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  1. not to mention Lever is young as well.
  2. Trade rumours

    where do we sign. that would be great. I back our recruiting staff to turn those picks into something.
  3. Mahoney, get away

    I remember the hawks passing over two first rounders for Burgoyne with bad knees. theysaw their target and got it over the line. We saw our target, yes I thought we could have done better but we have him now. I couldn't spend another season watching the McDona;ld brothers turn the ball over with little pressure. Now we half at least half a backline who can kick in Lever, Hibberd and Jetta. Also the Vince deal was worth it every day of the week. and Melksham for pick 25?. Let us know who you would have chosen that was better. He was good this year.
  4. Trade rumours

    100 PAGES !!!! Congrats everyone who put into this thread. Any speeches ?
  5. Trade rumours

    Journalism at its best. Zero accountability. Just always right in retrospect once they know the real truth, they just change their mind.
  6. game on. now Adelaide are saying Lever wanting Melbourne is 'all good and well' but we are negotiating with 10 Victoria clubs. I think they need reminding of the Scott Thompson deal for a late first rounder.
  7. and our opponents will tag him out of the game like the grand final.
  8. Trade rumours

    if we gave that and pick 10 for Lever we will have rolled over.
  9. Farewell Jack Watts

    please please let him go to Collingwood.
  10. Trade rumours

    here here. He says he wants to go home. Gold Coast should tell him 'fine, just retire and go home'. If his personal issues are significant then why didn't he move home already ? he can't have his cake and eat it too. champion player, cr#p leader.
  11. 2017 Player Reviews: # 16 Dean Kent

    if he got it together he could be a very handy defensive forward and occasional burst midfielder. our coaches are good but I thought they could have evolved him into a more rounded player. He just seems all or nothing to me, doesn't do all the team things that you can see in a Brayshaw. Some of those things don't require talent. he also looks the unfittest on our list.
  12. Aaron vandenBerg Re-signs for 2018

    will be a handy addition next year. another midfield rotation and a big bodied midfielder with some Vitamin c in him. glad we kept him.
  13. and lose two years first rounders ? no thanks
  14. Dom Tyson - Yes or No ?

    and kicking to a contest is a turnover. Thsat means there were over 100 turnoves in the geel v rich game alone.
  15. Glaring weakness in defence

    that is very very interesting. I have used that Port game as an example many times. we absolutely shellacked them first half and should have been 10 goals up. but all the games since then seemed to be like another team out there, we went back into our shell, and by the end looked cooked. I like many just was stunned by those last few games.