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  1. On my way via enemy turf on the 48. Feeling pumped, let's give it to these ferals! CARN DEES!!!
  2. That's the spirit, OX!
  3. The comment was aimed at all stakeholders - players and fans alike
  4. #itsthatsortofmentalitythatgetsusnowhere
  5. Only ten hours of nervous anguish to go....
  6. Way to snuff out any glimmer of positivity, chap!
  7. Bruce will be very pleased/aroused
  8. Did Whorethorn play well or Weagles play crap?
  9. [censored] me a just entered cardiac arrest. Damn you OP
  10. Hmm, I hope you're right hardtack. But it's the great hypothetical conundrum- might he have played a similar out-of-his-skin type game on Monday night if he was given the chance?
  11. Maybe Balls meant J Smith?
  12. Spookily similar scorline to last week. With the ShltFish suddenly up and about we really need to win on Monday.
  13. Bugg 5 goals and 30+ touches tonight at Casey. Is this a selection shocker? I thought Bugg was serviceable last week; I fear we may be making changes for the sake of it. Lets not get started with Melksham. Agree with all other changes.
  14. And/or have we made a terrible mistake?
  15. Nah mate been down for me for over 2 hours. Aaarrrgghhhh!!!!