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  1. Famous MFC jumper number

    Loved watching John Lord took 3 bites of every mark Never a boring one grab
  2. Famous MFC jumper number

    Think people forget what a great Captain he was Never gave up the fight no matter how many goals down we were which was was often many
  3. Famous MFC jumper number

    8 Tassie Johnson
  4. David Schwarz

    Me too Was married to one(bummer supporter) Her two sisters needed to be on the end of a couple of those kicks
  5. Port Melb VFL Premiers 2017

    Brought up by a Demon mad father He played VFA for Yarraville as did two of my Uncles They had no time for Footscray not sure why All my mates either played for or supported the Bulldogs
  6. Port Melb VFL Premiers 2017

    Good consistent player from what I've seen of him this season Matured a lot since his time at Casey
  7. Port Melb VFL Premiers 2017

    Agree with you about Tigers and Port Im also a Sunshine boy did a preseason there in 1975 after training there all 74 but playing for Rye who have same jumpers and song as port
  8. Port Melb VFL Premiers 2017

    Would love to have some of Ports Hard men on Demons list Young Ruckman Lachlan Waddell Impressed got beaten for knockouts but very athletic and at 21 has huge room for improvement is not a one dimensional Ruckman
  9. Blast from the Past: Brian Wilson

    Funny how we all remember differently Probably one of my least favourite players Thought be was a very selfish player and that is why he was traded by two clubs before us Felt the same about Peter Moore and I'm Big Fan of Ruckman Not saying I'm right just how I remember them
  10. Guess the Crowd...GWS v Eagles

    I worked for the AFL NSW over the season doing promotional work on the Sth Coast Eden to Moruya and was given two GWS memberships for free I was able to get hold of another 4 to give to my Demon supporter friends for the ACT game I wonder how many of thier Memberships were actually paid for
  11. AFL Finals - Week 1

    So glad Scully is not playing for us
  12. Melbourne v Collingwood, 1968.

    Played a game against Greg Parke in the Riddell League 1979 Was so worried about him using my back as a step ladder that I tried running thru him early in the game Resulted in him kicking the first of many goals for the day Lesson learnt don't shirt front your Heroes
  13. Changes for GWS

    Me too
  14. Tassie Saturday V Norf

    I work for AFL Promote the game in the Sth Coast NSW schools Kids wear Collingwood/Melbourne/ Richmond and mainly Swans jumpers Very few GWS except for my Uniform Still think they will eventually fail and get moved away from Western Sydney Love for the Red and a White is strong down here St George and Swans
  15. Tassie Saturday V Norf

    Can't agree Gold Coast full of ex Victorians and STh Aussies and many of them ex AFL players Western Sydney a Rugby stronghold with next to no ex Victorians And many new Migrants who follow Soccer
  16. Tassie Saturday V Norf

    AFL will be looking for a new home for GWS when they only have a few thousand members after 10 yrs in the competition
  17. Neville Jetta Unbelievable

    Had a conversation with his Aunty one day and asked her about all the cousins She said Nev was the lazy one Gee the others must be hard workers !
  18. Changes v Adelaide

    Without Pederson throwing his body into every contest in the last quarter there is no way we would have won it
  19. Round 15 Non MFC games

    Agree they will never have a large following in Western Sydney And Scully will freeze his tiny balls
  20. GAMEDAY - Round 13

    Overseas Holiday ? When I lived in Romsey locals went to Bacchus Marsh for holidays and pick a few Apples for fun
  21. Changes vs Bulldogs

    If Pedo is dropped Im sending my Membership back Should have played him all season and last season as well And when he retires from Melbourne he can be Captain / Coach of Casey
  22. Casey Demons v Collingwood VFL

    Me too
  23. GAME DAY - Round 9

    Shaun Higgins has PMT Lots of short steps from Nth Shinboner spirit is fading badly
  24. AFL Round 9 - Non MFC Games 2017

    Think that saying was invented to describe Tony Abbott
  25. #PedersenFacts

    If I was the President of a wealthy country club I'd be waiting for the day Pedo is released from Melbourne He would make an ideal Captain Coach in the Bush Play all key positions and Ruck all on the same day