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  1. DemonDave


    Saints, Broncos, Rams.. Until its mathematically impossible for me to win this I'm dreaming of an '87-esque finals run
  2. DemonDave


    Rams, Panthers, chiefs
  3. DemonDave


    Pats, Steelers, Seahawks
  4. DemonDave


    Steelers, Bucs, chiefs
  5. DemonDave


    Saints, Pats, Chargers
  6. DemonDave


    Bears, chiefs, Texans and I'll finally be on the scoreboard this week!
  7. DemonDave


    Eagles, Niners, Patriots
  8. DemonDave


    Vikings, rams, cowboys!
  9. DemonDave


    Jags, Rams, seahawks
  10. DemonDave


    Dolphins, Cowboys, Ravens this week!
  11. DemonDave


    Lions, Eagles and chiefs for me in wk 4. Gutted about Jimmy G, niners season officially back in the toilet. Crowd numbers at Santa Clara already really low due to fans having to stare into the blazing sun all afternoon in that awfully thought out stadium. Now without their marquee name can't see crowds flocking to see CJ start
  12. DemonDave


    Busy week last week got swept up in semi finals fever! Week 3: Broncos, patriots, niners
  13. DemonDave

    Casey Demons v Essendon VFL Preliminary Final

    He kicked it once..it bounced off his foot and out on the full right on the grandstand wing, obviously doesn't quantify as a possession. I feel the club may have a very hard call to make at the selection table on Thursday night. It was one of the worst individual games Ive seen by any player, let alone the captain. If they were going to persist with him as a forward, I couldn't understand why they didnt just give him a defensive forward role to stop Francis' intercept marking. Time and time again in that 2nd qtr we bombed it long and indiscriminately to an unmarked Francis. Given the conditions, we appeared to go in too top heavy with Hutchins, Smith and the rotating rucks of Pederson/Lefau up forward, we would've been better suited with Angus Scott in there today. Next week will be perfect conditions under the roof of course. Thought JKHs workrate and hands were outstanding today, some really creative clever handballs, and immense tackling pressure. The usual Casey workhorses in Munro and Gent were both excellent in kickstarting our revival late in the 3rd quarter. Anyone else catch a glimpse of the Port Melbourne Operations Department behind the main grandstand? Its like a throwback to our facilities at the junction oval!
  14. DemonDave


    Alright its been a couple of years for me of not competing in this at least! Heres my crack at week 1: Jags, Titans, Rams Week 1 has to be a bit of a crapshoot doesnt it? NFL preseason games are so mickey mouse they make the NAB Cup look like the Olympics!
  15. DemonDave

    Box Hill Hawks v Casey Demons - Round 20

    A woeful spectacle on the tube yesterday, but I have been very impressed with the progression of Jay Lockhart, he's taken a punt to leave Tassie and chase his dream, started the year alternating between back pocket/half back flank and now his eye catching dash and composure from the back half has rewarded him with runs through the middle of the ground, and he just keeps rising to the challenge. He's poise, good balance and footy IQ say to me that he's a certainty to be either drafted or rookied next year. Wagner of the Corey variety is also a good chance to be picked up, although I do wonder if he's one that may struggle with the gulf in class between VFL and AFL as the likes of Bugg, Matt Jones, etc have done and will continue to do. With so many players done for the year with injuries/retirement it's yet again going to be a big ask for Casey in the finals, the return of Pederson and Weideman will be vital for our structure. I think we've got an imbalance in the key position department as we have Hutchins, Keilty, Petty and White, but only Tim Smith as a key forward. Our inexperienced rucks have a long way to go too as has been patently obvious all year.