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  1. What a complete disgrace/joke
  2. Indeed, was subtly trying to highlight just that.
  3. KB and whatshisname discussing MRP / dodgy umpiring from yesterday on SEN. Cited the Watts shove out by Goldstein and Bernie doubled-over and dry retching on the bench after getting the knock. . neither paid. I hope a little more media scrutiny on some the decision making continues through the day.
  4. Haha. If it was at the expense of Richmond?!
  5. Just had a look at the ladder/upcoming games. Of the pack of 5 teams on 20 points above us, 4 play each other (rich v ess & dogs v st. k) and 1 (port) play a team above (geel). We are a game clear of remaining teams below. So IF (note, I F) we can win in the desert, we could go into the bye in 9th spot with % at 20 points / 5-5. Im clutching at straws, right?!
  6. Hmm. Big call. No doubt his form has been ordinary. Who is the best alternative, though?
  7. I'll say it again, I knew Watts and the MFC would have a shocker when we saw Jack awkwardly playing [censored] ping pong with Sam bloody Newman on the steaming turd known as the Footy Show on Thursday night! Out- Kent, Bugg In- ANB, Milkshake.
  8. bitterly disappointed yet again. 1-4 watching live this year. Draining stuff. a classic recipe for a MFC choke this week and you could tell we were off from the first bounce today. Too deflated and resigned to be angry. bleagh
  9. Track and TMac doing some set shot pracco
  10. Just rocked up to the G- there's no one here!!??
  11. Assuming Freo beat Carlton, we'd end up 7th if we win. Is that right?
  12. Hahahaha! Gold! Tigers were up by 26 points when I put my kids to bed, by the time I came downstairs Giants win. ah Richmond xx
  13. Well done Bloods. Now, carn *ahem* Giants..
  14. Carn Bloods