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  1. Bravo Oscar, Bravo

    GAMEDAY - Semi Final

    Touch of class 😛
  2. Bravo Oscar, Bravo

    GAMEDAY - Semi Final

    Bottle of Jameson’s mysteriously disappearing😋 Can’t get to the G tonight so do some screaming for me Want to see us hang the Hawkes on the fence in the back paddock. Go Dees😝
  3. Bravo Oscar, Bravo

    Post Match Discussion - Elimination Final

    Outside gate 1 before the game, a seagull cra!pped on my Geelong mates beanie Never looked back from there!
  4. Bravo Oscar, Bravo

    GAMEDAY - Round 23

    Was only a flesh wound
  5. Bravo Oscar, Bravo

    Bull or Mutton?

    He was hiding behind the Stalking Horse. Dutton.
  6. Bravo Oscar, Bravo

    James Harmes take a bow.

    I see him as a long term leader Always hoped and now it has come to fruition!!
  7. Bravo Oscar, Bravo

    Hogan 2018 season over with foot injury

    Naah .. just impatient
  8. Bravo Oscar, Bravo

    Changes v West Coat - Round 22

    Thank Christ for Harmes hope no one wants to drop him!
  9. Bravo Oscar, Bravo

    GAMEDAY - Round 19

    How’s the weather?
  10. Bravo Oscar, Bravo

    Neville Jetta Re-Signs until 2021

    A true star! Just gets the job done week after week
  11. Bravo Oscar, Bravo

    The Many Sides of Jake Melksham

    When he arrived I was told by a football expert that he was a "Complete Spud" Who's the spud now
  12. Bravo Oscar, Bravo

    When we beat Geelong, I will...

    Enjoy the drive back to Melbourne .. oh. And not gloat to my cats supporting mate
  13. Bravo Oscar, Bravo

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 17

    Hope not or I will be facing a looong drive home with my Geelong supporter mate
  14. Bravo Oscar, Bravo

    Training - Wednesday 11th July, 2018

    Cheers mate .. great work
  15. Bravo Oscar, Bravo

    GAMEDAY - Round 16

    much better!