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    Is it only half a century? It seems much longer than that.
  2. Current Television

    Yes they were good, I've seen them and was surprised to see how good Rowan Atkinson was. There is another show called The Fall with Gillian Anderson (X Files) and that's up to season 3, also very good. I downloaded it but I think it's on Netflix now.
  3. Sponsorship Problem?

    Maybe he's suggesting a mass micro waving of memberships, ala Tigers supporters.
  4. Sponsorship Problem?

    How do you know we had to battle for a signature, this may have been completed weeks ago and they were waiting for most to come back from holidays to announce it. Anything to put a negative slant on it. You almost sound disappointed we've announced it.
  5. Sponsorship Problem?

    Yes historical data is important, so I would imagine that Zurich have viewed our upward trajectory over the last few years and doubt they've based their level of participation on the outcome of one game. Zurich are a huge company and didn't get to where they are without knowing what they are doing, this is not about one game or one season, this is about getting value out of their sponsorship, we have good exposure at the G and we have a high level of wealthy supporters. I would imagine the discussions were held over a long period of time and we would have known that we were losing AHG some time ago. There are two schools here, one that's happy we have a new sponsor and another that will look at every negative aspect, even if they don't know what that aspect is.
  6. Sponsorship Problem?

    I would imagine Old, that any discussions with possible candidates would be kept in strict confidence as the candidates would, presumably, already have a job, unless they are going through CentreLink. Once the name leaks out the replacement would probably be sacked and replaced, that wouldn't be helpful at all.
  7. Current Television

    Couple of shows not mentioned on here are, Berlin Station, one series so far, excellent, not sure where you can get this may have to download Line of Duty, 5 series so far, 4 on Netflix Both British and both very good. Ozark, Jason Bateman and Laura Linney, on Netflix was also very good, very different and had to keep watching, hard to watch just one episode. Also Spooks, very good series 10 in all, you may have to download this. There is a movie on Netflix with Kit Harrington, based on the series, called surprisingly Spooks, MI5 Gunpowder, staring Kit Harrington, based on Guy Fawkes and the attempt to blow up Parliament, Harrington's distant relative Catsby was instrumental in the plot. Its a bit self indulgent but very good and very graphic. Three part series.
  8. Careful Old, that post was almost positive.
  9. I wonder if that's because players of his height are discouraged at an early age from continuing to chase the dream of playing AFL football, how many are told by their coaches that they are simply too small and it is a waste of their time. Only the strong survive and any player who is vertically challenged has to have a big heart to disregard the naysayers and push on, I think this kid might be one of them.
  10. Sponsorship Problem?

    I doubt they’ll be pi55ing themselves laughing, after we’ve handed their well sponsored team, their asses on a plate.
  11. The adventures of President Donald Gump

    I didn't fight with anyone you idiot, you assume that I'm of Italian decent when in fact I'm not, my grandfather came to Australia from Ireland. I find your posts to be, in the main, vile diatribes against anyone that questions you. Im amazed that you are still allowed to post on here. BTW you and your posts are now on ignore, you disgust me.
  12. The adventures of President Donald Gump

    I believe that you're an apologist for the Nazi War Machine.
  13. You're a couple of days late. Festivus is a secular holiday celebrated on December 23 as an alternative to the pressures and commercialism of the Christmas season. From me I wish all a Merry Christmas and a great new year, its a time for celebration and hopefully that will extend for us until at least the end of SEPTEMBER NEXT YEAR.
  14. JHC, if he’s innocent he doesn’t have to do anything, you have to be proven guilty, not prove your innocence. Where do you get your knowledge of the law from? How can you clear yourself and why should you have to, if you’ve not been charged with any offence?
  15. So you want the player stood down before he's been offered the chance to defend himself and before the charges are, or if they are sustained? What sort of society would deem someone guilty before the facts are established, maybe you live in one but I surely don't. I suppose you'd prefer he was incarcerated and, if found innocent, after trial, offered an apology.