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  1. Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 5

    I'm interested to see how this plays out tomorrow night. We all know that the Tigers have an excellent defence, and while we've been able to generate a bucket load of inside 50s, we've blazed away more often than not. With Weideman coming in, does this give us the extra, leading target we've been craving? At the very least the Weid can provide a contest and bring the ball to ground, even in a two on one situation. Our mosquito fleet will need to be buzzing for 120 minutes to ensure that they don't get too many easy rebounds off half back. At the other end we all know how poorly our defence has functioned as a unit in the first month of the season, and I like that we've dropped Frost to accommodate the fact that the Tigers play pretty small up forward. Will that allow us to play Oscar on Riewoldt which frees up Lever to play the second man up? Will we be able to release someone like Hibberd into the rebounding role he plays so well? Can Jetta find some form and play a lock down role on one of their small forwards like Castagna or Butler? I'm looking forward to how we respond tomorrow night and I think, on paper at least, we match up quite well against the Tigers. We all know that doesn't get us very far and we'll need every player to give 100% to their role in the side tomorrow night. Go Dees!
  2. Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 5

    I like the changes this week. Weidmann gets a chance which is great, which gives us the second ruckman we need and a taller player to complement Hogan, especially when he pushes up the ground. Tyson coming in adds a good, solid mid to the mix and allows us to potentially play Oliver forward a little more. Stretch and Hunt give us some outside run which is something we have lacked a little of. I'd love the get a win this week and I think this team gives us a shot at it.
  3. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    In what way? If it's a shocker then, please, elaborate further instead of having a cheap dig and running away. I look forward to it.
  4. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    It's a bit hard to move on from the past when our own supporters can't do it themselves. How can we expect the players to do it when we can't?
  5. Richmond VFL v Casey Demons - Round 3

    Bugg played today, as did Hannan and Pedersen. The ones who didn't who were named on the Casey interchange on Friday were Hunt, Wagner, Fritsch, Garlett, Vince and Weideman. I think I've got that right. You would expect that Tyson is one inclusion while a few of the ones who didn't play today would be held over as emergencies for Tuesday night.
  6. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    We beat North. North beats the Hawks. The Hawks beat us. It's the Bermuda Triangle.
  7. Richmond VFL v Casey Demons - Round 3

    Was that you clapping on the half forward flank when Bugg hobbled off with a corkie?
  8. Richmond VFL v Casey Demons - Round 3

    Also, this commentary is some of the worst I've heard. Absolutely terrible. I guess it's to be expected for the VFL but I feel like a 5 year old would know the players better.
  9. Richmond VFL v Casey Demons - Round 3

    Big Red gave the link 10 posts ago. But yes, I guess we're welcome.
  10. Round 5 Non-MFC Games

    Just ignore it, mate. The haters will hate, the supporters will support. Nothing is going to change no matter what he does. Replying to each and every one won't make a lick of difference.
  11. Round 5 Non-MFC Games

    A week is a long time in footy. The Dogs were praised for their efforts last week, now they've served up some absolute poo yet again to be 1-4 after 5 rounds. Is Bevo under the pump?
  12. Round 5 Non-MFC Games

    It's not just this thread big fella. You seem to have devolved into making everything Watts related yourself. Before everything went down with him I thought you used to contribute some really worth while stuff. Now you've allowed yourself to sink to their level. I guess I'm hoping you can find your way back out again. Cheers.
  13. Round 5 Non-MFC Games

    I used to like you as a poster, jumbo. What happened?
  14. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    That's very true, however I take the amount of players who have re-signed in the last 18 months as a good sign that they're behind the coach and his vision for the club. They wouldn't be so quick to sign if they didn't. Clayton Oliver signed up in just 2 weeks.