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  1. Thanks Abe. If we don't make the finals then I'll know whose fault it is.
  2. And they were mauled by the Bombers over here as well. I don't necessarily think Port are downhill skiers, but they do seem to have a soft underbelly. I'm trying not to get too excited about our potential to plays finals as there is still plenty of the season to go, but it's bloody exciting to be part of the discussion at this point in our season.
  3. Exactly. Trudging back through our history like this serves zero purpose.
  4. Selwood out for the game will certainly help the Dockers chances of a win, but they're poo and will probably hang around for a half before getting blown away but the downhill skiing Geelong side.
  5. He'll be writing an acoustic song about his form and playing it alongside Guy Sebastian in no time!
  6. Old McDonald kicked a bag. Eeei Eeei Oh!
  7. I'd personally like to kiss every poster here. This footy club is made of some seriously good stuff. Enjoy every minute of this ride!
  8. Article here: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/more-news/melbourne-has-started-contract-talks-with-rising-star-jayden-hunt/news-story/57fca17ec54dd7dd15ef001f3e17d2f9 Not a huge amount of info outside of us opening talks with his management and all indications are that he is very keen to stay on at the club. Good move from all involved as I'm sure there would be considerable interest from rival clubs, so to add a few more years on to his deal (which expires at the end of next year) will be a big win for us.
  9. He has admitted, numerous times, to baiting others on purpose. Why anyone defends him is beyond me.
  10. Thanks Mum.
  11. It's only a small thing, and I know all clubs do it, but it's good to see us being proactive. We're identifying the key talent and making every effort to lock them away long term to avoid the media circus that can inevitably occur if things are left too late. Now to lock away Salem before the year is out...
  12. Very true, and it will hurt us in many ways across the board, but I think we are well placed to cover him as much as we can. With Gawn returning, it will allow Pedo to play forward which may in turn release Trac to spend more time in the midfield. That doesn't necessarily mean Jones is covered, but we have the personnel and the game plan to survive.
  13. O-Fence?
  14. Not really, although that may be my opinion because I know what the other two bring to the side. I don't think Maynard will play but he is more of a pure midfielder (these days) than the other two, with JKH spending his time at half forward and Trengove seemingly being trialed across half back. And Misson didn't mention anything about Hibberd so you would assume he's fine to go this weekend.
  15. Just found his page and got this joke. Brilliant. Reckon his photo has a few filters on it as well. That sounds about right.
  16. Jones is a big out, but we can cover it. You would think Vince and Lewis would spend more time in the middle of the ground than they have been to cover it. If Watts plays then it also gives us the freedom to use Petracca in there a little more as well, so we are covered around the ball. Gawn helps out big time as well as we might get first look at the footy for once. In: Gawn Out: Jones I know it's a tall for a small but the Eagles play tall so I think it will be fine for this week. Guys like JKH and Stretch are doing nothing wrong at VFL level, but after a 10 goal win you would be hard pressed to drop anyone else.
  17. In other and better news Gawny is a definite for this week, while it looks like Watts, Jetta and Hunt should all be fine for the West Coast game. Watts will need to pass a fitness test on Thursday, although Misson did say he had pulled up very well from the weekend.
  18. I'm more surprised that the Eagles are still $12 for the flag. They are no chance.
  19. Adelaide - Bastards Brisbane - Bastards Carlton - Total Bastards Collingwood - Supreme Bastards Essendon - Cheating Bastards Fremantle - Bastards Geelong - Bastards Gold Coast - Irrelevant Bastards GWS - Orange Bastards Hawthorn - [censored] Bastards North Melbourne - Bastards Port Adelaide - Bastards Richmond - Ninthmond St. Kilda - Bastards Sydney - Bastards Western Bulldogs - Chucking Bastards West Coast - Bastards I think that's all the nicknames I know. These are generally used on gameday, though.
  20. When Easton Wood ran out on to the ground, he was thinking about getting Bugg 'back' for his Insta post. That means Buggy got under his skin and his focus was elsewhere. It didn't worry Bugg in the slightest and he knew, from the moment Wood went at him before the ball was bounced, that he 'had him'. It was great to watch.
  21. Akoo - I would do what daisycutter has suggested above and contact the club directly. They may well be able to help you out if you explain your situation and set you up with tickets in a decent spot within the stadium. No matter where you sit you'll have a great experience, though.
  22. You may be right Luther. But some of the reactions from people on here were right over the top when it occurred.
  23. There was never anything in it. Bugg even confirmed after the game that they are mates off the field and it was just a bit of banter. Nothing to be concerned about.
  24. I still don't understand why we can't be in the frame for Josh Kelly. Money might be the issue, but we are far better side than North or St. Kilda and surely you would choose to play for us over those clubs. Wouldn't mind another tall - Lever would be terrific, but even if we just had further insurance (like another Pedersen) then I'd be happy with that.
  25. Fast becoming? He's been a reliable defender for 3 years now.