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  1. I was being reserved in my predictions as well!
  2. The perfect coach to take us forward. Absolutely stoked with this news. Great time to announce it as well!
  3. Dees by 100. Weideman to kick 10. Oliver 57 contested possessions. Nibbler zero fumbles. I believe.
  4. I'd love him to recapture that 2016, 2017 form. He's capable of it, but can he do it consistently within Goody's system? There is a spot there with his name on it if he wants it badly enough.
  5. It's a bit rich to say his private life should be private when he posts it on social media for all to see.
  6. From a supporter point of view, we as a club clearly knew what we were doing when we traded him. No doubt about it. The same goes for Watts being traded the previous season. On a personal level, I feel sorry for him. As a few above have mentioned, he has been through a bucket load of stuff that not many people go through at his age, and he's had to do it in the limelight of being an AFL footballer. I hope he is able to pull through and just be happy with being Jesse Hogan the person, not Jesse Hogan the AFL footballer.
  7. I reckon, on reflection, they would change that decision if they could. It wouldn't have made a real difference to the result, but we missed him that day.
  8. ANB is an integral member of the side, but I can see why people on here get frustrated by him. He fumbles too much, turns the ball over at times and can look a little bit like a deer in headlights. On the flip side, his running capacity allows him to play a good link up role, and he knows how to kick a goal, as evidenced by the 27 goals he jagged last year. When he's on, he can do some really good things. He just needs to clean up his game a little.
  9. Not unless you're keen on seeing the last turkey in the shop.
  10. Light duties don't worry me. I do think this is a reflection of the late start to pre-season and the plethora of surgeries over the off season. We might start a little slowly, but I still expect us to roll Port at the 'G. Geelong at whatever the hell it's called stadium is a tougher prospect.
  11. And in the end, even if we do somehow lose that first game, it's not the end of the world. We did that to kick off last season and we ended up being fine. The AFL season is a marathon, not a sprint, which is how some supporters treat it. Even if we start a little slowly due to the new rules in place and our adjustment to it, there will be plenty of time to make it up in the wins column. We have the talent to beat anyone in the competition. Having said that, I'm backing us in to be 3-1 after the first 4 games, and us using this as a good springboard into the rest of the season ahead,
  12. JLT form means little. Last season Gold Coast and Carlton won both of their JLT games, and we know how their season ended. Hawthorn, Geelong and North lost all of theirs, and two of them made finals and one just missed out. The negative ones will find a reason to be negative regardless, but if you're sensible, then you don't put too much credence on the results. I'm just as confident as I was prior to the JLT series of the year ahead, and I'm super confident we'll knock off the Power and start the year in positive fashion.
  13. The reasoning for his selection is sound. Mahoney has said that they wanted to add someone who knew the coaches, knew the structure, knew the expectations and so forth, and that makes sense to me. Yeah, I can see the point of possibly selecting another ruckman, but clearly the club know what it is doing.
  14. Almost doomed before the season begins. Steven takes time away from the game, Carlisle will miss most of the year and now Roberton is out for the season as well. He's up against it.
  15. Does anyone really believe that Alex Rance is a Top 10 player in the league? Outside of Robbo, the other Top 10's above have him in there.
  16. 40,000 members prior to Round 1 is a great achievement! Surely we're aiming at possibly signing up 50k by the cut off date? It actually seems like a realistic target now.
  17. To be fair, there are a number of players on that list that are available to play. Fritsch, Jones, Melksham, Harmes, Viney and AVB will all be right for Round 1, while Smith and Preuss are listed as tests. Take those eight out and it's just seven players injured for more than a week. It's not panic stations yet. Cheers, I thought it might have been something like that.
  18. Where did it say his recovery timeline was any different to what it is now? Just curious.
  19. It's not as if Frost and Oscar an incapable of doing a job for us in Round 1. They handled the key defensive posts pretty well at the end of the season and during finals, so there is no reason to think they can't do it for us here, especially with Dixon not playing.
  20. Agree. I'd much rather Lever take a few extra rounds, but be absolutely ready to go, than to rush him back a bit earlier and risk another injury. He is a long term player for us, and we are treating the injury with that in mind.
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