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  1. ANB has to come in with Stretch and Melksham
  2. Gotta be our best ever win in Adelaide, they were brilliant
  3. It'll be a 30-40 point loss, we'll either get smashed in first then play catch up football all day or stay with them till last quarter where they'll get 6 goals to 1 in last
  4. The fact is most of us knew we'd lose to Hawthorn, we always lose when we're supposed to win, we're so screwed up mentally and that is most frustrating thing about being a [censored] Melbourne supporter. Although we could go alright against Crows I don't think we will, like Hawthorn we've got them on the rebound from a shocking loss, Crows will win but it won't be a total thrashing but will be 30-40 points.
  5. Yes thought same thing after I posted
  6. Goodwin is doing ok, think he's still assessing where we're at, the most disappointing thing about last 2 weeks is disposal, mainly in the first half, has been pathetically weak, it's the most frustrating part of our game, its cost us at least 3 games this year
  7. There is no way Collingwood has a better list than, no frickin way, Saints are on par but we did beat them if you remember. Hawthorn are not shyte, they've had some thrashings but that's mental, they've still got plenty premiership players. Our problem IS young players with not enough game time and the older blokes like Jones making stupid stupid mistakes
  8. It's all down to inexperience, we have 10-12 players each week with less than 30 games, these flat spots are costing us games, we're 3-4 when we could easily be 6-1. Goodwin has to get on top of this now!!!
  9. Jacks back for sure, last week second half and today, he's twice as good than in first 5 rounds
  10. Reckon that could be worth a try, stick TMac down front for a go, Hibbo, Frosty, Nev and OMac can look after back half
  11. He can only blame himself, he kicked directing to the shyte and wee at least 4 times in first half
  12. Just watching replay, we did some brilliant stuff in third but just can't keep it up for longer than a quarter, it's bloody hard being a Melbourne supporter
  13. Truth be known it's been only first game when we played whole game of good footy, let leads slide against Richmond, just wasteful against Freo, Dawks and Cats, below average for half games against ESS and Carlton
  14. Yeah starting to annoy me too but gotta stick with it I suppose, think he should give Roosy a call for a chat
  15. Yeah thought OMac looked alright, took a few good marks, didn't make any mistakes, we're lacking in the forward line with JKH and Hannan doing nothing plus Watts playing on the ball, need Kent, Harmes, ANB and Billy back