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  1. Aaron Vandenberg to Re-sign?

    Not happy with his role? Bit hard to be given one when you are not even on the park. This is a rubbish rumour of the highest order.
  2. Jack Watts (again)

    He's at the crossroads for sure, but I can't see the club flipping him for something average. If a club wants to give us a first rounder so we can package it with ours to get someone like Kelly, then I can see the club doing it. Otherwise I'd rather have him on the list than see him go for a speculative pick.

    Reckon we make two changes - Hogan and Maynard for Viney and Weideman. If Hogan doesn't end up getting through training tomorrow then Weid can be on standby to come back in.
  4. Brandon Matera

    At first glance I winced at how harsh this was, until I realised it was true. He isn't worth our time.
  5. The Jake Lever Thread

    Yep, because that's exactly what I said... You are like arguing with a brick wall sometimes. I'd get better conversation and debate from a shrub.

    We should account for them without too much trouble. Their midfield is strong but everything is rather average. Our midfield is up and about as well so I can see us, at the very least, breaking even with them. Dees by 7 goals.
  7. The Jake Lever Thread

    I have jackaub on ignore. And I wasn't going the man, just disagreeing with your assertion that most on here rate him as 'elite', which outside of his kicking is untrue. You made your feelings clear about his suspension earlier in the week which to me has clouded your view. Can't see how you can construe that as going the man.
  8. You Ready for Tommy Bugg?

    You could also argue that his stock has dropped in the eyes of some since his suspension, and I understand that. It's no coincidence though that when we were playing our best footy he was a part of our side. There are a few (not saying it's you) that have been quick to forget that. Having said all of that, I agree that he'll more than likely come back through Casey this weekend.
  9. The Jake Lever Thread

    I doubt it's many, and most would simply rate his kicking as elite, which it is. Good to see you still can't get over his suspension either.
  10. The Jake Lever Thread

    What accolades are these?
  11. You Ready for Tommy Bugg?

    Probably should have said that he was getting lots of opportunities to score. He needed to turn more of those into goals, but he showed that he could contribute well for us. I was impressed with his efforts well before he got suspended, as were many others.
  12. You Ready for Tommy Bugg?

    Up until the point he was suspended, he was best 22. It was no coincidence that he has been part of some of our best wins this season. He was kicking goals and putting on some terrific pressure inside our forward 50. The problem for him now is that Melksham has taken that role and he is playing it very well. It makes it hard for him to find his way back into the senior side, but that's also a good thing and a great reflection on depth.
  13. Changes v Brisbane

    Unless we absolutely have to, I can't see Goody wanting to 'shake things up' too much with so much on the line. If we make the finals then we have the week off to rest up, which means we can get guys like Viney through for the next fortnight and then give them the week to rest. For me, someone like Watts is a chance to come back in over the next few weeks, as is Hogan, but outside of that I doubt there were will many changes. I just don't see it happening.
  14. Jack Watts (again)

    I 100% agree - there is absolutely a place for him in our side. No doubt about it, and I would never debate that. I just felt that the review suggested that, while there was improvement, they are still looking for a little more from him. I may be wrong, but the review wasn't exactly a glowing one.
  15. Jack Watts (again)

    Yes, really. I know your love for JW has reached 'can't tell if he loves him or he's just trolling us' levels, but I do feel from his report that they may give him another week at Casey. Just my opinion big fella.
  16. Jack Watts (again)

    Send him a review email then. Make sure you condense it into one paragraph though as you outline what he needs to do to improve.
  17. Jack Watts (again)

    Plapp only gets a paragraph - do you want him to talk about how well he ran off for rotations, or how well he pointed at space as well?
  18. Jack Watts (again)

    Not from the report - it feels as though they are looking for him to back it up again next week before considering him for senior selection.
  19. 2017 Contracts

    Great news - reflects what a good year he has had, and he is also excellent cover for us in many areas of the ground. Deceptively mobile, great hands and knows how to rack up the possies around the ground. Really happy he is sticking around for another season!
  20. Brandon Matera

    Possibly, but he's been in the system a long time and hasn't set the world alight on a consistent basis. Right now he wouldn't be in our best 25. If he came for free to add to our depth then go for it, otherwise we have bigger fish to fry.
  21. Brandon Matera

    He can barely get a run with a poor GC side. We have enough medium sized forward type players as it is, we don't need another, especially one who isn't a game changer.
  22. Brandon Matera

    Ben Kennedy Mk. II No thanks.