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  1. ArtificialWisdom

    Changes v Fremantle

    Jetta Omac Smith Hibb Frost Vince Harmes Oliver Fritch Hannan Hogan ANB Melk TMac Kent/Garlett Gawn Jones Viney Spargo, Trac, Salem, Brayshaw Weid - 3 tall forwards isn't holding up. Let Tom and Hoges be a genuine 1-2 punch. We had Tom, Hogan, Weid, Fritch, Hannan and Melksham all shoved in to the same forward line, they are all aerialists needed someone at their feet, Spargo in Petty - Not ready, needs another 12 months+ at VFL to develop before we judge him. Frost is the only other senior option we have... We keep trying to fill Lever with inexperienced players like Smith and Petty and now people suggest keilty but maybe it is worth considering Oscar? I know long term they want him as the one on one defender with Lever floating but maybe Frost can do that this year and free up oscar to play the Lever role. Lewis - we need one of the senior heads in the side, he either survives or Vince returns, simple as that. Even if we wanted to drop both, with Hunt injured then we have no other option. Maybe Wagner but I don't expect that to go down to well Tyson - Good inside mid, not good enough to take the spot of viney, jones brayshaw or oliver (or salem for that matter) so he doesnt play. Fritch was great on the wing but has struggled since tyson took his role. Tyson isnt skilled enough to do it. Fritch goes back to the wing and Kent/Garlett in. Kent only had the 1 run after injury but Garlett hasnt exactly earned it... Lose, lose pick for Goody but we need to do something different Smith, Trac, ANB & Hannan lucky, no better options available. Although Bugg could push for one of the pressure forward spots... For what it's worth... I don't really expect this to happen but it's what I'd do, change the structures they have failed 3 weeks in a row, and they don't hold up on the G.
  2. ArtificialWisdom

    Best One on One Defenders

    They wanted a minimum sample set... They have set it at 60 contests... given we are only 11 weeks into this year not every player will have reached that mark... All of champion data's stats do this sort of thing. They look over 2 year periods because they dont want to draw conclusions based on small samples... The biggest problem with Champion Data is that they don't show us everything... only the AFL and the media have access to all the stats they record. Give that to the public and suddenly we would get some useful insight... (and some much worse) That Stats Pro thing (clearly in no way Pro but 'Yay Marketing!') on the AFL website is a very, very, small step in the right direction but then they made it Telstra only which [censored] over the rest of us... the next best thing is the prospectus and by the time the ball is bounced round 1 the prospectus is completely out of date..
  3. ArtificialWisdom

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 9

    Love this, picking the best team structure rather than just picking Viney for Weid. Each to their own whether you pick Smith or Pedo, but i like that they have a structure and are picking specifically for it. Earlier in the year we were chopping and changing entirely on players form and wound up with Hogan and Garrett as the only 2 genuine forwards and we couldn't kick a goal.
  4. ArtificialWisdom

    Post Match Discussion - Round 7

    Might not have been among the very best but: Fritch on the wing, the skilled link-man we have desperately needed
  5. ArtificialWisdom

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 6

    Does Spargo in mean Garlett out? Like for like?
  6. ArtificialWisdom

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 6

    Tmac I hope is picked to take that spot
  7. ArtificialWisdom

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 6

    a lot of forwards on that interchange...
  8. ArtificialWisdom

    Changes Vs Essendon

    Also to that point, Hogan is killing it wherever he goes right now and has a massive tank along with tmac. Tmac(if fit)/weed CHF/FF respectively with Hogan high up the ground/midfield is not that bad of an option at all. Bring in Hannan and Fritsch who can hit the scoreboard and I assume Lewis will return. I understand too much Hogan in the middle could be a problem for him and the team but what's so bad about having him as a link man on the wing? He has the marking and foot skills might straighten us up in transition.
  9. ArtificialWisdom

    Post Match Discussion - Round 5

    I think it was the game plan. But Only when under the pump slow, it down clog it up and make it hard for them to score when we don't have momentum. We only did it alot in the 2nd qtr when we were under siege. I know Townsend helped us by missing the unmissable but other than that we did well to stall their scoring in that qtr 3 goals to 1 is much better than the last qtr when we tried to attack without momentum and got ripped to shreds.
  10. ArtificialWisdom

    Which Jumper are we Wearing?

    I have a friend on the inside . It's circulated at AFL house each week so the staff all know what's going on
  11. ArtificialWisdom

    Which Jumper are we Wearing?

    If anyone is interested in any other games
  12. ArtificialWisdom

    Which Jumper are we Wearing?

    I guess this means royal blue
  13. ArtificialWisdom

    Post Match Discussion - Round 5

    That might be a bit rhetorical but I have a seemingly stupid yet obvious solution... Kick Goals!! These streaks continue to be a an issue for our back half, yes. But just as big issue right now is Infront of goal. ANB, Melksham, Oliver, pettracca, harmes, Bugg have all spent large minutes in any given game in the forward line for just 18 goals this season between all of them them. God help us that of them, only Bugg averaging more than 1 in a game. We can put on all the pressure in the world but without the rewards on the scoreboard the players don't get that adrenaline rush to help them keep going. You continue to waste chances like we did in the 1st and 3rd qtrs and it gets harder and harder to keep up the pressure you get more tired more flat from wasted energy until eventually there's a missed tackle and then the opposition is out the back and all momentum lost. Our forward half defensive structure is really good but without reward it is pointless. We can't continue to play so many 'forwards' who don't impact the scoreboard. This year Melksham and Harmes have both been goalless 4 times, Oliver and Pettracca 3 each Bugg, ANB and Fritsch all twice. Time in the middle impacts Oliver and Pettracca obviously, but they should be averaging 1 each a game surely, not 1 between them. Particularly if they are going to be the rotating threats we want.. Right now there's no threat to the opposition playing then forward Hannan might be a bit polarising but the reality is he hits the scoreboard every week. Even when he plays poorly he tends to be good for at least a goal and is just about our only forward that can score in heavy congestion. Exactly the type of forward we need with our undeniable ability to get repeat entries. He certainly is not going to solve all our problems but it's a pretty good start.
  14. ArtificialWisdom

    Flat Track Bullies?

    I'd love to be flat track bullies... problem is we are just as likely to lose to Carlton as we are to Richmond...