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  1. Not an insult at all. They are resting players after a wet slog and a 5 day turnaround. I was hoping we would do the same, but we obviously don't have that luxury.
  2. Like most, would love some more kicks on the outside, as he is a good kick. The JLT game against West Coast was his most rounded game in that regard. I think he would need to add a goal a game and get his handball to kick ratio closer to 50/50 to be a Brownlow chance. But what a player.
  3. Huge 5 weeks coming up before the bye. All, bar the Adelaide game, we would normally be more than a good chance to win, but without a ruck it is going to be very difficult. If we go into the bye at 5-5, I think we are well placed for finals with Gawn not far off coming back from injury. That would mean winning 3 of Essendon, Hawthorn, North and Gold Coast.
  4. I'm usually a little more pessimistic around Melbourne, but I actually agree. If we fight out a few wins and be 50/50 when we get Gawn back, I could see us going on a bit of a run later in the year. Besides Adelaide and GWS, no other side really worries me, and I'll be surprised if Adelaide will keep playing at their current level.
  5. As for outs, who knows. Lots of injuries and sore bodies, and couple that with a 6 day break after a game in the wet. Bugg, Pedersen and Lewis to start with, possibly another 1 or 2. Huge 5 games before the bye now. Injuries mounting and we need to win at least 3 of them.
  6. Yawn. Did you just go have a search through that draft to find a better player picked after him?
  7. Really? Last year he was clunking absolutely everything, but couldn't hit the side of a barn door. They would have won by 40 points if he had kicked straight.
  8. Great game. And I don't know why I was surprised, but having a left footer off half back was clearly useful. Numerous times a right footer would have struggled to execute. Now stay injury free.
  9. And by adjust, do you mean run an extra couple of players out at half time and hope nobody notices? Some of the black and white posters on DL are really starting to grate me.
  10. Frawley was an AA defender, and his departure netted us very good compensation. Trengove was destined to be a gun, but never got a run at it due to injuries. I wouldn't class either as "bungles". Toumpas over Wines, now there's a "bungle".
  11. How many times were we hard up against the boundary and tried to wrap a kick around the body, only to kick it out on the full? At least 4 or 5 times from memory. More experienced players just get tackled over, take the throw in and reset. Hopefully it comes.
  12. Dead set, I don't like getting personal, but give yourself an uppercut. [censored].
  13. It is actually unbelievable. I've sat through a decade of the most dire foootball I have ever seen, and I've been massively critical of the club through that time. If supporters can't get behind the team after the hand we've been served this year, crucial injuries at horrible times, and we have still dominated large periods of games against much older experienced sides, then they can [censored] off.
  14. Whatever. I know it's straight after a heart breaking loss, but not many teams would even get into winning positions after losing their ruckman for most of the game. And both the teams it happened against are 5-0, so hardly against mug sides.
  15. Most unlucky 2-3 side ever I would say. One quarter aside against Fremantle, we have looked very good. 2 games we have lost a ruckman for 3 quarters. But at the end of the day, we are 2-3, missing some key players, and in big trouble f letting this season get away from us.