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  1. SFebes


    They deserve all the karma they get, the stories I've heard of how Tex treated Jake all of last season is disgusting, then the after season dogging by Tex and others of Jake. Then the camp fiasco and Tex has had a stinker of a year. Got what they deserved I'm afraid.
  2. SFebes

    Changes v GWS Giants

    He's getting thrown around like an octopus in a washing machine, he'll be right.
  3. SFebes

    The Ox reaction to yesterday's win!

    I wonder what Allen Jakovich's reaction was!!?
  4. SFebes

    The Jack Watts in 2018 Thread

    Still got 1 year on his contract does JW? Hinkley has definitely been frustrated by Jack this year.
  5. SFebes

    The Jack Watts in 2018 Thread

    Thanks DD, thought as much. With finals on the line, quite bizarre tbh.
  6. SFebes

    The Jack Watts in 2018 Thread

    Why isnt JT playing? Surely he's a better option than some of the ones they've been selecting.
  7. SFebes

    Finals Tickets

    OR if Collingwood lose lol
  8. SFebes

    The Last Time they Met - Round 23

    They will get Kelly and Williams back, has Greene been ruled out? with a couple touch and go. Davis is one to watch.
  9. SFebes

    Sam Weideman

    Cant believe how much he's bulked up? Or do I have my rose coloured glasses on? Looks strong, has a big leap, he'll start clunking those marks soon and when he does look out. He kind of reminds me of Jarrad Waite in some ways with that spring n his step. Still question his kicking though, it'll come as he gains more confidence.
  10. SFebes

    Gerard Whately is a Moron

    Gerard Whateley's agenda setting is cringeworthy. He created that whole state of the game momentum on AFL360 with that footy forum and his overreaction to Gaff was ridiculous. Needs to pipe down a bit.
  11. SFebes

    Finals Tickets

    Bought all my finals tickets including the Grand Final earlier in the year, looking like a masterstroke now lol
  12. SFebes

    Special shout out to PJ

    PJ is THE man with the golden touch. Thank you