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  1. Dusty tackles etc at training

    I miss Jack Viney 😔
  2. Dusty tackles etc at training

    "Cries of "Dusty, Dusty" could be heard (although there's a chance it was "Gussy, Gussy" for Melbourne player Angus Brayshaw)" Top quality stuff right there.
  3. Backline Setup and Structure

    We play extra numbers around the ball and try hard to press the ball inside 50, and keep it there, which leads to two things: 1. Our forward 50 is congested making it hard to get clear cut chances i.e. poor efficiency in our attacking 50 2. We are open and exposed when the opposition gets it out i.e. hard to stop teams scoring in our defensive 50 I've said it a few times, but this is my issue with the current game plan, and I'm not convinced it is sustainable.
  4. Be Patient with Lever

    I'm still convinced he will be good for us, because he has runs on the board. But he has been terrible so far. Fumbles, runs over the ball, kicking is dodgey and has been out muscled 1 on 1. I havent been an Oscar fan, but he looks far better so far this year.
  5. Roos: "They’re so easy to score against"

    Of course this is the issue. How to fix it is a different story, We get so many numbers to the ball and trying to lock it in. We work so hard for our goals, but we are so open when it comes the other way. This is my main issue with Goodwin's game plan. I'm still not convinced it is sustainable.
  6. Max has most of the tools to be the best ruckman in the game, if he isn't already. However he seriously needs to work on his kicking. His long kicks are huge up and unders, and his set shots are sketchy at best.
  7. Changes v Richmond

    Melksham finished last year well, looked set for a big year this year, but has been hovering between average and woeful so far.
  8. Bugg

    Not a fan. I'll leave it at that.
  9. Post Match Discussion - Round 4

    Hawthorn were clean and direct in the wet. We kept trying to paddle it, flick it, dinky handball it, anything but take possession and do the hard work. Wet weather footy 101.
  10. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    I understand that. Goodwin, and the side as a whole, were woeful. But what I'm trying to say is at our stage, I'm more interested in judging our "Plan A", which I still have huge doubts about. If I'm going to decide a young coach isn't up to it, it won't be because we failed to handle wet conditions, it will be because of our regular game plan.
  11. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    I definitely have my doubts, but won't jump the gun because of a game in the wet. We didn't handle the conditions at all.
  12. Clarry's goal

    All of those mentioned are slightly before my time. Since I've followed we have some very good players like Neitz, Schwarz, Lyon, Stynes, but no real superstar midfielders. Woewodin won a Brownlow, and then you have very serviceable players like Cameron Bruce and James McDonald, but unless I'm forgetting someone off the top of my head, none are as good as Oliver imo. If Petracca continues to play more midfield minutes, he could go past them as well.
  13. Round 4 Non MFC games

    No wonder they had no money in the kitty to pay Lever when they are paying donkeys like Jenkins 800k.
  14. Dal Santo names Jetta 6th Best Defender so far.

    This is 100% it, and just shows how most of the "experts" have no idea.
  15. Max Gawn not in Top 8 Ruckmen according to The Age

    He's clearly forgotten him, which makes him even more incompetent really.