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  1. I wish Stinga and Wheels were fit that day.
  2. Just imagine how good it will be to have him in the side as a forward ruck once max returns. Could have made a difference in some of those early games over weid.
  3. Let's hope this ends his stint in the backline and his return to the middle to terrorise the oppositions best mid is permanent. A great 200th and a reminder of where he plays his best footy.
  4. I thought that commando camp fixed this
  5. You forgot our All Australian ruckman. Also our new Co-Captain. Oh and if Jack Watts can continue his improvement...
  6. Surely there is enough interest in this to do every year.
  7. It should be a night game against the bulldogs. The pink lady lit up a few years back a the G was a great sight. The Dees and the Dogs were the pioneers of the woman's game and had this built up for a few years and was a recognisable game on the calendar. I feel we have dropped the ball a bit here and as mentioned above with the pink test it's something we could have built up into a showcase. They could have even had a women's exhibition match. Dogs v Dees or even an all stars game or women's state of origin. Should be a blockbuster raising money for a good cause and the profile of our club.
  8. Get a room you two
  9. Jordan Lewis has a 100% win record for the dees
  10. On it said Pedo was held over on the weekend as the emergency so he must be considered fit.
  11. Your a bad father...but then so am I ha ha
  12. Go Bull
  13. Well those images kill off my theory that he pushed at the chest and it slipped up. I'm not sure it really matters that much if it's an open palm or fist. It's still a hit it the head. although I hear if you use the elbow you get less time.
  14. That's it, your kidding yourself!!!