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  1. This ties in with the points that have been previously made about our list demographic. Port's key players (Boak, Ebert, Gray, Ryder, Watts, Westhoff) are all far more experienced, with more pre-seasons under their belts, than our key players (many of whom have barely played 50 games).
  2. Source? Particularly as to Garlett? KK played on the weekend so surely wouldn't be on the injury list any more? On a related note, why is the club's website so terrible?
  3. We were 2-3 last year. Come back to me if we're 1-4 or 0-5.
  4. Classic old dee. With four months left, you think we'll struggle to sign 1,200 more memberships to get to 45,000. Just for comparison, in 2013 (peak Mark Neeld) we signed 7,000-odd members between March and July. That would get us to 50,000.
  5. Why? Kent would likely be on the injury list all year anyway, and if we brought him in we'd get his usual one good game for three bad ones. Don't start re-writing history now. I'd be prepared to put money on your changing your mind at least once between now and team selection. I read somewhere today that Lewis is out for a month? Is that right?
  6. If Jones had held his dropped mark in the fourth and converted the shot (he's a good set shot from that range) the margin would have been 3 points early in the fourth. In the blink of an eye 3 became 15 and I'm sure confidence across the ground sagged. I suppose that means we were kind of in it even into the fourth?
  7. It was described as a cyst or a boil on TV tonight. Was also mentioned that he was under general anaesthetic for the procedure to remove it. Potentially far more serious than some of the flippant comments in this thread suggest. If true, it wouldn't surprise me at all if it impacted his preparation or his performance.
  8. Tom Browne on Talking Footy reported earlier that Gawn was in hospital last week for a day procedure under general anaesthetic. Not sure if ti's true, and if it is not sure if that impacted upon his preparation or his fitness. Has anyone else heard anything about that? Edit: given there's an entire thread on it, I suppose so. My bad.
  9. Don't know for sure, but found this for Port. Looks like Port had Rockliff, Watts, Robbie Gray, Bonner and Amon. The article suggests that only Rockliff was going to miss any pre-season training, though. I'm not sure which of our players who had operations missed pre-season training, so it's hard to compare. But on raw numbers it's something like 10 MFC players vs 5 PAFC players. This is not a bad thought, actually. Our on-field leadership has always struggled and without Lewis would have been even worse. I'd be confident we were using Cross heavily last year to fix things up. The uncontested possessions tell the fitness story. It's the contested possessions that tell a more worrying story and go beyond the fitness issues, I think. I'd either missed or fogotten about Brayshaw. I don't know whether the bigger impacts come from surgeries in October/November which delay the start of the player's pre-season, or lack of match fitness which prevents full training in Jan/Feb. There's also the inability to get the entire side out on the park at any given time which hurts, too.
  10. I hold fears too, but the reality is we're all operating on guesses and assumptions. None of us know for sure if his limp on the weekend was foot-related or was a cork or whatever he copped in the VFL practice match. Still, if his fitness doesn't let him do any more than he was able to on Saturday, I'd like him to own up to it and, as a leader, remove himself from the seniors until he's fit enough to compete.
  11. Probably my last comment on the pre-season surgeries issue. This is a list of players who had interrupted or delayed pre-seasons due to surgery: Clayton Oliver (double shoulder surgery) Jack Viney (ankle surgery) Neville Jetta (shoulder/knee surgery) James Harmes (shoulder surgery) Aaron vandenBerg (shoulder surgery) Jayden Hunt (shoulder surgery) Christian Petracca (knee surgery) Mitch Hannan (dual knee surgery) Oscar McDonald (hip surgery) Marty Hore (ankle surgery) Jake Melksham (ankle surgery) Jake Lever (knee surgery) Guy Walker (shoulder surgery) Jones didn't have surgery but had a hamstring issue and, as the linked article mentions, impacted on his ability to take part in a "critical training phase" during the pre-season. Edit: and both KK and May had injuries as well. There may also have been other players with non-operated injuries, I'm not sure.
  12. Which starts with Gawn, and means we have to look into his poor performance yesterday. Whether it was his fitness, or facing two ruckmen, or Lycett just playing really well, or a combination of those things, our gameplan relies (too much, possibly) on Gawn dominating the ruck. We just can't afford for him to have as little impact as he did yesterday.
  13. It gets mentioned because it's relevant, ADC. Sparrow 0 games, Hore 0 games, Wagner 8. They had rookies and inexperienced kids, so did we. But one of the main differences was that their key players, their leaders and their A-graders, the ones they look to to lift them when they're down, are all far more experienced than ours. Many of our key players have barely played 50 games. It's an important issue, and it's equally frustrating to people like me to read posts like yours that say "well our opponent had some kids so I don't want to hear anyone say we're young". But in saying that, it's not the only issue (our ability to make a prelim last year shows it doesn't have to be a barrier).
  14. It's a bit ridiculous, IMO. "We need to get back to winning CPs to stop teams spreading" but also "we need to spread more because we're not winning CPs". We're a side built around winning clearances and CPs. We showed last year that when we do that successfully, we score heavily and win games. I find it silly that after one bad loss, the gameplan needs to be thrown out the window. The issue isn't our focus on CPs, it's our inability to execute that plan.
  15. I reckon we should all take a sample size of more than one match before we draw conclusions on certain clubs, us included. If you'd done that after Round 1 last year you might have argued that Carlton were in for a good year (they'd won both JLT games and pushed Richmond, scoring 95 points against the reigning premier who scarcely conceded 100), or that Collingwood was in for another wasted season (after their terrible showing against Hawthorn), or that West Coast was what everyone thought they'd be, just a middle of the road side (after losing their first game to Sydney).
  16. It's not about having a month less pre-season because of finals. It's about players requiring surgery either at the start of pre-season or during it, and/or being injured and not being able to do a full pre-season.
  17. He didn't, really: Brilliant ruckman Max Gawn played one of his poorest games in recent memory, being worked over by Port's duo of Paddy Ryder and Scott Lycett, while also copping plenty of physical attention. Goodwin indicated he would look at bringing recruit Braydon Preuss into the side. "It's something that we're used to. ‘Gawny’ gets targeted most weeks. Max will continue to get better," Goodwin said. "He probably didn't play his best game today. We'll look to how we potentially support him better. We'll continually look at that as a match committee. "Ultimately though, it's not something new. It's happened for a long time now. We'll just get better at it."
  18. Oscar had surgery right after the season, IIRC. Per this article, as at 7 December our rehab group included Oliver, Hunt, Petracca, Viney, Jetta, Melksham and Oscar (as well as others).
  19. One of OMac and Frost goes for May. I vote Frost, but I don't care too much because they're both awful. If Lewis is fit he comes back in for Hore, but I don't know if Lewis will be fit. I'd probably drop Hore anyway. Would love KK to be fit. If Viney's genuinely not fit then he should stand up as a captain and declare it, and make way for someone else. Who? I'm not sure. There's not a lot to get excited about at Casey tbh. Spargo deseves to be dropped but who replaces him? We need to try out Preuss. Stanley beat Gawn once last year and did well against Grundy last night. I'm worried he and Ratugolea will get physical with Gawn again and he'll struggle.
  20. 6 - Salem 5 - Harmes 4 - Melksham 3 - Brayshaw 2 - Hibberd 1 - Hunt
  21. The Collingwood-Geelong game and the Adelaide-Hawthorn game give the same questions. Is Hawthorn better than people expected? Is Adelaide worse than people expected? Again, I suspect the latter. I'm not particularly surprised at seeing three of the five most hyped sides going into this year (Adelaide, Collingwood and us, with the other two being Essendon and Brisbane) dropping games almost everyone thought they'd win. Regardless, I get nothing but disgust at seeing Geelong and Hawthorn win unexpectedly.
  22. However, whilst Port did have a bunch of debutants, they also had this: Westhoff (249 games), Boak (244), Ebert (236), Ryder (227), Gray (200), Rockliff (173), Watts (173), Motlop (157), Jonas (122). What did we have? Jones (265), Melksham (157), TMac (147), Jetta (142), Hibberd (124), Gawn (100). That's five 200+ game players to one, eight 150+ game players to two, and nine 100+ game players to six. Other than Motlop, their 100+ game players were their best. Other than Melksham and, to an extent, Hibberd, our 100+ game players were poor. It's only worth a little bit in the overall melting pot of issues, but we have to keep in mind that the core of our side, the players we demand lift us each week, are at a completely different level - Viney (99), Salem (71), Harmes (70), Lever (67), Petracca (64), Oliver (61), ANB (60), Brayshaw (59), Fritsch (24), Weideman (21).
  23. Boy oh boy. We were smashed in uncontested possessions and clearly beaten for workrate and pace. There are a few ways that can occur but the most obvious one is that we had a poor pre-season. This is nothing to do with making finals and starting a month later, this is the players who had surgeries or missed periods or started later than the main group. Copping 30+ degrees and humidity when you're not 100% is a recipe for disaster. But that's not where it ends. Gawn was belted in the ruck and around the ground. Without him dominating in the ruck, we were beaten in contested possessions (which only happened twice last year) and didn't dominate clearances. If I were an opposition coach I'd be planning to play two ruckmen and/or to just instruct them to get physical - Lycett's done this twice in a row, we saw Naismith do it well in our game vs Sydney last year, Rhys Stanley did it last year too. Gawn needs support, so I expect to see Presuss play as soon as he's fit. We need to try it. If we're not on top in CPs and clearances, we're not a good football side - our losses last year showed this, and today showed this. That might make us a one-dimensional side overall, but our best last year shows we can afford to be one-dimensional if we work hard and our key players perform. Our forward line is slow and pathetic defensively. If Garlett can't get back into this side then that says more about Garlett than it does about our forward line. Spargo is too slow to play his low-impact role. Sparrow looked OK but doesn't strike me as anything special. We clearly lacked a third marking option and TMac/Weideman were wholly out of sync. Petracca looks too big (both too much muscle and, dare I say it, not perfectly conditioned). He's too slow by foot and isn't affecting the game enough. The time is going to come, soon I think, where we will see him at Casey. Viney isn't fit and if he's a true captain he'll admit it and get fit before playing again. Jones' fitness might have been an issue but the dropped mark in the fourth was just poor football (he turned his head to see if there was someone in the goalsquare before he'd marked it). That drop led to a Westhoff goal and killed the game. But, of all the things to be disappointed by, somehow I'm most disappointed in Frost and Oscar. When we brought in May, they knew that they'd be fighting for one spot (possibly no spots once Lever comes back, but anyway). They should have been motivated to work super hard on their weaknesses to ensure they were the one who got selected in Round 1. Instead, Frost's weaknesses remain the exact same (his push in the back on Ryder in the second quarter when the ball was clearly out on the full was bad, his decision to run into a wall of Port players then kick it after being blatantly caught holding the ball was worse), and so do Oscar's (he was being out-muscled by midfielders FFS). Can't decide which one I want to drop more for next week. A shout out to Salem, who was incredible all day, as well as Harmes, Melksham and Hibberd. Hopefully Hunt gets some confidence, too.
  24. How many times will TMac and Weidemam get caught jumping at the same ball? Infuriating. Viney calling for it from Salem, then turning it over to give them a goal, was appalling leadership IMO.
  25. Viney looks well underdone. Gawn looks cooked halfway into the first game. Petracca, Spargo and Hunt are struggling to get involved. We’re missing too many kicks, including inside 50, and when we turn it over they have too much space and too much marking power (anyone who didn’t already appreciate how badly we need May should know by now). And we’re too slow (by foot but mainly with decision making) when trying to get it out of the backline. The first 15 minutes looked excellent so if we get back to that faster, more direct football then we should be able to improve and regain the lead, but if we stay doing what we did that quarter then we will lose and lose poorly.
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