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  1. Can't we do this on Monday, guys?!
  2. It was that Hill miss on goal after he marked. I said 'game over' when he took it. Then the game turned...
  3. I CANT [censored] BREATHE! My Mrs came out to check on me after TMacs goal to find me in a foetal position with a cushion in my mouth moaning like a [censored]. This is real now.
  4. We're in this right up to the eyeballs. Carn boys
  5. That Basil clown just called Pedo 'Garland'. WTF??!!
  6. Any word on Hannan 's leg?
  7. I've backed us tonight which would be pivotal to my push for top 3 in my tipping comp. please tell me I'm not insane
  8. 14 points up, 22 minute mark
  9. like this, Ethan?
  10. *wipes away tear* that's beautiful, man.
  11. Wise words
  12. Why should we, of all clubs, listen to the man that ruined our lives in the late 80's? Bleaughhhhhhh
  13. Hodge with an absolute shocker mongrel punt inside 50. Bruce: 'Clever Kick there..' Give us a spell, already!!!
  14. Its by an artist called Lushsux -
  15. In: Gawn, Wagner Out: Watts, Jones Shift Bernie into the middle, Wagner to fill his spot at half back.