
  9. Will we break the hoodoo?

    Fair umpiring would help. They've had an armchair ride in all their close victories against us. Especially in Hobart 2016 , when Goldstein was given mysterious frees against Max, and ended with 4 undeserved goals.
  10. Bringing back the torp!

    You Krauts certainly know about torpedoes!
  11. Bringing back the torp!

    I think the penny might have dropped with AFL coaches. Tuohy let go with a few torps yesterday from fullback, when Geel were within a goal and no time left. Bernie's tried a couple for us, but hasn't made good connection. Hunt had a try from 75 m after the final siren v Geelong. I think I remember a few other torps from other teams this season. The players should practise torps till they become more proficient, with a low rate of poor contact. There is absolutely NO downside to trying a torp from outside 60m after a siren. I admit that a slewed torp from a kick in could yield an easy goal, but players should be so skilled at this type of kick that miskick is a rarity.
  12. Coaches Box

    This is the longest sentence since Nelson Mandela's!
  13. Round 2 Non MFC games

    Uh oh....they'll probably sack the coach after the Hawks game, and we all know what often happens in a new coach's first game!
  14. Post Match Discussion - Round 1

    It is called "incorrect disposal" if you drop it when tackled, but the free kick is still for dropping the ball. It's just semantics.
  15. Changes v Brisbane

    Drop OMac after he murdered Hawkins??!! Duh!