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  1. we believe he is worth at least pick 6. otherwise we would have gone to the draft.
  2. Bay Riffin

    Andrew Brayshaw

    absolutely, even moreso if they have a poor year and don't look like improving.
  3. Bay Riffin

    Lyon's Plea to Petracca: Be Like Max

    Totally agree. I think when talent isn’t fulfilled many just trot out the ‘not training hard enough’ despite little evidence from training he isn’t going 100% Watching every game closely I see a talent who gets elite numbers for a half forward (you can back him in for 20 possies), a player with little confidence when shooting for goal and a player without the tank to play as an on baller. He doesn’t quite have that acceleration I heard about as a junior either. I think like Ablett he will have that breakout year when he simply gets more of the ball, not being more exciting. Even if he just gets his kicking confidence up (e.g Hawks finals was sublime at times) he will be better than Robbie Gray. But will he ever become an on baller? Hmmm there are comparisons to Martin but he was doing major midfield minutes at the same stage. Perhaps he just wont have the tank.I’d like to see him play wing more and have more ability to run and carry.
  4. Bay Riffin

    Wallace Rates Dees Trade Period

    More than a couple of seasons in most cases. sometimes a decade. Lets look at Judd v Kennedy and Masten. carlton clearly happy first couple of years and streets ahead. Kennedy comes good and looks like Carlton in front but the gaps is closing. Weagles lose a grands final, Kennedy poor. Well Carlton probably won that deal right ? then Judd has to retire early, and now a few years later Kennedy is pivotal in a premiership win. Weagles win the trade in my opinion. And it only took 11 years to work it out !!
  5. Bay Riffin

    Wallace Rates Dees Trade Period

    Collingwood desperately wanted May but he chose Melbourne.
  6. Bay Riffin

    Jayden Hunt

    I find Hunt an intriguing one on our list. With our readiness to turnover the list and let Tyson and hogan go I’m sure they thought long and hard about Hunt. I say i find this one intriguing because outside of pace his skill and footy IQ are towards the bottom end of our list. Also is he improving his skill set ? . He is quick but not agile ( opposite to a Jetta ). He reminds me of a 60s footballer, straight at it long kicker with little finesse. I wonder if he is dedicated snough. No evidence but I wonder. I have greater hope for say a Stretch who seems to be so professional. So so that’s why I’m intrigued as the footy dept have strong faith in him and you have to back them in as they are developing extremely well. If they can get his game sense up a level and his confidence up we would have a weapon and I would think one of our best achievements. If we can do it.
  7. Bay Riffin

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Sums up footy journalism perfectly. All talk bugger all substance.
  8. Bay Riffin

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Exactly. We lost big time.
  9. Bay Riffin

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Interesting. He seems introverted to me. Not the comfortable in the spotlight. Bit like dusty martin. When he accepts it he might go to another level.
  10. Bay Riffin

    Knightmare's 2014 Pre-draft player Analysis

    unbelievable. the sort of draft premeirships are based on. Lever and Brayshaw look elite. Petrraca possibly. Oscar and ANB very serviceable. Stretch I think will be better than people think.
  11. Bay Riffin

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    excellent work !!!
  12. Bay Riffin

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    May seems hungry for footy. wants to play in his first Friday night game, play finals. Hogan seems hungry to get home to his mates.
  13. Bay Riffin

    Knightmare's 2013 Pre-draft player Analysis

    i found those descriptions very good. I would disagree with salem being above average pace. he is not. he is slow. apart from that I thought they were spot on. Goes to show how far Harmes has come. being a diligent worker with a note pad at hand has worked wonders for him. I reckon Stretch is the same mentally and won't be surprised if he takes it to a new level soon.
  14. Bay Riffin

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Why do people rate Mahoney ? Lost the lever deal badly and we just got screwed. Massively. Ridiculous. You alway pay overs to extract a player. Except from the dees. Terrible. Terrible. Terrible waste. So Neale gets more for Freo ?