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  1. His old man was as tough as nails and Jack is exactly the same
  2. You made a stupid comment last week and Lewis has done a hell of a lot more than any of those blokes you mentioned, 4 flags to start, B&F in flag year
  3. Bernie is doing his job
  4. He said last week on AFL360 that he'd make up for bad game last week and he did
  5. Some 'supporters' are never happy, some tossbags will complain whatever happens, there's always someone to slag off even when we have a good win FFS
  6. Bugg was good today, had presence in forward line, won't drop him and doesn't deserve it
  7. Negativity on Tyson is becoming pathetic, makes the 3 word analysis irrelevant
  8. Schwab should have been the one to go after that loss, Jimmy wanted to get rid of Schwab but Garry Lyon said no, don't do it
  9. Jordan Lewis was saying on AFL360 how most players read everything written about them on social media etc, if that's the case Jack Watts must be strong of character because if anyone has copped it more than anyone else has, he has, on this site and Big Footy some 'supporters' have been merciless. Heard Wayne Schwass say he's careful with what he says about players because you just don't know what they're going through personally. Makes you think, especially with some of the filth you read on some sites, this one included.
  10. All players have their flaws it's just some 'supporters' obsessively focus on the flaws, Tyson perfect example, the disdain for Tyson, as with Watts, is totally unwarranted
  11. Trade your membership mate or better still your brain, Watts was one of the best Saturday , some 'supporters' never content
  12. Ok, he's laid back, relaxed, composed, cool, he's a casual dude
  13. Also don't understand the continual slagging of Tyson, good player, always in it and goes unnoticed