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  1. RedsoxMan

    5th Consecutive Profit

    Good to see we payed of $1.5M of Debt.
  2. RedsoxMan


    I am sure the FD are planning for Preuss to loose weight and work on his manoeuvrability, so he can play up forward or spend time down back as Gawn does.
  3. RedsoxMan

    Delisting, Trade and FA discussion 2018

    I agree, he was gone next year. We improved out 1st pick, and also obtained KK. Our Club is now stronger, given Hogan was going.
  4. RedsoxMan

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    He is near an All Australian, and can play may position, including CHB, Mid Field, as well as a forward. We should not trade him. Also, Why would he go to Fremantle, and suffer more years of down the ladder games. We are just staring to get going as a Club.
  5. RedsoxMan

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 23

    He was with the rehab group
  6. RedsoxMan

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 23

    After training today, expect JKH to play, and Hannan to be out injured. Bugg to be emergency. Hannan with injured group.
  7. RedsoxMan

    Casey Demons v Williamstown - Round 21

    Just went for a stroll to MFC Seniors training. Bugg and JKH were both there, so not playing for Casey today. Hannan with injury squad, so I expect him to be out tomorrow, and JKH to come in.
  8. RedsoxMan

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    He can play at CHB He was All Australian in that position before we drafted him
  9. RedsoxMan

    VFL Practice Match - Casey Demons v Box Hill Hawks

    Viney is set to play in next weeks VFL practice match Jack Viney fails in bid to return from foot injury in VFL
  10. The club has given him a low number of 9, so they must think he can play
  11. RedsoxMan

    Box Hill Hawks v Casey Demons

    Kennedy desposal is not very good His long kicks go too high Too much hang time
  12. RedsoxMan

    Training - Saturday 10th June, 2017

    Ruck coaching with McDonald and Peterson on the side of the ground Watts in main group
  13. RedsoxMan

    Training - Saturday 10th June, 2017

    Joel Smith training as well
  14. RedsoxMan

    Trengove signs

    Fabulous news , good to give him more time to prove himself with a full preseason . he has been very good for the club, and having to play during are bad times.
  15. RedsoxMan

    MFC injury list - 2016

    Or he could have a bad back!!!