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  1. Beamer & Col Sylvia would take our new recruits out for dinner and let the know what was required. That is laughable.
  2. Signed up my 7 month old little girl today for Baby Dee membership much to her mums disapproval (mad Richmond). $54 for the membership, $75 NB voucher in return!
  3. Omac down back with Frost ruck. Pedo up forward. That's my tip.
  4. He's absolutely off his chops!
  5. Pretty impressive start to the year for Maynard, considering he's never played at this level.
  6. He's clearly injured, he looked like an old man running around at times today.
  7. Unleash The Raging Bull!
  8. Both will get a week IMO
  9. Are you Chris from Camberwell by any chance?
  10. Playing the two ruckman on a quick deck against a slick Saints is a disaster waiting to happen. Pencil has had an encouraging pre season but I wouldn't be playing him in this particular game.
  11. The intra club was definitely tonight, the practice match is next week.
  12. How was Garlett moving? I'm hoping he can get up for round 1.
  13. So are Kent & Garlett expected back by round 1?
  14. Also Maynard is 190cm not 185cm.
  15. Always wanting a couple more inches, Story of my life 😕