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  1. Guy has Pace and far greater intensity.
  2. I thought he was one of our worst offenders on Monday night. He always seems in slow motion, and his kicking efficiency is low. Im now wondering about the trade for picks 2 which netted Kelly for GWS. Although salem I am happy with who's hands are elite. We sort of need Tyson to be our last picked midfielder, but his lack of pace is a worry.
  3. Well said. Geez there appears little latitude for players these days. Harmes is a great example. not the greatest kick but has played with ferocity and dare and to me appears to keep improving and most importantly gets the ball. Most on here would never have kept with Nathan Jones who 'lacked awareness', was a poor kick and got caught all the time. similair to hawks mates who kept saying Lewis was a turnover merchant (and was). Thank god they are not coaches and realise you can actually learn this game and iron out weaknesses.
  4. Roos didn't rate Petracca best in the draft. It was Heeney we bidded for with pick 2.
  5. GWS strike rate at the draft under SOS was poor. You would hate to think if they were even above average at drafting. Their concessions and ongoing academy picks are stunningly excessive.
  6. Disagree. Goodwin just mentioned what he liked about his game. He did his job as a second ruck and the critical area Goodwin mentioned was flying for marks. Watch Garletts crumb in the third quarter. Watts flew in the far pocket and palmed the ball down to Garlett who snapped a good goal. He brought the ball to ground a few times against a tall defence so our crumbers relished that. He sort of reminds me of Dal Santo under Thomas who finally dropped him for being soft and he slowly but surely worked his way back and learnt to be more competitive for his style of play. He played the team role so a tick for Watts.
  7. Brilliant pick up. I noticed that on the replay and thought 'was that Oscar again out on the wing taking the Lewis kick?'. . spotted up Petracca beautifully too. Was at a critical time when we were trying to swing the momentum our way. He has potential no doubt. Im just still scared when he has the ball under any sort of pressure.
  8. thanks but I would rather vomit then use anything to do with crownbet.
  9. put it back onto Etihad management to reimburse any injuries due to the turf at Etihad.
  10. Still early days to even make that call. Carlton need to keep recruiting well but he had them united and playing for them last year. I hope you're right as I hate the blues but time will tell and you have to give him 3 years to know.
  11. not sure Garlett will be preferred even if fully fit. Just tends to go missing defensively when the heat goes up, and round one will have plenty of heat.
  12. yep unfortunately I think you are right. not everyone starts like a Hogan. I still want to do do more than Cameos for casey this year and become a four quarter player. He looks a natural footballer with ball in hand but is ineffective when he doesn't have it.
  13. how do you mean? don't they have a full list? Melksham looks fighting fit as well.
  14. closest I can come up with for comparison is Malceski. not overly quick, great footy smarts, very good disposal and calm under pressure. Will end up highly rated internally and underrated externally.
  15. you obviously don't watch Kennedy closely who is the master of keeping the ball alive in tights positions and releasing it to his teams advantage. His first hal in the grand final was as good as you will ever see. Clarry will be doing well to reach that level.