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  1. I think you're spot on Paulo and this is a prime candidate for the rules committee to look at for next year. Something along the lines of "players must be gazing into each other's eyes before contact is made" some sort of mutual consent......pfft
  2. An even higher authority has spoken. No night footy after labor wins the next election according to our depudy dawg Channel 7 will be furious.😁 https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2019/mar/10/forget-night-footy-michael-mccormack-warns-against-labors-renewables-target
  3. I'd agree. I spend so much time rewinding the game to watch his hands and body work. He's just a joy to watch. I've never seen a player with the awareness and skills that he has. And he's got some mongrel in him too.
  4. I found it interesting about Vineys fasting regime. Must take some real focus to be an athlete like that and restrict yourself to only an 8 hour eating window.
  5. TBH, I think the AFL is expecting professional level football from the players but are not expecting the same from umps. Why would you be an ump? They need to start attracting a better calibre of person by renumerating them well at both AFL and AFLW level. And.... dropping and de-listing them when they're s#$t. There's no reason why they can't have a pool of 40 to 50 umpires just like an AFL team has and recruit and de-list if their decision making is poor. It's a blight on the game. I know it's hard to officiate the game these days but geez, they should have the nous to put the whistle away in such a good (and critical) contest as this. They pay so much for television rights and put so much money into both forms of the game, surely they could do the same for umps and potentially recruit good ex-footballers who have retired, didn't quite make it or have had their careers cut short etc. Just pay them to be a professional and drop them when they are not. Make it a career path that men and women take seriously because they certainly can't be taken seriously at the moment. Razor Ray is the best we've got?
  6. You would think they'd have a vested interest in seeing a great womens game of footy not ruined by d@#$heads in green
  7. Geez its all about Mo Hope and Norf. Hope we pinch this. We're playing just as well, just not finishing in the forward line. Umpiring is perplexing
  8. Completely agree binman. Playon from kickouts will be huge this year and watching how teams take advantage of this and try to stop the playons will be fascinating. I think it will definitely help us and any other super quick and fit teams.
  9. Dont get "The Scully" I heard its full of chunks of carrot
  10. I think they just need to make a few rule changes for next season and everything will be ok. Clowns
  11. Make sure you sit amongst a heap of Collingwood supporters. Your daughters will learn to hate the pies from an early age.😏
  12. That's a really good point. If the player receiving the 50 can fend the opposition player off and knock them over or behind them, then they've got a huge advantage to take off.
  13. Bugger the scarves. Mfc bucket hats in the membership packs next year
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