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  1. Wiseblood

    Post Match Discussion - Round 22

    What a picture.
  2. What's even more incredible is that there is a big chance one of them is a runner up to us as we win the flag.
  3. Wiseblood

    Post Match Discussion - Round 22

    I'm not sure why you would bother posting this, especially with the 'precious' line at the end. I see no need to bother with a slanging match, especially after we've just secured a finals spot with an incredible win. Let's put all the other stuff aside and agree, for once, to enjoy it as Melbourne fans!
  4. Wiseblood

    Post Match Discussion - Round 22

    I like how having David Neitz as your dad has given you the skills to post lots of these little clips, which are much appreciated. Cheers!
  5. Wiseblood

    Changes v GWS Giants

    Outside of Hibberd with his hammy and Spargo potentially needing a rest, you would think we wouldn't make any further changes outside of that. We would want stability in the side heading into finals, and the players get a week off to rest up as well which will only help a few of those who need a rest. So unless Hibberd doesn't get up I'd expect no change.
  6. Wiseblood

    What they're saying over at Roberts Road

    I'll tell you one thing - they don't hate on the rubbish sides. They know we're good and they're running scared. They'll be hoping and praying they don't get us come finals time.
  7. Wiseblood

    Post Match Discussion - Round 22

    I do feel a little vindicated, but I am so excited to not only play finals, but that we as a supporting collective get to enjoy it as well. So many of us have stuck fat through some of the worst football ever witnessed, and we deserve to enjoy every moment that this win brings. If we win a final, and holy hell do I hope we do, then that will be amazing, but to get this huge monkey off our back will set us superbly for the years to come. I hope you enjoy it too!
  8. Wiseblood

    12 Long Painful Years Finals - At Last!!

    I discarded the skirt long ago, Biff!
  9. Wiseblood

    Post Match Discussion - Round 22

    Game plan goes alright by the way...
  10. Wiseblood

    Sam Weideman

    His first half gave us a real glimpse of the player he could be - good hands, very mobile and, while his kicking for goal needs work, we can see that he hit the scoreboard as well. He could be a real handy addition for us with Hogan going down.
  11. Wiseblood

    Post Match Discussion - Round 22

    Thank you my friend! I just hope every singly Melbourne supporter enjoys it and gets right behind this brilliant club for a big run in the finals!
  12. Wiseblood

    Post Match Discussion - Round 22

    Why the [censored] would you even be thinking about that? There needs to be a 580 point or so turnaround for us to miss out. Impossible. We're playing finals.
  13. Wiseblood

    Post Match Discussion - Round 22

    I know his first half performance was very average at best, but Dean Kent had a terrific second half. Kicked a crucial goal, laid 6 tackles and just got himself involved. Another one who could be crucial to how long we stay in the season and, like Hannan who was awesome, justified his selection in the side.
  14. Wiseblood

    Post Match Discussion - Round 22

    Boy, how much did we miss Melksham last week? 4 goals when the pressure was on was immense. I love him. Even though he faded a little, Weideman gave us a glimpse of what he can give us in the future. Good hands, mobile and, when he gets his kicking right, he'll slot more than his fair share of goals. Bring on GWS, let's smash them back to Sydney and then take on all comers in September!