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  1. The 2018 Fixture Thread

    Season went down the crapper after 3 consecutive 6 day breaks. So given we have no consecutive 6 days and no consecutive interstate trips I think it's a pretty good on field fixture, there are very few teams we fear now and our first half year will offer is a chance at being in top 4 contention. It's up to the club to take that chance or we might be fighting to even make it all over again. I could see us anywhere between 8-2 and 4-6 after the first 10 weeks. God help us if its the later...
  2. Rd 1 Team with Lever

    I like this forward line, Melksham and Hannan have both shown some goal sense in congestion. Something that Harmes, ANB, AVB, Brayshaw, Bugg and a few of our other mids that can/have played as forwards all seem to lack. We need some of those guys in the team (and you have Gus/ANB your bench) but I think that we need Hannan and Melksham in the side until we get a decent small forward to go with Garlett. I still hold out a little hope that might be Kent, he has the talent, but the last 12 months haven't been very promising given his injury problems. Idk what DJ can achieve but id be shocked if he was in contention next year, but who knows.
  3. JKH signs one year extension

    Because JKH re-signed or because the moron cant use his membership to get in and watch his potential top 4 side play on Friday
  4. MATCH REPORT - Round 14

    We were pretty average for most of the night, West Coast had plenty of chances to put us away. We were slaughtered in the air and really missed Watts, Hogan and Garlett's (playing but his hammy held him back to the point he was barely there) class up forward. But we made do with what we had and just stayed in it all night. Some games are gonna be like that but if we hang in there then we are always gonna be a chance to win. Outstanding effort makes it one of the best wins of the year but they will have to play much better to beat the Swans
  5. Christian Salem Article

    5th best kick in the league... not bad.
  6. AFLX

    with only 7 a side and no centre bounces would max even be picked to play in any side??
  7. 2016 v 2017 have we improved?

    Compared to top of the table Adelaide: Good 2 quarters: 10-0 234.35% Bad 2 quarters: 5-5 86.9% (fun fact: that is better than freos actual percentage) While their best is slightly better than ours, as you would expect for the side sitting on top, its their worst makes up all the difference. We need to drag our worst way up. Our best is pretty damn close now.
  8. 2016 v 2017 have we improved?

    Someone showed me a stat a few days ago. If you take our best 2 quarters and worst 2 quarters from each game and compare the scores as if they were the whole game. You get a side that is 10-0 with 200%+ and a side that is 0-10 with 51%. I'd say that suggest we are as capable of anyone, contender at both a premiership and the top draft pick. It is a frustrating year because it's no longer us being incapable of matching it with the best, its us being incapable to produce more than 1 week in a row...
  9. Changes v Collingwood

    I haven't been on Demonland all that much lately so I'm not sure if it's been discussed already, but if Hogan is still out then why do we not try Oscar forward instead of Tom? He reads the play pretty well, he is tall and he can take a mark and he is a pretty good kick. He plays without confidence in the back line, putting him in the position to kick a goal or 2 in a game might be good for his confidence. He seems so worried he will make a mistake that he inevitably makes the mistake. Put him forward where a dropped mark might be a goal for us instead of a goal for them. And if he does mark it I'd rather him take a set shot than Tom. For what it's worth, if not for his prior indiscretions he wouldn't be in these discussions based on his current form. He really hasn't been much of a problem, if at all. People just repeat his name most weeks because it is easy
  10. Changes v Collingwood

    "Salem, Hogan, Gawn" That would be one hell of an Ins list.
  11. Poll: Even Ledger

    No, No, Yes. With only 1 win being the difference between 4th and us at 9th nobody can rule us out of finals. Our percentage is fantastic. If we can win the games we should win then we will make finals. But I still worry that will not happen. Our best is top 4 material but our worst is still bottom 4... If we can bring that worst up to 9th/10th material then we should make the finals. We should be able to cause at least 1 possibly 2 more upsets. Which should give us a really good chance. But its all going to ride on the games against Collingwood x2, Sydney, Carlton, Brissy, St Kilda, North. We should win all of them, then we just need 1 of the Dogs, Eagles, Crows, Power, Giants. I'd back us to do that... but the unfortunate reality is that we are more likely to win all the hard ones than all the easier ones. All we need is consistency..... the only thing we lack
  12. We are a contender this season

    I feel like you're forgetting or flat out ignoring their injury list... they are missing about a 3rd of their best 22... and they are still winning more often than not. Coniglio, Griffen, Haynes, Hopper, Smith from their injury list would all be walk up starts in our side that is just 2 players short of full strength. They are debating whether they could fit them all in. You could make a case for Buntine, Deledio and maybe even that kid Setterfield getting in our side. So don't doubt the giants for a second. They arn't unbeatable.. but they are by far the most capable side in the comp.
  13. Vote for Clarry

    yeah KB was talking that crap that this morning but if you watch it again its actually it switching from slow motion to normal right as it goes past the post that creates an illusion of deviation.
  14. Changes vs Crows

    2 things 1. We won the clearances. 2. What change could we possibly make that will help with that? You may not have noticed but we have no ruckmen to pick!!

    We are reliving St Kilda's year last year, There about in the first 6 rounds couldn't quite get the wins they needed then they travelled to west coast... and lost by 100+. We get Adelaide on the rebound... God help us.. Saints came home with a wet sail late in the year but the damage was done for their finals hopes... Now we sit in a very similar position, 3 wins and 4 could've, should've, would've losses. The overall trend is good we are in every game but our finals hopes a dwindling, we now need a couple of big upsets to get back in contention. Just a side note to the guys crying like the world is ending, and claiming we were "disgraceful" or "pitiful". 3 years ago a pitiful performance was a 100 point loss... this year we have had 4 pretty "terrible" games against Carlton, Freo, Essendon and now the Hawks and we have gotten 2 wins and 2 losses of 2 and 3 points.... We have come a mighty long way. I'm shattered we aren't quite there yet, but we will claim a big win at some point I'm sure of it, and hopefully if we can just hang onto the main pack we will be able to make a late run at finals with our big ruck man back. This side is poised for success, and is inches away from getting it. just as we were inches away from winning today. A couple of nice bounces and we win today, despite a shocking start. We are not talking massive overhauls anymore, we are talking little tweaks and a bit of consistency.