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  1. davo

    Changes v Eagles - Preliminary Final

    Agree, I thought Charlie needed a break this week but he proved me wrong, he did that was asked of him, he’s an 18 year old kid, when he matures he’s going to be a very good player. Just watched Casey, Bernie Vince was good, probably only played 70% of game got 22 with 13 of them contested, he should come in for Tyson who’s been average for a midfielder, also wouldn’t mind Jeffy in for ANB but that won’t happen
  2. davo

    My 3 word player analysis V Hawthorn

    Jetta was sublime, he is a GUN, cannot believe he was not All Australian
  3. davo

    Changes v Hawthorn - Semi Final

    Out: Spargo in: Jeffy
  4. davo

    Favourite Current Dee

  5. davo

    Slamming Sam Frost

    And Jayden Hunt form permitting
  6. davo

    Slamming Sam Frost

    Our backline next year will be OMac, Lever, Hibberd, Frost, Lewis, Jetta and Salem, Wagner floating back, we’re gonna be a gun side for 3-4 years
  7. davo

    Chris Judd thinks we celebrated too hard.

    Judd has been saying for weeks he likes the Demons and they can go a long way, think he was thinking we’d lose focus, plus he’s probably regretting going to the Blosers all those years ago
  8. You are a frickin imbecile
  9. Watching Jeffy yesterday he doesn’t look interested, wouldn’t surprise if he pulls pin or we trade
  10. He needs to get fitter, needs to streamline his body, more muscle, he’s an 18 year old kid and will be a good midfielder in future
  11. davo

    Lyon: Dees in 8 by Default

    We also need to go hard for Gaff
  12. davo

    Lyon: Dees in 8 by Default

    We are missing Hibberd, Melksham, Lever and Viney from our best 22, those guys are critical to the team. We have JKH, Spargo, Pederson and ANB who give us nothing, plus disposal has been atrocious
  13. davo

    Jesse Headed for Scans (13/8)

    Jesse is on ‘Talking Footy’ tonight' see what he has to say then
  14. davo


    Absolutely crucified by umps and pathetically shyte kicking for goal, few players that should not be in team, that was why we lost
  15. davo

    My 3 word player analysis V Swans

    Stupid, Petracca is way better than Watts, he’s gonna be a 200+ game player for Demons