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  1. "If footy was an aftershave" What a great feeling this winning business is. If we could only bottle it and have it every day.
  2. I meant the media in general. I believe he is one of the best defenders going around but he is hardly ever raved about by commentators in the games I have watched.
  3. Great post ...especially comments about Jetta. He works tirelessly and so consistently yet never seems to get much love. He reads the play so well and rarely gets beaten especially one on one. Can still see him from a couple of weeks ago popping up like a cork after going down (near Frost in the last mins) to save the day. I would argue that you forget to mention Milkshake's coming of age for MFC.
  4. Look ma I've got a whistle.
  5. This is a great season from the club but bloody stressful as well. Every week seems like a final in that its so bloody close. Glad the eagles and saints lost. Now the dogs are knocking. Dons have a high percentage and an easy run home as do swans. Must win against norf despite 11 year hoodoo which is pretty damning, NO change.
  6. Big Max. Sorry about the late reply.
  7. The highlight of today was Gartletts point of the year.
  8. He threw up at quarter time.
  9. Its comforting to know come finals we can beat Crows and Port. Would have beaten cats if kicked straight and Tigers caught us depleted with 3 players down on the day.
  10. Your right I guess just thinking out loud but there is no reason we cant win 4 more. Having said that I would still like to know.
  11. Will 12 wins give us a finals birth?
  12. I hope hes OK, His form in the first half is what has been so badly missed. Him in form wins matches.
  13. He was Garlettesque in his crumming.
  14. Thats what I meant to say. Thanks.
  15. Not for me ....I reckon about 5 of his handballs were to a player under much more pressure than himself. I agree re Hogan. Props to Jetta, Hibberd, Tyson and Gawn.