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  1. SFebes

    AFLX Revamped

    Team Deadlys, Bolt, Flyers and Rampage........ can we ask India to stay for 5 more tests instead?
  2. SFebes

    Who’s left?

    We got KK don't forget, to help CS and MH.
  3. SFebes

    Who’s left?

    Bytel, Williams, Valenti, Hill.
  4. SFebes

    Lyon's Plea to Petracca: Be Like Max

    I think it had more to do with Max turning things around from being lazy/making poor choices, whereas Jones, ANB and Stretch have always trained hard from the start. Gaz just making a point that CP can turn it around like Max if he wants to.
  5. SFebes

    2019 Fixture

    Only a quick look but looks like an awful fixture, will go over it tonight. I don't care about TV, I just want to win.
  6. SFebes

    Vale Colin Sylvia

    Just horrible. We have had some tragedies over recent years that's for sure. Way too young.
  7. SFebes

    Macro - 2019

    Pace is handy and people get caught up in it, but personally I'd rather someone a little slower who can hit targets. Salem definitely isn't slow, he's quite quick but can't use that as a weapon playing the role he currently is. How many of Frost's pacy runs end up with a kick that hits a target? It looks good but achieves very little IMO.
  8. SFebes

    Macro - 2019

    Frost is a poor user, with Hogan gone I personally think Salem to a wing for more precise delivery will be most helpful. Salem is the same height as Gaff who plays wing. I personally don't like the idea of Frost on a wing, I'd prefer Hunt and/or Salem.
  9. SFebes

    Macro - 2019

    Weaknesses I see are Jones + Lewis in same side, too slow, if anything Lewis is ahead as he's a better kick, however 10m chip passes are easy, Jones either looks backwards for the easy handball or turns it over by foot. Oscars lack of speed, still no crumbing forward (spargo is smart, but doesn't hit the scoreboard enough but still young), but so is Stephenson. Petraccas scoreboard ability, he's an awful set shot and now looks to pass off just about every time. I would play KK at HBF and release Salem to the wing to provide run, carry and drive with his foot skills into F50.
  10. SFebes

    2018 Delisted Free Agents

    Townsend worth a shot, we now have no depth so filling them with ready to go players in case of injury is what I'd prefer, even if that means taking Menzel with pick 100.
  11. SFebes

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    Off-field he is not so lazy....
  12. SFebes

    Frank Anderson

    Frank? Is he 85 years old?
  13. SFebes

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    DeGoey 48 goals and a match winner, Petracca 19 goals and plods around. Christian has a very long way to go to get even close to DeGoey and the time is now, no more plodding stuck in second gear, he needs to pull his immature head out of his [censored] and have a big pre season. Nathan Jones racks up stats too and doesn't do anything with them. DeGoey is a star.
  14. SFebes

    Rumour File

    That was only 2?