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  1. ArtificialWisdom

    Impact of rule changes

    Revised headline: Average 1 on 1 defender says defending 1 on 1 is hard I expect Melbourne and Collingwood with dominant ruckman and song midfields will lead the league in scores from centre clearances but other than that this rule will make little difference. Teams will too easily rotate to get spare defender back after 15 seconds With the last minute of a game being the notable exception.
  2. ArtificialWisdom

    2019 Fixture

    They have scheduled the men's JLT game against Brisbane out at Casey at 4:10. When the womens team are playing the Dogs 60km away at Marvel stadium 7:15 the same day. Making it practically impossible to attend both. The club will love that....
  3. ArtificialWisdom

    Jason Taylor Resume

    I see what your saying and when he was drafted I would agree with you but now I would argue the plan has been building a premiership around Gawn particularly for the last year or 2, not Hogan. He's our best player by streets. And has a strong support cast in Oliver Viney Brayshaw, Harmes etc to suit that plan. Anything Hogan provided up forward was a bonus.
  4. ArtificialWisdom

    Jason Taylor Resume

    People worry too much about what players are worth. No doubt Hogan is a better player than May. But May has more value to us than Hogan. We get KK and 23 as steal knives in a deal that trades a player where we have an excess for a player where we lack. If May was unavailable I'm sure Mahoney would have negotiated with Freo to the last second. But we had value coming from elsewhere. So He got the deal done and moved on.
  5. ArtificialWisdom

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    This is what happens when negotiations drag on. Take what you can get before other deals get in the way Adelaide sends 8 and 16 to freo for Neale to bris and 5 to Adelaide... And maybe a shuffle of later picks That's a decent deal for all and makes May a whole lot harder of we only get 8 and 11 for Hogan. Suns will want more than 8
  6. ArtificialWisdom

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    I like the basics but it Needs more complications: Melb F1st -> GWS Freo F1st -> GWS GWS Lobb 14 & 25 -> Freo Melb Hogan -> Freo Freo 5&6 -> Melb GWS in: 2 F1st GWS out: 14, 25, Lobb Why? They know deals for Sheil and Setterfield will net 1st and 2nd round picks helping them stay in this years draft and gives them a super strong 3 1st round picks to use/deal in 2019 (possibly 4 F1st if bombers offer that much) Freo in: Hogan, Lobb, 14, 25 Freo out: 5, 6, F1st Why? get their 2 star Keys while staying in this year's first round. Keeping in mind with these inclusions they will be expecting to improve making that future pick likely in the 6-10 range (before any FA comp picks). Having their second pick in the 70s it's also weak position so pick 25 has higher than face value for freo. Melb in: 5,6 Melb Out: Hogan, F1st Why? Lose a star and exit the 1st round for 2019 but they gain the 2 picks they are after and allows them to deal for May and bring in another young talent a year earlier.
  7. ArtificialWisdom

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Because it might get the deal done? And gets us what we want out of a Hogan trade. Obviously my preference is to keep him but if that can't happen then we need to make the trade work for us. Not sit there kicking and screaming "waiting for them to blink" It's about what you get in. And I think that ins list, vastly improves our position for this year
  8. ArtificialWisdom

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    We won't get 4 and 5 straight up. But.. what if we offered our 2019 1st round as well? I assume the club will be aiming top 4-6 so worst case that's pick 13/14 OUT: Hogan, 1st 2019; IN: picks 4 and 5 Then... We use picks 4 and 33 to secure May kolajaisni and some kind of steak knife pick in the 40s All up: Out: Hogan, 2019 1st Rd, pick 33 In: May, Kolla, pick 5 and the steak knives
  9. ArtificialWisdom

    Farewell Dom Tyson

    One of our biggest strengths is our depth and it would appear we are losing as much as possible in the one year... Tyson fills a role when a first choice mid is unavailable. We need plays like this
  10. ArtificialWisdom

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Jesse Is a great young forward, but this thread is getting into some Essendon like Demands. Some of these trade demands would make it the biggest trade price of all time... I'm not sure he is that good, no matter how much we want him to be. If we somehow can get May and a first round pick (even if it was early teens) that would be a pretty big win. Keeping in mind we paid a "huge price" for Lever and that was picks 10 and 15. Some people are talking 2 picks in the top 5 or 6?? Freo would have to be completely incompetent to pay that. Just wait a year till he's out of contract and see how that navicular pulls up... knowing Melbourne's history with foot injuries he might not play all year then they can get him for a bargain. "out of contract and injury riddled"
  11. ArtificialWisdom

    Finals Tickets

    Recommend monitoring Twitter of AFL, Ticketek and all clubs (including Hawks, Swans, GWS and Tigers who knows who will be quickest to update). Ticketek has shut down purchases for the time being. As soon as they say when, try to be ready with barcodes typed in word or notepad on a seperate lines so you just have to copy, paste all at once. Cross everything and pray. Good luck to all.
  12. ArtificialWisdom

    How far will we get?

    Basically me since the final siren yesterday:
  13. ArtificialWisdom


    Not a bad record given we've only played one game there.
  14. ArtificialWisdom

    Highest percentage teams to miss finals

    Using the squiggle ladder predictor (https://predictor.squiggle.com.au/) If we win beat the eagles 200 to 14 and lose to the giants by 76-75 we end up on 139.8% Geelong would need to beat the suns 223 to 6 that way they end up on 139.9% problem comes with Port Adelaide, they would have to beat Essendon by so much that it doesn't allow me to enter the figures.. the max i can put in is 239 to 1 and that only brings Port's to 125.0%, quite a ways off passing us even on our current percentage, which is a nice thing to know at this point I thought all hope was lost. But! then I remembered North could make it if they beat Adelaide... So i did North to beat Adelaide 239 to 1 and then beat St Kilda 239 to 1! ...and that got them to 138.6% so narrowly missing us and coincidentally slotting themselves into 2nd on that all time list.