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  1. WattsGawnOn

    GAME DAY - Round 9

    This is a huge one for us, beating North with no ruck and all these outs will truly be a season defining win. nervous as all hell... ?
  2. WattsGawnOn

    Jesse Hogan Cancer

  3. WattsGawnOn

    Melbourne theme song

    I watched Demons Magic Moments DVD last night and there was a slow version, sung by a woman in the opening sequence. Sorry can't be more specific mate, but check out YouTube. Has to be around somewhere
  4. WattsGawnOn

    The healthy mental health thread

    Mate me too, you are not alone but we're lucky we live in a time where there is a lot of help available. For me, alcohol is one thing that always makes both worse so despite loving a few dozen beers I have to mostly avoid the stuff to function. Maybe a trip to the GP? There is help out there but is blokes tend not to for whatever reasons. I'm on a anti depressant that really helps, despite my initial reluctance to try.. Things do get better but sometimes we can be our own worse enemy's. Talk to someone bud, you can get on top of it!
  5. WattsGawnOn

    Melbourne theme song

  6. WattsGawnOn

    The glass is still half full

    For us MFC fans its progress, not perfection. I need to keep reminding myself of this. It's hard but we are so much better off than we have been. Keep cheering the boys, we WILL get there..
  7. WattsGawnOn

    New designated kicker needed

    Lynden Dunn long bomb for ever
  8. WattsGawnOn

    Daisy in the media

    Easy on the eye too. Agree, she's fantastic
  9. WattsGawnOn


    All analysis aside, that one really bloody hurt
  10. WattsGawnOn

    GAME DAY - Round 5, 2017

    Jesus h christ
  11. WattsGawnOn

    GAME DAY - Round 5, 2017

    Need to hurt rance
  12. WattsGawnOn

    GAME DAY - Round 5, 2017

    Great experience for the boys playing in front of massive crowd
  13. WattsGawnOn

    GAME DAY - Round 5, 2017

    Went off briefly, back on looks a bit sore but ok
  14. WattsGawnOn

    GAME DAY - Round 5, 2017

    Well done Jack