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  1. titan_uranus


    Can I go Seahawks, Patriots and Saints given it's this late?
  2. titan_uranus


    Saints, Patriots, Broncos.
  3. titan_uranus


    Bears, Chiefs, Rams
  4. titan_uranus


    Panthers, Titans, Steelers
  5. titan_uranus


    Saints, Patriots, Chargers for me.
  6. titan_uranus

    2019 Fixture

    I've seen this 9 game MCG thing reported but I've never seen any confirmation of it. At any rate, it's been reported as a 9-game minimum, not maximum. I suspect if we brought one NT game back to Melbourne it'd be at Marvel (given each of Richmond, Collingwood and Hawthorn continues to be forced into having a home game there against each club's request). If we brought the second NT game back, I suspect that'd be at the G. I'm also not sure there's a "compulsory" two away games at Marvel, do you have a source for that?
  7. titan_uranus

    2019 Fixture

    This person has changed it to reflect 2018 ladder positions. We come out as hardest:
  8. titan_uranus

    2019 Fixture

    Apparently the top bracket is for "points differential". I have no idea why they decided that was a good reason to rank teams.
  9. titan_uranus

    2019 Fixture

    This is the first time I can ever recall our fixture being a commercial positive. There's little point in analysing based on 2018 finishing positions as there are going to be good teams from 2018 who slide and teams who right now you might think will suck but who ultimately make the finals. It's the other aspects of the draw which interest me. The things I've noticed are: It's great to have home games against Essendon, Collingwood and Richmond. However, the Collingwood and Richmond home games aren't until Rounds 20 and 21, and our home Friday night game against Sydney isn't until Round 22. Those games pulling big crowds are therefore contingent on the sides (us included) being in contention at that stage of the season. Would obviously be better to get those big-drawing games up early when all sides are in contention by default. But a positive overall. Three Friday night games and a Thursday night game is great, but only two of those are at home, and one of those is the Round 22 game vs Sydney. North Melbourne, by contrast, has three home Friday night games against Hawthorn, Richmond and Collingwood. So there's still room for improvement there. 13 FTA games is a massive win, and 12 MCG games is an improvement on this year. Our interstate games are all on FTA, I believe, except the Round 8 trip to the GC. That's another massive win, allows our fans to be able to watch us more easily when we're on the road. The back-to-back road trips to GC and then West Coast is bad, and the fact there's a six-day break in between makes it worse. We get two blocks of three consecutive MCG games (5-6 and 20-22). Nothing like Richmond's seven consecutive MCG games to finish the season, but again better than this year when we only had that once. The seven road trips this year are more evenly spaced out. Recently it's felt like we've had a good run of Melbourne games to start the year and then lots of travel towards the end of the season. In 2019 we only have to leave Victoria three times after the bye, one of which is Hobart and another of which is Alice Springs I doubt we've ever had a season in which we've only played 5 Sunday games. We had 11 this year. More Saturday games is great commercially but given our supporters are so used to Sunday 1.10pm and, in particular, 3.20pm games, I wonder how our attendance figures will go next year. Ultimately feels about right for us in 2019. Would prefer to see more home Thursday/Friday night games, especially given we're away in both ANZAC Eve and Queen's Birthday, but it's hard to complain given where we've come from.
  10. titan_uranus

    2019 Fixture

    Interesting(-ish) that the Darwin game is Round 11 and the Alice game is Round 18. Our Alice Springs game has been Round 9-11, the last weekend in May, ever since we started playing it. That's now the Darwin game. Meanwhile since 2011 our Darwin game has been in July, in predominantly Round 17. I wonder why they effectively have switched them. This is also the 5th straight year we've not played West Coast at the G.
  11. titan_uranus


    Patriots, Redskins, Seahawks
  12. titan_uranus


    My tips for week 7 - Patriots, Vikings, Rams Agree, I think that's a big win for the Jags, given they know their offence stinks without Fournette so they need someone to be able to capably run the ball.
  13. titan_uranus

    2019 Fixture

    We haven't been interstate in Round 1 since the 90s, we've been incredibly fortunate on that front. Let's hope it continues with a big Round 1 game against Collingwood or Essendon or something like that. If we maintain the two NT home games we shouldn't get a Marvel Stadium home game, but if we are able to get out of Darwin I expect that will just get sent to Marvel. We should be seeing more Friday night games, including home Friday night game(s) against Victorian sides (i.e. not Sydney like 2017), and more Thursday/Saturday nights, too. But I still expect to see plenty of Sunday 1.10 and 3.20 games. A home game against Essendon would be nice. Our finishing position of 4th means we have to play a minimum of two repeat games against the top 6 (West Coast, Collingwood, Richmond, GWS, Hawthorn), and possibly three. And we can only get a maximum of one repeat game against a bottom 6 side (Carlton, GC, St Kilda, Brisbane, Fremantle, Bulldogs), and possibly zero. You'd like to think we'd get repeat games against at least one of Collingwood and Richmond, possibly both.
  14. titan_uranus


    I like him, but not as much as others it seems. I am quite hopeful of being pleasantly surprised. Indeed - GC's highest ever crowd is 51,774 (this year, vs West Coast). Highest ever home crowd is actually the 33,388 they got to Perth vs Fremantle this year. Highest ever home crowd after that is their first ever game, 27,914 at the Gabba vs Carlton. Highest ever home crowd at Metricon is 24,032 vs Collingwood in 2014. It's actually kind of funny to think that a potential attraction to playing for Melbourne is crowds.
  15. titan_uranus

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Losing Hogan sucks. But having accepted that he wanted to go home, I'm more than happy with the way things panned out for us in the end.