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  1. Disappointing to lose, but it's also a by product of our list at the moment. They would have no recognised ruckmen and barely any quality tall players to call upon. Doesn't necessarily make it easy for Casey to tough out a win.
  2. Longmire may need to step aside. Maybe it's time for a different approach, as clearly what they are doing just isn't working anymore. True, but none of them have had to deal with the injuries we've had. I don't like using it as an excuse, but it isn't as if we've had a full list and played poorly. There's more to it than that.
  3. Old Dee has more mood swings about this club than a 13 year old girl. One week he is up and about, the next sees him fill up every thread with negativity. Make up your mind old fella!
  4. Bruce was right for once in his commentary - a bloke can spoil a ball deliberately out of bounds and get away with it, yet a bloke can get bumped and get pinged for deliberate. It makes little sense.
  5. Dogs currently doing what we can't do on Sunday - bomb it long to about 20 metres out. They got lucky then with Bont kicking the goal, but the Giants are picking them off too easily. We need to use it better.
  6. Can't the umps tell when a bloke has been bumped as he kicks it? Everyone in the stadium saw it except him.
  7. Why can't more people see this, bing? Whoever gets dropped is compared to Melksham, even though they don't even come remotely close to playing the same roles. Harmes has been playing forward, Stretch on a wing. Neither play back which is where Melksham is.
  8. I agree, but on the basis that we can move it quickly enough. If the Bombers slow us down and get back in numbers then they'll force us to bomb it long and it will make things difficult for us. We need at least one tall down there who can compete in the air for us, otherwise Hurley, Brown etc will just take uncontested marks all day long. The pressure and our ability to move the ball quickly will see us either kick a winning score or we will spend the afternoon frustrated by our long bombs that go nowhere.
  9. For all of the players we're missing, we still have a strong midfield that is number one in putting pressure on the opposition. Their midfield has a few star players but little depth outside of that, so I'm hoping our rotations and hardness around the contest will allow us to still get plenty of ball forward of centre. Our forward line embodies the word 'makeshift' at the moment, and it will be up to the midfield to make sure we get it down there quickly. Just bombing it in their will allow their tall backline to pick it off most times, and we really need to use it well going forward and hit up some targets, or at least bring the ball to ground to give the mosquito fleet a chance to pounce. The Bombers have made more errors in their defensive half than any other side this year, so if we can pressure them into turnovers then we can give ourselves a huge chance of winning. Not exactly confident, but I still think we are more than capable of winning the game.
  10. Sincere condolences to the Hogan family. It's a tough time, and maybe the toughest he will ever face, and I know the club will be right behind and give him all the time and space he needs. He may want to play next week, or he may want a few weeks off. I hope he feels he can take whatever he needs.
  11. Yeah? And how did he go when it mattered? He wouldn't give us anything better than Pedersen would in the ruck. He was average in there at best and poor everywhere else. The fact we are even trying to be 'practical' about a bloke who hasn't been on our list in a few years is taking things too far. Should we have tried to coax Jeff White out of retirement to run around at Casey in case of an emergency? It might have been high risk, but a risk I was happy with. I'd rather a Hannan on our list than the lumbering form of Will Minson.
  12. Rampe is great but I don't think he fills a need for us either. Another key back would be handy, so I could understand an interest in Allir Allir.
  13. He doesn't, and that's probably the reason why we won't chase him. Considering most on Demonland want us to recruit another 5 mature ruckmen over the off season in case we have 6 of them go down in successive rounds, I'd assume that's where our priorities will lie.
  14. I remember this discussion coming up in the past and many were dead against it. How times change. For the record he does little for me and isn't exactly the type of player we need right now, but his form has improved this year so if he keeps that up he may be worth a cursory look.
  15. It's complete hindsight. Should we have held on to Jamar as well? And no, I wouldn't have held on to Fitzy. He wasn't up to standard.