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  1. Yeah? And how did he go when it mattered? He wouldn't give us anything better than Pedersen would in the ruck. He was average in there at best and poor everywhere else. The fact we are even trying to be 'practical' about a bloke who hasn't been on our list in a few years is taking things too far. Should we have tried to coax Jeff White out of retirement to run around at Casey in case of an emergency? It might have been high risk, but a risk I was happy with. I'd rather a Hannan on our list than the lumbering form of Will Minson.
  2. Rampe is great but I don't think he fills a need for us either. Another key back would be handy, so I could understand an interest in Allir Allir.
  3. He doesn't, and that's probably the reason why we won't chase him. Considering most on Demonland want us to recruit another 5 mature ruckmen over the off season in case we have 6 of them go down in successive rounds, I'd assume that's where our priorities will lie.
  4. I remember this discussion coming up in the past and many were dead against it. How times change. For the record he does little for me and isn't exactly the type of player we need right now, but his form has improved this year so if he keeps that up he may be worth a cursory look.
  5. It's complete hindsight. Should we have held on to Jamar as well? And no, I wouldn't have held on to Fitzy. He wasn't up to standard.
  6. You know things have gotten bad when we have supporters pining for the days of having Jack Fitzpatrick on the list.
  7. It's unbelievable, isn't it? The next video will be of him taking a leak and momentarily missing the bowl. Sanctions will no doubt follow.
  8. @stevethemanjordan is actually the Doggies greatest ever coach and future Melbourne FC hall of famer, Peter Rohde.
  9. Most blokes look like they are under the influence of something every time we dance. Jesse is obviously no different. Storm in a tea cup.
  10. I reckon Clarrie would be waving at him as well.
  11. Pure hypothetical, but does Tyson have enough currency to help us land the those types of players? I still think he is young enough to garner something decent in return at the very least, but I'm not sure the FD would pull the trigger on such a trade. Spot on about Hibberd too, Steve.
  12. Imagine if both were running around now and we had Minson lumbering around in the twos doing nothing. This thread would have the same heading yet it would be lamenting the decision to get a third ruckman instead of another young midfielder, tall back etc. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
  13. It's a shame, really. I felt that two years ago he was ready to take the next step and really become an elite midfielder at the club. He showed it at times last year, and he certainly knows how to find the footy, but his disposal this year has been terrible and he's not the greatest decision maker around. Plus this year he hasn't been hitting the scoreboard as much as we would like him to, although you could say that about a few of our mids this year. I don't think he's untouchable at all, and with the emergence of guys like ANB and Salem through the midfield it certainly puts the pressure on him, which it should. I still think he can get himself back to his best football but his spot within the side is no longer a guarantee.
  14. None of the players you mentioned, outside of White, play in the same position that Melksham does. Trengove and Maynard play through the middle, while Johnstone is a small forward. O Mac plays tall. He's playing him because, at the minute, there is no one better to have down there and it's clear they want to release guys like Salem to play predominantly through the midfield.
  15. You don't really think a professional AFL coach in the modern game would be playing favourites, do you? And Mitch White is on the rookie list, so he is not exactly a ready made replacement.