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  1. RedsoxMan

    VFL Practice Match - Casey Demons v Box Hill Hawks

    Viney is set to play in next weeks VFL practice match Jack Viney fails in bid to return from foot injury in VFL
  2. The club has given him a low number of 9, so they must think he can play
  3. RedsoxMan

    Box Hill Hawks v Casey Demons

    Kennedy desposal is not very good His long kicks go too high Too much hang time
  4. RedsoxMan

    Training - Saturday 10th June, 2017

    Ruck coaching with McDonald and Peterson on the side of the ground Watts in main group
  5. RedsoxMan

    Training - Saturday 10th June, 2017

    Joel Smith training as well
  6. RedsoxMan

    Trengove signs

    Fabulous news , good to give him more time to prove himself with a full preseason . he has been very good for the club, and having to play during are bad times.
  7. RedsoxMan

    MFC injury list - 2016

    Or he could have a bad back!!!
  8. RedsoxMan

    MFC injury list - 2016

  9. RedsoxMan

    MFC injury list - 2016

    If Matt Jones is fit,then he will not appear on the injury list. Probably what is happening .
  10. RedsoxMan


    Smith will play-casey first or seconds Stretch. Did not play last week, so no need for a rest
  11. RedsoxMan


    Where is Stretch?
  12. RedsoxMan

    Were we too hasty in delisting Fitzy?

    The FD want players who are more aggressive, and hard at the ball .
  13. RedsoxMan

    2015 Player Review - # 48 Jack Fitzpatrick

    I think the FD issue with Fitzy was that he was not hard enough at the ball, and need to get more aggression /hardness into his play.
  14. RedsoxMan

    Aggressive trading

    He should be a wordsmith - He is studing to be a Lawyer!!
  15. RedsoxMan

    2015 Player Review - # 37 Aaron vandenBerg (R)

    Don't know where you got the 56% effeciency I checked AFL tables, and this shows 77% effeciency Love him as a player - Hard at the ball, tackles strongly - We need him in the Mid field. Looking forward to see him play next year after another preseason.