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  1. Woodyy

    Farewell Dean Kent

    Melbourne send Kent to saint kilda + our third rounder to collingwood Saints send Lonie to Collingwood and pick 57 to Melbourne Collingwood receive Lonie + our 3rd rounder but send LANGDON to the dees *langdon is out of contract and it has been rumoured that he is a fair way away from signing (but i doubt he will leave after their success this year) Langdon has killed it in games this year, played very well in the prelim TBH he is probably worth more than this deal states, yet all three players are out of contract - so anything is possible
  2. Woodyy

    Finals Tickets

    looking for a MCC visitors ticket can be adult or child, it would mean i can sit with my Dad and Sister- cheers.
  3. https://www.whooshkaa.com/episode?id=85572 trade radio show, featuring barret, chornes and more they start speaking about hogan at 6 minutes 25 seconds, the whole episodes worth a listen though its basically a recap of what hogans manager said yesterday, but they discuss what melbourne should do etc
  4. Hibberd and his manager officially anounced that hibberd will be playing with the dees next year, manager was confident that a deal to get him to the club will be done early in the trade period. Sounded as if our second round pick would be enough to complete the trade. Source: Nab afl trade radio, where barret, wallace, and lloyd are the hosts, both hibberd and his manager are on the show atm
  5. Woodyy

    2016 All-Australians

    I think it will look something like this B Mcgovern Tarrant Rampe/enright HB Shaw Rance Simpson C gaff kennedy hannerbery Hf Bontempelli tom lynch buddy F Rioli kennedy betts Fol Gawn Danger martin Int sloane, treolar, neale, parker
  6. I think it will look something like this B Mcgovern Tarrant Rampe/enright HB Shaw Rance Simpson C gaff kennedy hannerbery Hf Bontempelli tom lynch buddy F Rioli kennedy betts Fol Gawn Danger martin Int sloane, treolar, neale, parker
  7. Jesse hogan is dating jack watts sisters girlfriend, I believe (Source: Watts's interview stated it) She is from Melbourne, if this is a serious relationship, it would obviously increase the chances of jesse staying in Melbourne as she is from Melbourne. For those saying who cares if he leaves etc, are idiots, He is vital to our future. Of course jesse has his weaknesses, hence why its his second year of afl for goodness sake. Yes his attitude stinks at times, yes his kicking at some parts of THIS year have let him/us down, but he's just going through a patch at the moment that will turn out best for him and us. This year has been the year in my opinion that will shape him into the great player he will become, as his weaknesses have been revealed this year and thankfully, they are minor issues that are very fixable. Just to give you a quick run down Jesse Hogan 41 games 85 goals @2.07 goals per game (2.1). In addition averaged 6.7 marks in his first and year 7.1 this year! Everyone puts such high expectations on the kid, do you not realise how good of a return this is for a young man who has just 41 games under his belt, and in every one of those 41 games he has had to handle the oppositions best defender. to put it into perspective ill Show you the return of goals per game of of the elite forwards of the competitions first 34-45 games. As you would all agree the following three players are the best Key position forwards in the league, at the moment. Tom Lynch: First 41 games, 39 goals @0.95 goals per game Buddy Franklin: first 34 games, 52 goals @1.53 goals per game. Also remember in his first 34 games he wasn't getting the opponents best defender! Josh kennedy: first 45 games, 49 goals @1.08 goals per game, yet again wasn't getting the opponents best defender in his first 45 games. Some will argue that I've only gone through the statistic of goals and kicking goals do not measure who has had a better first two years, well guess what jesse kills them in every other stat as well (Disposals, marks, contested marks, and so forth) Just remember key position players take time to hit there peak... And that jesse wasn't the only one that looked disinterested etc today.. There were a handful. He will get over all of these hurdles and become a great, hopefully of the MFC! (Not freo)
  8. Woodyy

    Five Dees in the AFLPA under 22 squad

    Not meaning to be rude fellow demonlander but you really have butchered this to be honest. Bryne jones on the interchange over petracca?? No hogan?? Anyways i think youll find that the u/22 team will look something like this when announced U/22 team B Laird Lever Docherty HB Williams Weitering Mills C Conigilo bontempelli merret HF Heeney Wright Petracca F Membrey Hogan Fanatasia FOL Grundy Viney Cripps INT Hunter hunt Daniel stringer
  9. Woodyy

    Changes vs Carlton

    Jeff garlett is on crutches battling a skin infection, so there could be a reasonable chance that he wont lineup this week, meaning ben kenedy would most likely take his place in that small forward role. Wouldn't mind seeing jkh or anb playing the role though, in saying that though if we are battling for finals (which we are atm) this is not the time to be experimenting, therefore we have to play kenedy.
  10. Woodyy


    Trengove played on the wing for majority of the game and personally I thought frost was very solid in defence. Not only did frost defend well he offered a lot of dash and rebound out of the back 50, to do what he did today in these conditions for a man that's 194cm just showed his athleticism!
  11. Woodyy

    Changes vs Port

    Just the two changes this week in:Jetta, Tyson out: mitchie (omitted) Oliver (corked quad)
  12. Woodyy

    Making way - The list enigma going forward

    100% agree, give him more tim to prove himself
  13. Woodyy

    Sam Reid

    fair enough, just a thought
  14. Woodyy

    Sam Reid

    well not necessarily as every year he has played 20+ games other then his debut year and 2013. Another good thing is i think we would be able to get him without giving up to much.
  15. Woodyy

    Sam Reid

    Should we try and recruit Sam reid to the club? He is a great swingman, but due to our growing concerns we would play him down back.i I think he COULD fit nicely down back, only concern is would be capable of playing as a 2nd key defender, because when sydney play him in the backline its generally as a third tall or 'loose' man. Altohugh we have a lot of young and promising forwards we could play him up forward and he could be our second ruckman (where i personally believe he plays his best footy) but due to our stock of forwards I don't think it would be worth recruiting him as a forward.