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  1. Take it easy on the logic would ya.
  2. Surprised boxing matches go beyond 1 round then.
  3. Remember that one time they said we were the best Victorian side in the comp...
  4. Except PJ compared the GC to Alice not Darwin. So maybe you need to take your own advice regarding facts
  5. Not exactly sure what your saying here?
  6. Pull the other Lever..
  7. Heel be back ☺️
  8. Beautiful. It's Cloudy at the moment though. Might warm up a little if the sun comes out. i wouldn't have thought the heat will be an issue.
  9. Beautiful day here in Alice
  10. I wish Stinga and Wheels were fit that day.
  11. Just imagine how good it will be to have him in the side as a forward ruck once max returns. Could have made a difference in some of those early games over weid.
  12. Let's hope this ends his stint in the backline and his return to the middle to terrorise the oppositions best mid is permanent. A great 200th and a reminder of where he plays his best footy.
  13. I thought that commando camp fixed this
  14. You forgot our All Australian ruckman. Also our new Co-Captain. Oh and if Jack Watts can continue his improvement...