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  1. Dante

    A Guide to Perth

    I escaped from Perth as a 2 .5 year old and I’ve only been back 4 times in the last 60 plus years, twice for football and twice for business. Each time I thank God my father had the sense to raise me here and not there. They seriously hate us over there.
  2. Dante

    Open Training - Wednesday, 19th September

    If you watch Harmes, he always looks like he is sore when he walks, I think it's just his gait.
  3. On another matter, i went to the game on the day without a ticket and just expected i'd get one from a scalper, they used to stand around and have tickets in their hand. This day however, there were none around and I thought i'd misjudged it. Then I saw a guy with something in his hand that looked like a ticket so I approached him and asked if it was for sale, he said it was but it was a ground pass that the staff have and he wanted 10 shillings for it. I was a bit reluctant to part with my half a quid but he assured me that it was ok, so I bought it and he pointed me to the gate I had to go in and off I went. It all worked out ok and I got in, but I was only a staff pass away from missing the last Grand Final we won for over 50 years, well worth the 10 shillings, which for those that don't know is one Dollar.
  4. I was at the game and thought that we would win easily, we had beaten them on the final leading up to the GF quite by a big margin and to me it was just a matter of turning up. It was not as planned, however and as deoldfart described above we only just won. I had a standing room ticket and was by myself, when Gabbo kicked that goal, it was down my end of the ground, so I saw it coming, I was devestated and thought it was over and sat on the terrace. A short time later a woman standing near me said get up, Hassa Man has a kick 25 out, I stood and watched him miss, so I sat down again. Then Froggy kicked the goal to put us in front and I didn’t see it, I was still sitting down. I got up and shortly after the siren went and we’d won. It was an amazing game and we were so superior to Collingwood, we would have been unbackable You have to remember we were a super team throughout the 50’s and 60’s so you went to the ground expecting to win every week, it never entered my mind that we’d lose the 64 GF so it was just a normal week, to me at least. If someone had said to me, as I was leaving the ground, that we wouldn’t win another flag for over 50 years, I would have thought they were crazy.
  5. Dante

    OMac has arrived.

    You mean like Chip Frawley?
  6. Dante

    Post Match Discussion - Semi Final

    Really pleased the way two of our young talls, Weid and Oscar played. Weid is just amazing for a tall forward, he tackles so hard, has really good hands and his kicking is becoming elite, I think there were a few who suggested we made a mistake in taking him ahead of Curnow, don't think so. He is only 21 and has a lot of development ahead of him. Oscar has bulked up and doesn't get pushed out of the contest, and his kicking out of defence is excellent, he will be a star for Melbourne. There were some times during the game where I thought he would have to kick to a contest but he always found someone to kick it too. They say talls take some time to develop, well if that's the case then we have a lot to look forward to. Also what about Spargo, he is like a Tiger when the ball is in dispute, and he has poise beyond his years when he has the ball in hand. On another matter, Bruce Mc is the most simpering commentator I've ever listened too, he sounds like he's having his jollies off when he talks about some of the Hawthorn players.
  7. Dante

    Roaming Brian - Melbourne vs Hawthorn, Semi Final

    Was in the rooms after the win and Tom went over to his mum and dad, he let his mum give him a kiss but shrugged off his dad when he tried to give him a hug, priceless
  8. Dante

    Who's going to Perth?

    I'm not sure, I can get tickets but I hate going over there and the last couple of times I have we have lost and the supporters over there, both teams, are feral. It's just so expensive and you have to spend a night in that shytehole as well, decisions, decisions. Are there flights available, does anyone know?
  9. I expected a larger contingent of Smugthorn supporters there last night and thought the support would be closer to 50/50 but we, overwhelmingly, had the crowd. Unbelievable support for the Dees, I was fortunate enough to get a pass in to the rooms after the game and they were all up and about. Jonsey's brothers were both there and absolutely stoked for Nat.
  10. Dante

    Finals Tickets

    Just got an email from the club. Great seats still available Adults from $35 Families from $70 Leads me to believe there will not be a packed house this week.
  11. Dante

    Big Preseason Key - Salem (AFL.com)

    Stick around, eventually you'll see, that there is a call for every player to be traded, that's the way it is.
  12. Dante

    Peter Jackson: Anything's Possible

    He will go own as one of the most important figures in the MFC history, I'm sure he must have had a feeling of pride when he looked out at the crowd on Friday night.
  13. Dante

    Tom McDonald on SEN (10/9)

    Really good interview, he is a very level headed guy and credit to the club, this is the best group of players that we've he'd since 1964 and it's great they have so much belief in themselves. I was stoked when we picked him up, and he hasn't let us down. The move to the forward line was a stroke of genius and you could see noticeable improvement in the team when he came back after injury. Love ya Tommy.
  14. Dante

    The moment you know when you’re going to win

    I was pretty confident all night and never thought they were in it. The exact moment though, was a couple of minutes before Hannan kicked the goal, I said to my son, if we kick the next goal it’s over.
  15. Dante

    Post Match Discussion - Elimination Final

    We played well on Friday but I think we can play a lot better, we rushed a lot of kicks when we were under little pressure and should have kicked a much higher score. It was very reassuring to win a game, a final, when we were below our best and have a lot of room for improvement. Some of our kicking was uncharacteristically wayward, Salem's first few kicks were way off the mark, he tightened up after the but some of the other players were a bit off. Great effort by the boys and to win a game against an experienced team with some great players in it was a credit to all at the club. I'm getting on in years and during the Neeld years I'd actually resigned myself to never seeing us win another Grand Final, well maybe I got that one wrong, this group are quite capable of doing anything. I'm so proud of these kids and the way they go about the job and so glad that PJ convinced Roosy to come on board and revitalise the club and make us relevant for the first time since 1964. Interestingly John Kennedy took over as coach of Hawthorn and changed that club forever, because he was sick of Melbourne belting them all the time, well I'm sick of them belting us all of the time so let's hope that Goody has changed our club so it won't happen again.