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  1. Motlop goes against everything we have tried to stand for over recent seasons and, to me, would be a horrible addition to our list. He doesn't bring along any of the qualities we look for. I'm still baffled as to why North, St. Kilda and now Carlton are in the discussion for Josh Kelly. Why would he want to join them over us if he was coming back to Victoria? From what I gather our salary cap is more than fine and we have a better list, and a list that he would complement nicely.
  2. He copped one to the chin, may have exaggerated the contact a little, but we'll never know as we weren't the one copping the hit. The sooner we move on from it, the sooner it's forgotten and we focus on Oliver just playing football. It's no good adding fuel to the fire when it's unnecessary.
  3. If the boys are in this game for most of the night and we run out of legs, then I can't really complain. However, I still think we are every chance to win this. Our strength this year has been our midfield and our contested footy, and outside of Jones we have a very fit list in this regard. We can more than match it with them and with Gawn back in the side it can give us a slight edge at times. Our backline is also very steady at the minute and they've had plenty of games together. I'd like to see Frost get first crack at Buddy, but you would also expect them to rotate through him as well. The concern is obviously the forward line, especially with Hogan, Watts and now Garlett missing as well. We will need to take every chance we're given to ensure we can get some scoreboard pressure going and stay in the game. If we fluff some chances or dominate early and don't kick a few goals then this game will become very difficult to win. I can't wait to see the boys do us proud on Friday night, and I'm hoping against hope that we can win number 5 on the trot!
  4. Thanks Abe. If we don't make the finals then I'll know whose fault it is.
  5. And they were mauled by the Bombers over here as well. I don't necessarily think Port are downhill skiers, but they do seem to have a soft underbelly. I'm trying not to get too excited about our potential to plays finals as there is still plenty of the season to go, but it's bloody exciting to be part of the discussion at this point in our season.
  6. Exactly. Trudging back through our history like this serves zero purpose.
  7. Selwood out for the game will certainly help the Dockers chances of a win, but they're poo and will probably hang around for a half before getting blown away but the downhill skiing Geelong side.
  8. He'll be writing an acoustic song about his form and playing it alongside Guy Sebastian in no time!
  9. Old McDonald kicked a bag. Eeei Eeei Oh!
  10. I'd personally like to kiss every poster here. This footy club is made of some seriously good stuff. Enjoy every minute of this ride!
  11. He has admitted, numerous times, to baiting others on purpose. Why anyone defends him is beyond me.
  12. Thanks Mum.
  13. It's only a small thing, and I know all clubs do it, but it's good to see us being proactive. We're identifying the key talent and making every effort to lock them away long term to avoid the media circus that can inevitably occur if things are left too late. Now to lock away Salem before the year is out...
  14. Article here: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/more-news/melbourne-has-started-contract-talks-with-rising-star-jayden-hunt/news-story/57fca17ec54dd7dd15ef001f3e17d2f9 Not a huge amount of info outside of us opening talks with his management and all indications are that he is very keen to stay on at the club. Good move from all involved as I'm sure there would be considerable interest from rival clubs, so to add a few more years on to his deal (which expires at the end of next year) will be a big win for us.
  15. Very true, and it will hurt us in many ways across the board, but I think we are well placed to cover him as much as we can. With Gawn returning, it will allow Pedo to play forward which may in turn release Trac to spend more time in the midfield. That doesn't necessarily mean Jones is covered, but we have the personnel and the game plan to survive.