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  1. ditto
  2. We're still a very young side and are transitioning from being an average team to being a good team. We see that in patches in matches. The upside is that only a couple of quarters this year have been below par in terms of intensity. Yes we overuse the ball, but that is part of the transition to learn how not to do that. I am bullish about the future when we transition from being a good side (would help to have 22 fit players including your best 6 out there) to being a very good side.
  3. We recruited Smith and Keilty as KPF insurance along with Pedersen. We have four ruck men on our list. I'm not sure a fifth would have provided the right list balance given that most sides only play one ruck man in the team. The issue with our list is it's age/game profile. We just need to get more games into our developing talls like Weideman, Oscar, Frost, McKenna, and Joel Smith (who I think could play CHB), You can throw Hogan in there too for a KPF that's only played two seasons of AFL. I agree re Lumumba and Melksham though... very odd recruitment decisions. Most supporters (including from their original clubs) didn't rate them - why did we? I think we win with Bernie and Hibberd. I am ambivalent about Tyson though, does he wear contact lenses?
  4. Makes the idea of Hawthorn trading Cyril for a couple of top 20 picks (as has been suggested) to get back into the first round a bit silly then.
  5. Aaron VDB as well, I think we underestimate how important he is in the role he plays. Big body that runs the angles. Doesn't get a heap of it, but would have been handy yesterday.
  6. In Fiji with the Hong Kong Rugby Seven's on... no such luck. I will be sitting down to watch it soon though.
  7. Ok, not having seen the match yet as I have been O/S can you tell me what % you would put on us winning the match with Hogan and out of interest what % with Pedo?
  8. John Maynard Keynes is often quoted for what appears to be an apocryphal rather than actual statement he made when he said: "when the facts change, I change my ideas". In this case though I see nothing to change. Firstly I was talking more about Lewis and the utility of his action on the day and not about Hogan or Vince. Interestingly listening to Lewis being interviewed by Gerard and Dwayne he mentioned the outside perception before he came to the Demons were perceived as a bit soft and this may have played into his decision to smack Cripps. It's funny how different people hear different things from the same message. I like Lewis, he doesn't put on some act to appease. He knows what success is and while he's repentent for what he's done, he's not contrite if that makes sense. Secondly, if we were talking about the outcome as the determination of whther I should change my opinion (and I mentioned that this shouldn't be seen as a correlation) then missing Hogan is as irrelevant as the non selection of Pedersen for first gamer Smith. Which maybe indicative of Goodwin's priorities for the year in terms of development first and if we play finals then great. Speaking of changing opinions I note that Freo made 6 changes to their team and won which goes against the grain slightly in terms of both the trend and their form. I'm glad Ross pulled the trigger when he did though, at least as suporters we shouldn't be mentally jumped by a better than expected Fremantle.
  9. Milked an extrension out of the Suns and still has a year to run on a million a year. Geelong can't afford to get him and the way he's playing the Suns can't afford to keep him.
  10. True and we've had our fair share of shrinking violets in the past. We now have a team of competitors and we are developing our own brand of unsociable football. Lewis is instrumental as we are still a young side. Many of them can stand up for themselves, but its guys like Bernie and Jordie that make the opposition hear footsteps. They've been given this remit by Goodie it appears. As PD said though some slight adjustments are required.
  11. I saw the logic. We banked 4 points against a shyte team we've struggled to beat in the past. We were in trouble when that little fracas occured (which is a very old school method of stopping the opposition's momentum). When the going gets tough sometimes you just need to fly the flag. It was illegal, but how many touches did Cripps get and goals did Carlton get after that? Coincidence perhaps, but contrary to most it was the sort of leadership I was hoping for from Lewis. You don't get to push us around anymore. Does his missing three weeks hurts their team - yes it does, but not to the extent that it will be the difference between winning and losing. We have beaten Geelong, Freo and Richmond previously without Lewis. I'm glad he's back for Essendon. When Lewis came to the Dees, I said to a hawks supporter that we don't lose those types of matches to Carlton and Essendon any more and so far we haven't. There was a good chance we could have though without him.
  12. Lewis will get a week for contact to the head. Hogan should get off for bad acting. Soft free kick.
  13. Not really an oversight if he thought Petracca would go number 1. What's apparent is the club rated McCartin in the top 3 talents for that draft. What Jason Taylor's order would have been is speculative.
  14. He isn't fast enough to be a forward IMO, he doesn't have much spring and he isn't fierce at the ball.
  15. I have to disagree Nash. There was no structural change, but we did change tactics, rather than reacting to the way the Saints were playing we got our hands on the ball, switched constantly back through the corridor (very risky at times, but paid off in spades) and kicked over their thin zone to blokes leading into space. That's how we put on ten unanswered goals. The commentators were constantly saying how we have now lowered our eyes to pick out our targets. The biggest tick for me yesterday was Goodwin, the bloke can coach. There was no panic, just reinforcing the way we want to play not the way the Saints were forcing us to play in the first quarter. Not surprisingly it was the experienced players and our leaders that led the charge. Also telling for me was Goodwin's presser where he made special mention of how he wants Jack Watts to jump at the ball aerially and he was happy with his performance despite his low numbers. He wants that contest to either mark the ball or bring it to ground for players like Garlett, ANB, Hannan and Kent when he's back in. That is Jack's KPI that he needs to deliver on, be brave in the air (I imagine the second one is to keep his feet in contests). I wasn't expecting an arm chair ride from Razor Ray, but fair dinkum how many times do they have to illegally dispose of the ball while being tackled before we were awarded. I didn't notice the drag downs in the marking contest, but the worst display of umpiring yesterday was Gold Coast and Brisbane and Harris Andrew's constant scragging of Tom Lynch that was worse than anything SOS ever did in his day. How the umpires don't pay free kicks for that stuff is amazing and hopefully it gets looked at during the week. Finally I thought Brayshaw and Salem while they went unnoticed were very, very good. Both were hard at it and provided important outside run.