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  1. Farewell Jack Watts

    If he ends up at Geelong hopefully it will be in exchange for pick 20, which we could use for Forgarty or O'Brien.
  2. Jarrad McVeigh

    Tom Rockliff?
  3. End of year delistings

    Love your analysis fifty-5
  4. Changes v Carlton

    Out: Viney, Tyson, Bugg, Stretch, White In: Trengrove, Garlett, Hogan, Kennedy, J Smith
  5. Changes v Sydney Swans

    Still hoping that Weiderman gets a game
  6. Maybe we could offer Adelaide Salem and our 2nd round pick.
  7. Changes v Collingwood

    What's the chance of Spencer coming in?
  8. Changes v Essendon (Round 6)

    Out: JKH, Jetta, Hogan, Smith, Spencer In: Weideman, Pederson, O Mac, Bugg, Lewis
  9. Changes v Richmond R5

    Out: Stretch, Hannan, Melksham In: Brayshaw, Hogan & Hibberd
  10. Best 22 for Round 1, 2017

    If St Kilda play four talls in the forward line I think O Mac will get a run over Melksham.

    Supposedly he's on less money and just really wanted to leave the Dees. Good riddance!