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  1. Preseason Training - Week commencing 4/12/17

    I reckon no news is good news with Trac. He gets talked up so much by all parts of the footballing world that I think it will be good to see him have a really solid, quiet off season where he continues to build his tank and his ability to play more midfield minutes in 2018. What a weapon he can be if he is able to add this to his repertoire over the off season! Thanks again as always @DeeSpencer, your reports and insight are much appreciated.
  2. The Ox says the Dees in danger ....

    It really is strange stuff, Doc. We had so many injuries to key players such as Gawn, Hogan, Viney and Jones, yet we seemed to manage okay. We might have run out of steam in the latter stages of the year, but we still managed to beat some pretty good sides. Why he feels this will change next year, and why we are different to others in terms of how the injuries will affect us, has me baffled.
  3. The Ox says the Dees in danger ....

    This seems like an 'I'm still annoyed about them trading Watts' type of comment from the Ox. It's strange. He says we'll go south if we get injuries to Hogan, Weideman and Lever - any side that loses some of it's important key forward and defensive players will struggle, but he fails to recognise how we battled plenty of injuries last season and were still competitive throughout. Weird stuff from the Ox.
  4. Well said mate. I also like the fact that, if they do get a run in the seniors, that they have the proper leadership and support around them to succeed.
  5. I'm just excited that we've got some terrific young talls on our list who can develop over the next 2-3 years and potentially play plenty of games together in our backline. It's bloody great stuff!
  6. Jumper Numbers 2018

    In the grand scheme of things I think that can be forgiven - you were right on the money, mate. Cheers for the info. Harmes taking the #4 guernsey is a big ball - I like his confidence in asking for it and backing himself in, but there will be some pressure that comes with it. Hopefully he can rise to that.
  7. Preseason Training - Week commencing 27/11/17

    Going by what @DeeSpencer had to add, it looks as though Vince may well be training with the backline again this year. Maybe he and Lewis will spend time rotating through the middle and the half back line... ?
  8. Lewis to train with the Backline

    Hopefully some of what Lewis brings to the table will rub off on them over the next 2 years. As you say, Lever has been identified as someone with excellent leadership qualities, so having Lewis down there also allows him to continue to develop those as he settles into the playing group. Hopefully we have things in place where Lewis isn't left out the back against someone who can exploit the fact that he isn't the quickest bloke on the park. The last thing I want to see is a little fella burning him off as he runs into a few open goals.
  9. Preseason Training - Week commencing 27/11/17

    Are you that keen? I'll let you know what they did. The kicked a few balls around. Did a few handpass drills. Some are in the rehab group, others did the main session and did some full ground drills. Everyone looked unbelievable.
  10. Does that really need answering? He is a terrific scout from his armchair.
  11. Out? We still have picks from the second round onwards. You are putting too much emphasis on the draft. You can improve your list in a myriad of ways that doesn't focus on first round picks.
  12. The Draft Poll: 2017 Edition

    One the whole - yes, I am, although as with anything only time will tell. What I do like is that the club was able to fill a few gaps on our list - Spargo and Baker gives us some pace, Fritsch is the forward to replace Watts (not direct replacement, but you get my drift), while Petty will either develop nicely at Casey or replace someone in our backline as we send Tom McDonald forward. The only slight gripe, if I could call it that, is that we didn't take a ruckman. We must be happy with how King is tracking with Pedersen and McDonald able to fill in where needed. I'm happy to back them on that one. Edit - we also need to remember that we effectively got Lever as our first round pick, while we got Balic in the fourth round as well. We did everything we needed to do.
  13. I would have thought, with the recent success of some smaller players, that we wouldn't be so negative towards a players height. Let's give the kid a chance and a few pre-seasons before we start judging him purely on how tall or short he is.
  14. Who would you have taken then oh wondrous talent scout? Taylor must have no idea. You should apply for his job with all your knowledge.
  15. Dom Barry

    I hear Ben Kennedy has been hanging around at the Adelaide Oval car park in the hope Port will hire him in any sort of role.