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  1. Brendan McCartney pregame today

    I reckon they are, I also think the others might be West Coast, Essendon, St Kilda, Hawthorn and Freo.

    They draw crowds and we don't,

    The way you play is often dictated by the way the opposition play. There was an audible click after 6 minutes when GWS found the right gear. They lifted their intensity, started running in waves and generally played the conditions much better than we did.
  4. The Jake Lever Thread

    It would be indeed, but if I'm the Crows recruiting manager I'd ask us to go back and have another go. I think another first round pick is more valuable than ANB, and trading the likes of a Frost/Tyson/Watts would potentially get you that.

    It was cold yesterday let me tells ya! Losing didn't help warm me up either.
  6. Changes vs St Kilda

    Having not seen the incident, I'll accept that Melksham will be suspended, otherwise he would have stayed. We have too many that torch the ball and too many inside mids and not enough outside run. Hannan and Stretch both need to come in to address that and potentially Brayshaw as well. I can't see a place in the 22 for Pedo with the way he played yesterday. Watts and Tyson must be on thin ice. Harmes, ANB and Maynard on the fringe.
  7. Demonland Player of the Year - Round 20

    From my vantage point on the fifty metre arc. 6. Gawn 5. Jetta 4. T Mac 3. Lewis 2. Oliver 1. O Mac.

    The warning signs were there in the warm up. The boys looked flat, they didn't seem to be enthused by the conditions. I know there was mention last year that they hit the wall towards the back end of the season after a huge preseason and there was talk this would likely happen again this year until they get more miles in the younger legs. I mentioned this to a Tiger supporting mate who was there (who is bullish about us- but still neutral) who was looking at me for an explanation of sorts. I was positioned in front of the defensive transition drill and noticed a couple of concerning issues. Firstly was the lack of intensity it appeared that they were going through the motions on a cold Thursday afternoon rather than preparing to actually play. The second concern was there was that while the drill was ostensibly about getting players radar calibrated for the windy conditions there were a couple of basic issues that weren't addressed. Firstly players failed to adjust the drill when Player A got too close to Player B they still kicked rather than hand balled. Twice in the game (ANB and Vince) chose to kick less than 10 meters when they could have more effectively hand balled. The issue here is the indecision that it creates in the receiving players mind. Anyway the second issue was two players who couldn't adjust their kicking to the conditions and speared low passes past the receiving player. Hibberd and Hunt. One of the commentators on the radio mentioned that Hunt's kicking action makes it almost impossible for any of his team mates to mark the footy and I think Hibberd has the same issue. Over distance the issue isn't as pronounced, but over shorter distances they tend to bullet the ball and it's something that needs to be addressed. I know the game plan emphasises fast movement, but there were so many turnovers created yesterday by trying to spear players rather than putting the ball out in front of them to run onto it. I agree, we really struggle to position ourselves properly for the wind, most notably standing too shallow against the wind and letting it sail over our heads, this was most evident in the first quarter. At least in the third he had Tom Mac go back who I thought was fantastic all day and should have had at least four extra free kicks for the day for being dragged down in the contest or hit in the head. I thought with GWS best three forwards out they would struggle to find an avenue towards goal, but it was us who struggled. So poor was our ball movement that it gave the GWS defenders time to get back and when we did move it in quickly we failed to account for the wind and made their job easy. The other reason they were able to get so many free options going forward was that a lot of their forwards began to 'cheat' by running forward rather than stay near an opponent when we had the ball knowing we would turn it over. You can do that I guess when you have a scoreboard pressure. We failed to move the ball properly and this was exacerbated by a general lack of presence from our forward line. I love having the ball in Jack Watt's hands the trouble is how to get it there. He's simply awful one on one as a KPF. He's been tried on the wing and that hasn't worked. For a side crying out for good ball users how do we get him into the game? I'm not slashing my wrists just yet, but clearly we missed having some outside run that could counter Scully and Kelly. I think Hannan and Stretch must come straight back in as well as Brayshaw if he's ready. Tyson's ability to get his hands on the ball and get through traffic are amazing, but he just torches the ball so often. If James Harmes can learn to work within his limitations he'd also be a much better footballer. A number of times yesterday he tried to do too much when giving the first option would have helped him have a much better game.
  9. GAMEDAY - Round 20

    You beat me to it Hardtack. Bit damp underfoot at the moment (Manuka has very good drainage though) and sky clearing out here in the Western badlands where the weather blows from. Should be tropically balmy by the time the game starts and will only require the one beanie!
  10. Clarence Oliver

    I thought it was his left hand he lacerated and they removed some of his hamstring tendon to repair the damage... but it was a while ago now and my memory has never been that reliable.
  11. Casey Demons v Coburg

    I was wondering if Billy had played as I'd hardly seen him mentioned. Looks like from the stats at least he had a reasonable game. 13 Tackles would indicate that his work rate at least was there.
  12. Post Match Discussion - Round 18

    We won the free kick count, but I have to agree in the second and third quarters and it was the same umpire. I think Mathew Nicholls must have a poster of Razor Ray in his locker. There's a funny thread on Big Footy about him.
  13. Post Match Discussion - Round 17

    Port are very Jeckyl and Hyde. Beaten at home by Richmond and in terms of form they haven't really beaten anyone in the 8 (except for Sydney at the start when they were depleted on their way to 0-6). We don't usually play well after being in Darwin, but I think getting fresh legs back in is a must. We will need more than just Tyson and Watts, depending on Casey form I think we should also consider Stretch (outside run) and maybe Kennedy/Trengove if Viney doesn't get up.
  14. Post Match Discussion - Round 17

    Looking beyond the current season I think there were a number of pleasing signs for us. Firstly add any two of the missing Jones, Viney, Watts, Tyson and Salem and I think the outcome of last night looks a damn sight closer, which is something to consider because Adelaide are a genuine top 4 side. How good is Petracca, His awareness and delivery is unbelievable, while he's not getting a heap of the ball at the moment he will in future years and he's absolutely going to tear games apart. Add him to Jones, Viney, Tyson, Oliver and that's a very good contested ball bunch in the middle. I thought JKH for the first time didn't look out of place last night. We are really starting to bat deep now with genuine AFL players. (although its difficult to replace your best 6 at any stage when injured) Obviously while they are young and need games, ANB, Smith, Hannan, and Wagner are all going to push hard for selection with a full list. You can add Brayshaw and Stretch to that list as well. Finally on a side note - Lever looked to have injured his Hamstring again last night. That would be a concern for any team wanting to throw money at him. Everytime I see Sydney win and Zak Jones sing the song I think to myself he's the one we should be pitching for.
  15. Round 17 Non MFC matches

    and wasted every single one of them.