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  1. Changes vs North Melbourne

    Unless someone in the 22 is injured, no change this week. This team should be more than capable of getting the job done against the equal-worst side in the competition. Assuming Jones is ready the following week, likely to be the lesser of Trengove and JKH. I will also say I'm not convinced Vince walks back into the side after his suspension. His form this year has been rubbish IMO.
  2. Looking ahead .. the Path to September

    Everyone talks about GWS like they are certainties for top 4, top 2, the GF, the flag etc. They've beaten one team in their last six games and that was Brisbane. Their previous five wins were by a combined margin of 32 points. They haven't beaten a good side since they beat Sydney in Round 5 (and at that point of the season Sydney was rubbish). I reckon they're just going. We're more than just an outside chance when we play them in a fortnight. In some respects I'm more confident of winning that game than I am of beating North this week.
  3. Post Match Discussion - Round 18

    Really, really impressed with yesterday's win. We had 5 or 6 half-baked returning players up against a top 4 side with no injuries and we dominated from the start. Should have been 10 goals up at half time and in fact that inefficiency in the first half is what kept the door open for them. They also got back into it with Gawn's rolled ankle stopping his dominance and Viney, Tyson and Salem all visibly tiring. I thought, though, that our fourth quarter, where after giving up those two early goals we then locked it down inside our 50, was a really incredible effort given we were obviously tiring after Darwin and with a number of rusty players. I thought Lewis was exceptionall across half back. Hibberd and Jetta are making our defence so much stronger. Hogan is clearly working into form and was dominant all game (it wasn't just the marking, it was the repeat leads up the wing to make space, make a contest, pressure and tackle). Garlett seems to have gotten over the sore hamstring and was obviously better for it. I thought Trengove was a good role player and I can see him holding his spot over, say, JKH when Jones comes back. I'd love to see him get another game or two before we make a call on him. Such an important win for the season though - with Richmond, Sydney, Essendon and the Dogs all winning we have to keep winning (West Coast losing today helps though). Lazy he was not. Gut running all day, up and down the ground. Clearly, though, he had lost a lot of touch, super fumbly. I commend both of you for your comments on Hogan and Lewis respectively. Both of you have made your criticism of them known so I appreciate both of you for acknowledging their improved performances. Also Vogon, I agree with you - I thought OMac was solid all day and he is clearly improving. I also thought Tyson was one of our best - yes, he has those clangers which he needs to eradicate from his game but our clearance dominance in the first half was driven by him (along with Viney and Oliver, of course, but Tyson clearly played a strong role in the middle).
  4. Bernie Vince on report

    This was a 2 week penalty (i.e. 1 with a guilty plea) that was increased to a 3 week penalty because of his bad record. Completely fair. The real problem is that Martin's strike was deemed "careless" and not "intentional".
  5. Jesse Hogan's Return

    Yet again, I am embarrassed to be a Melbourne supporter when fellow supporters post some of the stuff I'm reading in this thread.
  6. Round 17 Non MFC matches

    What's the bet the MRP decides Martin's strike was of insufficient force and he doesn't cop a week?
  7. Looking ahead .. the Path to September

    Sydney, Port, Richmond, West Coast, Essendon and the Dogs all won this week, which doesn't help us. St Kilda losing does, though, and they are a good chance of losing their next two as well, and falling to 9-9. Beating Port will make a huge difference to our finals chances.
  8. Post Match Discussion - Round 17

    Haven't seen anything other than the highlights (which for some stupid reason don't include Hunt's torp). It seems that, from the stats and the comments from some on here, we competed well in the middle and at the contest but lacked class and finish when going inside 50, resulting in too many turnovers and easy transition for Adelaide. Given we we playing off our fourth 6-day break in 5 weeks, and we were missing Jones, Viney, Salem, Watts and Tyson, and had a stack of NQRs and players returning from long backs in the side to replace them, the above description of the game makes perfect sense to me. Granted, I haven't seen the mistakes of players like Frost, Melksham, OMac and Kent that are being discussed but surely the circumstances make the performance at least understandable. No doubt for mine the most disappointing thing is Vince surely getting suspended for that elbow on Betts. Absolute rubbish from him. Terrible season and I'm not convinced he's best 22 right now. Getting Watts, Tyson and maybe Viney back next week is going to help considerably. If we lost to Port we have to bank the North, St Kilda, Brisbane and Collingwood games to make finals and given our recent form against North and St Kilda, I don't like the prospect of doing that. A win against Port takes a huge amount of pressure off us.
  9. Being Relevant Again - What Success Looks Like

    Having the 4th highest average attendance is huge, IMO. It doesn't matter whether it's home or away that is driving that (our away games are obviously helping given we're 7th for average home attendance) - we get the 4th most people at the ground watching us play and that is exposure that is relevant to sponsorship and to the AFL when determining which clubs draw crowds. The fact we're 7th for home crowds despite having had the Alice Springs game is also pleading, I think. We still get more people to our home games than the Perth clubs, the Dogs, Geelong, Sydney, Hawthorn and St Kilda (as well as the Sydney clubs, the Queensland clubs and North, but those are less surprising). Edit: by way of interesting comparison (and a sign of the growth since PJ took over) - in 2013 the club played in front of 24,974 on average. This year we average playing in front of 42,070. That's a 68% increase. Edit 2: even last year we were only playing in front of 30,977 on average.
  10. Round 23

    I'd prefer to see what happens this year before making a call on the impact of the week off before finals. If the two teams who get the week off into the prelims then both lose their prelims, I'll support the argument that the week off before finals is diluting the benefit of finishing top 4. Until then, last year was an aberration.
  11. How's everyone coping?

    Where, exactly? (Sorry, I know this isn't a Forum Help thread).
  12. Looking ahead .. the Path to September

    Indeed, but that of course assumes we beat North, as well as Brisbane and Collingwood. I can see an argument which says we beat one of Adelaide or GWS but still manage to lose to North. I'd like to see us win one of the Adelaide/Port games to take the pressure off the North game - if we lose both, we'll be on a 2 game losing streak and will have lost 3 from 4 going into that game, we'll be slipping down the ladder (if not already out of the 8) and the pressure will be right on us to win. Maybe that will spur us on to beat the Roos though.
  13. Media Re-focus - are we Top 4

    We are as likely, if not more, to miss the finals altogether than make the top 4. I'm confident, though, that so long as we finish in the top 8 we can do damage. We can win a final from 8th, even if we are on the road (6-1 away from the G this year and 3-0 interstate so far).

    We're going to turn it over from playing on too quickly because our aim is to play on as often as possible. It's always going to lead to the occasional error in judgment but by and large we look much better when we move the ball quickly and take the game on rather than sit behind the mark and let opposition sides flood back (especially teams like Carlton who are pretty good at it, too). Agree that we don't get behind the mark quickly enough but that problem is getting better as the year goes on and it's nowhere near as bad as previous years. As to the tackling I'm not convinced there is a long term issue there. We didn't have a great tackling day yesterday but it's not something that has been an ongoing issue and given we've consistently been ranked highly for "pressure acts" which measure tackles and our ability to pressure opponents without tackling, I'm not as concerned about that as I am about some other things (primarily the continued problem of too many players going up in defensive marking contests and too many turnovers by foot).
  15. The Importance of Jordan Lewis

    I'm far more of a supporter of Lewis than Vogon or TGR but I find it funny how many people point to him getting ANB to pass him the ball in the final minute is proof that he's a star. It was absolutely a good piece of leadership from him but that on its own doesn't really do much to support the argument that he's adding much to the side. FWIW, I thought he played a lot better yesterday than in previous weeks. He had one abysmal turnover that reeked of a Vince-like lack of care, but he copped a lot of flak from not just the fans but the Carlton players, physically, and unlike last time he wore it properly and focused on getting the ball and playing a role as an inside midfielder which we sorely needed.