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  1. We can dream damnab it.
  2. Wonder who we will pick up and drop for next season. Apparently the Giants had ten top players out over the weekend. We have Gawn, Spencer, Vanders, Garland and Hogan out and struggling to fill the gaps. Hibbo has been wonderful. Everyone agrees about Oliver and Crows as best game. We need to keep picking up more talent. Lewis was good but Im aware that like Jones and Vince they dont have too many seasons left. We also have a number of players who have not played (2 ruckmen) . Wonder what the future holds for them as well as both the Smiths. Its been an interesting year to say the least. I thought last year was a tight season. Now 11 wins plus % may make the cut. Pies game is a must win andmay get us in the eight. Hope we can string at least 3 in a row. Now is the perfect time to do it. Feel sorry for Pedo as he seemed out of favour and I feel he only got a gig due to injuries. He is all heart.
  3. Watching replays it appears to be between the ears. I know all teams have skill errors in the first quarters but ours have been huge. On a positive note the way we have been finishing games has been awesome. Our lack of scoring in the first is also due to a lack of forwards and Gawn. Once we get players back and have Pedo up forward with Hogan Im sure it wont be such an issue.
  4. Salem in for Wagner who was tough in the clinches and unlucky. Bugg was good aside from his disposal, Any other change depends on whose up. Here's hoping.
  5. Might be a factor in a tight finals race. Here is hoping. What a wonderful thing it would be to make finals and have our players back. Big surprise to other clubs who have beaten a side without their bug guns.
  6. It has nothing to do with this thread and more about my bitterness but I hope Carlton beat North this weekend.
  7. He bleeds red and blue. On a side note...I just noticed we have the 4th highest percentage.
  8. Simple case of rope a dope. Play like we are knackered for a half then come out full of run in the second half.
  9. Trac been quiet but Jeffy best on ground. Great second half by Jones.
  10. Who hoo guy back.
  11. Needs to be fixed. Glaring issue. Thanks Jeffy.
  12. Watts is clumsy. Garlett a superstar.
  13. Hannon is the anti BUgg.
  14. Thanks a heap Bernie. Deja VU
  15. My God we need a tall up frwd to mark.