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  1. Be Patient with Lever

  2. Viney update: Out for Round 1

    He did a mountain of running at training this morning & looked to be moving just fine to me.
  3. He tweaked the opposite calf on Saturday, it happened directly in font of me & I overheard the conversation he had with Crossy. He said he felt a tweak and tightness in the other calf, had a rub down, did a couple of run throughs shook his head and went inside. It didn't seem to bad , I think they're just being cautious.
  4. Just heard Tyson saying to the trainer he's tweaked his right calf, did a couple of run throughs & went inside.
  5. Robbo's Club Ambassador Role.

    I think Robbo does a fantastic job
  6. Good luck to him, I'm sure we'll survive.
  7. Preseason Training Week commencing - 22/01/18

    I see a little bit of a young Cameron Bruce in Fritsch.
  8. The Ox and Marko sacked by SEN

    I heard it too, let's hope it's something positive.
  9. Revenge is a dish best served cold ....Wish list for season 2018

    Essendon Richmond Collingwood Carlton Win them & I'm happy
  10. They gave Toumpas 5
  11. Preseason Training Week commencing - 15/01/18

    Training will now be starting at 8.30am tomorrow due to the heat.
  12. Preseason Training Week commencing - 15/01/18

    I'm planning to head in on Friday, hopefully it's not canceled due to the heat.
  13. Sponsorship Problem?

    I disagree with everything you've said, It looks terrible when your the only team without a sponsor and don't worry it definitely be noticed if we run out in round one without a sponsor. It's hard to change the perception of our club when your running around with a blank space on your jumper, the media will notice & we become the butt of all jokes for other teams supporters.
  14. Sponsorship Problem?

    I take it we'll be running out in the pre season comp without a sponsor, It's such a poor look for the club & embarrassing for the supporters.