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  1. agent 99

    Match Review Panel Farce

    Sep Blatter would not look out of place on the AFL tribunal.
  2. agent 99

    The Jack Trengove is BACK Thread

    So would I. But sadly I see him as the past and one of those reasons why this club has been a joke for so many years. another player who is average at best, but we seem to rate better than that. werent we trading him to Richmond? If he proves me wrong then only the club can benefit.
  3. agent 99

    The Jack Trengove is BACK Thread

    Reality is he was average and slow. Is the AFL the place to find form or is that the job of the VFL? I really dont see the hype, Sylvia had more up side and we all know how that ended. sorry but Im calling it as I see it! I wish he could prove me wrong.
  4. agent 99

    GAME DAY - Round 10

    I have been making an effort to tell every filth supporter I meet that today is their GF. A bit of reverse psychology so hopefully it will help.
  5. agent 99

    Jack Trengove

    We where going to offload him to Richmond until he hurt himself? How do we know he can play? Can you refresh my memory.
  6. Just heard talk on SEN that he has hurt his foot again whilst doing a fitness test for Richmond. So Richmond don't want him now, we don't want him, but he is still a demon and once again injured. Don't know how to feel about this situation.
  7. agent 99

    Watts, Trade or Keep

    My point exactly?When do the excuses stop and Watts just comes out on the field and plays like he is paid to do.
  8. agent 99

    Watts, Trade or Keep

    Just like Sylvia we can keep him on our list and crap on that all he needs is one more season to turn himself around. Apparently he has elite skills or something like that blah blah blah! Jack Viney is already twice the player Watts is and has been playing at afl level less than half the time.
  9. agent 99

    Watts waiting on coaching appointment

    I urge everybody to go back and watch Watts effort when Garland got caught in the first(or could be second) and they kicked a turnover goal. His handball to Garland was so pathetic that he had to stop his run to gather. Then Watts man ran from behind Watts, around him as he slow jogged towards Garland for support and tackled Garland as he kicked forcing a turnover goal. Watts only effort to stop his man was to stick out an arm and softly nudge his opponent then to continue to slow jog as Garland was dragged down. Was fuming at Garland until I saw the replay from another angle and then was just disgusted at Watts. I don't care about his skill that is weak football.
  10. agent 99


    We'll at least we can laugh at Scully for leaving us and going to play for the biggest basket case team in the afl. OH wait!!!!!!!
  11. agent 99


    I just saw Watts! completely forgot he was playing. Thing that is going to make me sick about this is that the rentboy team will get an absolute circle jerk of plaudits from the commentator's and its a nothing but the fact we are just truly pathetic. Who is commentating with Harley? He is truly woeful.
  12. agent 99


    Grimes kicks it straight over the head of Jones on His own to Cameron who kicks a goal from outside 50. Yes people we are that bad, really we are.
  13. agent 99


    Gawn off Davey on.
  14. agent 99


    We have to get a superstar mid at all costs. Look what Ablett does for the Suns. It is so crucial for the other mids. Not the only answer but will be a great start.
  15. agent 99


    Getting killed on the offensive turnover. The ease that they run it through the middle is below afl level. Why no defensive pressure in the middle.