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  1. Forest Demon

    Round 18 - Non MFC games

    I'm delirious, but we will 4 or 5 of our remaining games, and either pinch 4th or finish 5/6th.
  2. Forest Demon

    Should O.Mac and JKH Play A Game For The Dees Again?

    JKH is done. OMac has had an improved season but has dropped away the last few weeks.
  3. Forest Demon

    Ruck danger

    I wouldn't call it cheating, I would just call it taking advantage of a very stupid rule. This is why footy fans have no faith in these clowns in charge of this "state of the game" rubbish. They bring in rules half cocked, and don't foresee any of the ridiculous side effects.
  4. Forest Demon

    This club kills me

    You honestly wonder if it is worth it sometimes. Another chapter written last night in "Melbourne's Great Losses". Maybe I invest too much, but my Saturday night was [censored], and my Sunday isn't looking much better.
  5. Forest Demon

    Changes vs Adelaide

    Tyson stays as Viney's relacement. As long as he plays inside, that is fine by me. JKH, sorry mate, but you are done. Vanders in for him if he is holding up ok. Will never happen as he has a golden ticket, but I would bring Kielty in for OMac as well.
  6. Forest Demon

    Who else do we realistically target at season end?

    Rumours are Stephen May is gettable. He would be my number 1 priority. We need someone to mind gorilla forwards, and while OMac has improved, if he is playing on the likes of Hawkins, we are no chance.
  7. Forest Demon

    Should O.Mac and JKH Play A Game For The Dees Again?

    JKHs best game was an intra club in his first year,go figure.
  8. Forest Demon


    Percentage still looks good... kill me
  9. Forest Demon

    Gus in Roos' Sights

    I'm waiting for my big offer from North soon, they've tried everyone else. Of course I'll turn them down as well.
  10. Forest Demon

    Casey Demons v Geelong VFL - Round 16

    Love the resolve of this side, they just keep finding ways to win.
  11. Forest Demon

    Previous players downfalls

    If all those players walked into the MFC of today as 18 year olds, and had a good run of injury, I think Tapscott and Grimes would carve out respectable careers. Grimes never regained his composure after a few head knocks imo. Tapscott had some good traits but was ultimately slow and undurable.
  12. Forest Demon

    Steven Silvagni and Carlton

    We have a long way to go still as a club, but after years at the very bottom, it's great to grab a bucket of popcorn and watch Carlton implode. Everyone is starting to get very protective of their patch and there are attacks coming left, right and centre. Great to see.
  13. Forest Demon

    Round 17 Non MFC Games

    I urge all MFC supporters to attend this game, as it's a massively important game in our season. And I think we can handle a few old ducks knitting scarves, even if they have been drinking all arvo.
  14. Forest Demon


    78 inside 50s to 28! Surely that is some sort of record. We are continually dominating inside 50s, and while we controlled last night's game and it was a good win, it didn't really answer the questions around the efficiency of our game plan, with Freo scoring from half of their inside 50s. That's what I want to see corrected before I will be confident going into games against decent sides.