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    Changes v Eagles - Preliminary Final

    Valid concerns, but I'm sure the same concerns were held over the Bulldogs in 2016, who had already had to go to Perth and then had to go to Sydney for their prelim.
  2. titan_uranus


    Eagles, Chargers, Giants
  3. titan_uranus

    Changes v Eagles - Preliminary Final

    Good pick up. I didn't see this at the game but on the replay saw it happen with 10 min left in the third, and Daisy subsequently mentions it on the broadcast. We'll need to monitor this one. If Salem's out that is a position we don't have great cover for at Casey (Vince can play half-back but his run and kicking is nothing like Salem's, whilst Hunt's form just isn't good enough to warrant getting back in the side, and J Smith is too slow and tall for that spot).
  4. titan_uranus

    Demonland Player of the Year - Semi Final

    My late votes: 6 - Viney 5 - TMac 4 - Gawn 3 - Jetta 2 - Hibberd 1 - Salem
  5. titan_uranus

    Post Match Discussion - Semi Final

    They'll already have Kennedy, Darling and Vardy forward. Good luck to them if they send McGovern down there too.
  6. titan_uranus

    James Frawley v Nathan Jones - ‘ultimate’ success

    I don't blame him for leaving and given how it turned out for us I'm glad he did. I wonder what he thinks of his career, though. How much success does he gain from walking into a star-studded Hawthorn and winning a premiership in one year when that club was almost certainly going to win it whether he was there or not. The guys he was celebrating with, he'd known for 12 months or less. Some of them had played 10 years together and had built that club into what it was. I just can't believe he looks back on that flag the same way Trent Cotchin or Matty Boyd look back on theirs.
  7. titan_uranus

    Finals Week 2 - Non MFC Game

    The thought of Collingwood being in a preliminary final is sickening, but to be fair a Richmond-Collingwood prelim is mouthwatering.
  8. titan_uranus

    David King thinks Eagles will Belt Us.

    The general argument that we can play better is correct. But saying things like we "took a step backwards" is just sensationalist stupidity. We're a young, inexperienced side playing in front of 90,000 people for the second time ever, against a much older and more experienced opponent. To find a way not just to win, but to win by 6 goals, when not playing our best, is an absolute step forward.
  9. titan_uranus

    Casey Demons v Essendon VFL Preliminary Final

    Tuned in for the fourth quarter, the team defence was huge. Bernie was huge that quarter, too. Good on him for cracking in and giving it his all.
  10. titan_uranus

    Post Match Discussion - Semi Final

    On a side note, has anyone seen @Wiseblood recently? Hasn't posted since before the Geelong game. Of all of us, he's been the shining light of optimism over the past few years (and yes, sometimes a little too much). But I hope now he's getting to enjoy this finals run with the rest of us.
  11. titan_uranus

    Post Match Discussion - Semi Final

    He's still trying to do too much with some of his field kicking, he often wants to hit the incredible, 1% chance of pulling it off sort of kick, but it either doesn't work or the target isn't ready for it/good enough to make it work. But I thought his defensive work was excellent yesterday and his leading and marking were an improvement. Not sure if there's anything causative in it but don't worry, there's zero chance he gets dropped. It's been covered a lot in the media but that was a massive turning point, only 15 points up at that stage, he misses, and we take it straight down the other end and goal.
  12. titan_uranus

    Changes v Eagles - Preliminary Final

    I love Bernie but his form pre-injury doesn't warrant a spot in the side. Tyson was poor (would be interesting if someone can confirm he was in a defensive role on Burgoyne? I didn't notice it but I didn't notice Burgoyne either). But I don't think we'll be making any non-injury changes. Bringing in J Smith for Tyson means we're pushing Fritsch up the ground, but we've been playing Fritsch in the back line for weeks now and it's working. I just don't see us making that change mid-finals when our form is peaking. If we're going to drop Tyson, I think it will be for someone like JKH if he plays really well at Casey today and can add more in the midfield than Tyson. But I think we'll ultimately back the 22 in to do it again with an 8-day break and I'd be all for that plan.
  13. titan_uranus

    Post Match Discussion - Semi Final

    Agreed. Hawthorn's supporters are the weakest in the comp IMO. They might have 80,000 members but half of them don't like football and most of them don't go to games. They signed up on the back of the threepeat. What we're seeing now is that our 45,000 members are as passionate and devoted as the supporters of clubs like Richmond and West Coast.
  14. titan_uranus

    Post Match Discussion - Semi Final

    Another incredible night to be a part of. We weren't at our absolute best last night but in some respects, to have won they way we did despite not being at our best is a positive in itself. The second quarter was anti-Melbourne. They had 17 inside 50s for 0.6, we had 7 inside 50s for 3.1. That quarter could have changed the game but to our credit, our defence stood up and we didn't drop our heads despite the game being played in the wrong half of the ground. We kept working hard and we took our chances when we got them. That quarter was huge IMO. And our ability to steady when they drew to 12 points was enormous and speaks of a maturity that our side, as young and inexperienced as it is, has already built. There were some individual standouts but it was again largely an even 22-man contribution. Viney, Gawn, Hibberd, Jetta and TMac all played strongly, but Petracca lifted on his past few weeks, Melksham was always dangerous, Weidman's confidence is there even if he didn't influence the game like last week, Brayshaw battled through his tag, Spargo's score involvements are hugely important, OMac and Frost are getting better (save for that howler of a mistake that led to the Puopolo goal). Our form is peaking at the right time, we're luckily now through two finals without any injuries, and we know we can beat West Coast in Perth. It's surreal to think that we're in a preliminary final, but we are, and I can't wait to see how we go.
  15. titan_uranus

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Semi Final

    Yep. The way we play, we have to have that pressure dialled up to stop sides using the space we deliberately leave whilst pressing forward. Round 4 (and Queen's Birthday) were good examples of what happens when that pressure just isn't there, but the past few weeks have shown what happens when it goes the other way and we're right on top with our pressure.
  16. titan_uranus

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Semi Final

    Yep that's right. Before last week Lewis had 23, Jones the two from 2016, and Hibberd/Melksham one each (vs North Melbourne in 2014).
  17. titan_uranus

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Semi Final

    O'Meara and Stratton as outs are huge, the more so given their replacements are VFL-grade players (which isn't to say we don't carry some fringe players, because we do, it's more that their outs aren't being covered by strong replacements). This is how Geelong wanted to play us last week. In fact, I think it's how most teams will want to play us. Create scoring chains from our forward 50 turnovers and cut us up on the rebound. It's what happened in Round 4. Inside 50s were 54-53, but we lost by 11 goals. We got enough ball inside 50 but they waltzed it back out, belted through what little "zone" we had, and found space out the back. We're a much stronger side in all facets of the game than we were back then, of course, but if we mess up our inside 50s, miss easy shots at goal and give the ball back to them from turnovers, that's how they will work their way in front.
  18. titan_uranus

    Changes v Hawthorn - Semi Final

    It's funny, watching the game live there wasn't a single player I was disappointed with other than Vanders. I can appreciate now, having read the comments on here, that I'm very much alone on that, but I find it interesting that Vanders is being singled out for "exemplifying the way we want to play the game" when all 22 of them did exactly that on Friday. It's not like we lacked intensity or tackling pressure, is what I'm getting at. I don't think he should be dropped (I don't think anyone should be dropped), but for mine he was not only ineffective as to our team offence, he had a negative effect on us given his mistakes, and that stood out to me more than anything. Agree with you on DE%, by the way.
  19. titan_uranus

    Dees shutdown star eyes biggest scalp yet.

    We shut Mitchell down in Round 4 and lost by 11 goals. Mitchell gets a tonne of it but the damage O'Meara, Gunston, Smith, Breust and even Shiels can do is far worse IMO.
  20. titan_uranus

    Changes v Hawthorn - Semi Final

    I know @Clint Bizkit and I are the only ones who think this, but if anyone should be dropped it should be VDB IMO. In saying that, I wouldn't be making any changes barring injury. I don't think we need to "release" Fritsch, we've been playing him across half-back for weeks now and he's playing that role well. It's tough for Smith, who had that spot, but I wouldn't be changing Fritsch's role up now. Isn't that what everyone said about us vs Geelong? That their experience was going to be a problem for us? I love Bernie but I don't think he makes us better and there's no one who deserves to be dropped to make room for him. Hawthorn would be mad to keep Ceglar in the side. They also know that speed kills us so I expect a runner to replace Ceglar.
  21. Agreed. It's an old take on Melbourne which was relevant 8 weeks ago but less so now. We didn't have the West Coast game on our terms all day, and indeed they fought back and took the lead from us. But we steadied and won. Geelong opened the first quarter with the first 4 inside 50s. We didn't panic, we didn't collapse, we didn't go into any shells, we just steadied and blew them apart. A lot of supporters seems to throw around general MFC-style cliches - we can't play in front of crowds, or under lights, or in prime time, or against experienced sides. We've slowly been debunking each of those, to the point where they're not going to decide the game.
  22. titan_uranus

    Finals Week 1 - Non-MFC Games

    Have to give credit to West Coast, they were one down on the bench from early on but ran over the top of Collingwood. Collingwood still only have one win against a finalist. I don't rate them and on the shorter break against an in-form GWS, watch out. Meanwhile an MCG prelim would have been nice but we've already beaten WC once this year and the trips on the road this year have brought us together. They're beatable too, I think.
  23. titan_uranus

    Finals Week 1 - Non-MFC Games

    If we beat Hawthorn next week, I believe it will be the first time all three of Geelong, Sydney and Hawthorn have failed to make the preliminary finals since 2002.
  24. titan_uranus

    Post Match Discussion - Elimination Final

    There's a moment in the first quarter where Scott Selwood leads into someone's hip with his head, (rightly) doesn't get a free, then stops and looks at the umpire whilst the play carries on around him. He's worse than Joel. Absolute [censored].
  25. titan_uranus

    Aaron vandenBerg

    I thought I might have been the only one to think this. I liked his aggression but I thought he was our worst last night. Good pressure, but we got pressure from all 22, and otherwise he made bad decisions at critical times.