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  1. Bay Riffin

    Players of note 2019

    im very interested to see what Baker can produce for us. He was tracking nicely until injury curtailed his season, getting good numbers for Casey and should be pushing for his first game this year. We need someone with pace to break through. The most mouth watering prospect is May and then Lever to join what could be an elite backline by the end of the year. and if Weids becomes consistent, we should be very strong aerially. it certainly helped the weagles.
  2. Bay Riffin

    What's up with Gus?

    I’ve heard on the Monday after the preliminary he took too many Brownlow votes.
  3. Bay Riffin

    VFL Curtain Raisers Return to G in 2019

    agree ch 7 is nauseating and MMM is in turn actual vomit. they have turned placement ads into the commentary into a disgraceful artform. "good tackle by McDonald, a contender for the 'insert product' tackle of the day right there. as we look as the 'insert product' scoreboard.
  4. Bay Riffin

    VFL Curtain Raisers Return to G in 2019

    yes the minimum 35-45 min gap reaks of general pre-game chatter and a hundred ads pumped at you.
  5. his recruiting whilst not great wasn't too bad. nothing like the Pendergrast years
  6. Bay Riffin


    Yes if Petty comes good where will we play him ?? he will be behind May and Lever for quite a while. and Oscar as well. Might be a case of team balance like the Hogan trade and trade him out for a quality player who can sure up a weakness.
  7. are they realy that good at drafting in the last 5 or so years? or was it more 10 years ago. They just keep bringing in other teams developed players. Who is their young talent coming through?. I thought Sicily and perhaps Burton could be A grade. not sure there is much else. and they gave up Burton to again bringing in someone else's talent, Wingard. not sure they are the recruiters to be listening to.
  8. Bay Riffin

    Jason Taylor Resume

    Interesting listening to him that we aimed for midfielders as we shored up some areas with Kolodjashnij preuss and May coming in. I think that’s what he was most happy about. Does make you think why Tyson was let go. I still think we need one or two midfielders to come though. I ama bit less excited by this crop of draftees for some reason, just on gut feel but his strike rate is so good. If he was at GWS they would have a premiership now.
  9. Bay Riffin


    Sounds like Charlie Spargo Mark II
  10. Bay Riffin


    at around the 70 game mark was my comparison. Reiwoldt was settling into an 11 possession 2.8 goals FF. Jess was around 18 possies 2.5 goals a game. I have Hogan ahead. He gets a LOT of the ball.
  11. Bay Riffin


    Hogan is clearly ahead of Reiwoldt at the same stage of their careers.
  12. Bay Riffin


    Exactly. or a rookie like Vandenburg. I think our supporters look down on depth players who may not seem as gifted. but the new coaching dept are developing later draft picks and rookies. So much is mental and I think blokes at 18 can be very immature in general life and can develop a lot in the next few years and settle a bit. this can reflect in their football. winning a VFL B and F is nothing to look down upon.
  13. we believe he is worth at least pick 6. otherwise we would have gone to the draft.
  14. Bay Riffin

    Andrew Brayshaw

    absolutely, even moreso if they have a poor year and don't look like improving.
  15. Bay Riffin

    Lyon's Plea to Petracca: Be Like Max

    Totally agree. I think when talent isn’t fulfilled many just trot out the ‘not training hard enough’ despite little evidence from training he isn’t going 100% Watching every game closely I see a talent who gets elite numbers for a half forward (you can back him in for 20 possies), a player with little confidence when shooting for goal and a player without the tank to play as an on baller. He doesn’t quite have that acceleration I heard about as a junior either. I think like Ablett he will have that breakout year when he simply gets more of the ball, not being more exciting. Even if he just gets his kicking confidence up (e.g Hawks finals was sublime at times) he will be better than Robbie Gray. But will he ever become an on baller? Hmmm there are comparisons to Martin but he was doing major midfield minutes at the same stage. Perhaps he just wont have the tank.I’d like to see him play wing more and have more ability to run and carry.