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  1. Bay Riffin

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 9

    Just put a heavy tag on Simpson. If he doesn’t get to run free and set them up from the backline, they will find our forward press very hard to negotiate.
  2. Bay Riffin

    Jayden Hunt

    Yes good summary. this exactly what Hibberd does who wrong foots his opponent consistently, or times his run into open space a bit better better. Hunt is a weapon with speed dare and long kicking ability, but if your were to think about it - what would he be if he had average speed?. His handballing skills are poor IMO and his kicking while average i thought had improved this year by picking the right options. He looks more careful to me and perhaps gone into his shell with the thought of turnovers. I still think he needs to improve his kicking a bit and his handpassing A LOT then we'd have a player on our hands.
  3. Bay Riffin

    Do we go inside to get outside?

    Yes VDB has pace and bulk and vitamin C as they say. utter shame his injuries took him down. he was tracking beautifully.
  4. Bay Riffin

    Do we go inside to get outside?

    I would persist with him as well. he is exac;tly the player this thread is talking about. We need to be a club thats confident our players will improve with some patience. sometimes you plateau before the next step in improvement comes. We should give him a couple of years as i think its just a belief thing for him.
  5. Bay Riffin

    Do we go inside to get outside?

    Fitsch looked exactly that option on Sunday. 19 possesions roaming uo and down the ground as an option and using his marking and kicking skills to advantage.
  6. Bay Riffin

    Bayley Fritsch to debut.

    excellent summation. Stretch is the ultimate professional and I believe lacks the confidence self belief at the highest level. I look at a successful club like Hawthorn and they would hang on to him i reckon and let him develop in the twos until his experience allows his talent to shine through. especially when he has done everything right. plus he is a outside runner. Fritsch looks a real talent to me, still not sure on the defensive side but his Kenny Hunter type marking looks elite. and looks a beautiful kick. Height helps as well to spoil as we saw from Saprgos first goal which looked like as Essendon mark till the late spoil came. I wonder if he gets a bigger tank if the wing beckons? reminds me of Flower a bit.
  7. Bay Riffin

    Post Match Discussion - Round 5

    I was at the game and had a great aerial view. Stretch - did not take the game on enough. we gave so much effort and were our own worst enemy at times. One play he received the ball at half back with a free man at half forward. an almost certain shot on goal coming up. he decided to go sideways and gave richmond time to man up. he gets in ok position but is playing too safely and to be honest was too fumbly all night. i would give him another game though and see if he learns. ANB - doesn't look half the player of last year where he was very reliable. tough, hard runner but looks out of form to me. just looks like a VFL player at present. both not great defensively either with 2 and 1 tackles respectively. Max Gawn had 8.
  8. Bay Riffin

    Changes v North Melbourne

    They always jump us with good clean footy, and we are on the back foot. Geez there is some big starts in there. A bit like what Brisbane face against us. By the time they drew level, they had given their all but then we ran away with it. Their defensive set up is always better than ours so im always prepared for the easy mark that goes to their key backs all day. i.e infuriating.
  9. Bay Riffin

    The Incredible Hulk - Jesse Hogan

    Was exceptional tonight. Very good all round game. Kicked the clutch goal at the end.
  10. Bay Riffin

    Post Match Discussion - Round 2

    Yet saved our bacon with good positioning all night. Go watch it again.
  11. Bay Riffin

    Post Match Discussion - Round 1

    Look we lost it structurally early. Kids or not they set up very well and had heaps of experience out there. If we played again it would still be a singsong struggle. They look a top 4 side.
  12. Bay Riffin

    Name 3 good things

    1. We looked gone at half time then came back hard 2. No one dominated yet we pushed them to the final siren. 3. Petracca looks fitter and set for a big year.
  13. Bay Riffin

    Post Match Discussion - Round 1

    Yes but let’s face it a rubbish soft free to geelong. I would be hard pressed to not feel aggrieved
  14. Bay Riffin

    Post Match Discussion - Round 1

    Well those weakened players just didn’t miss targets in the first half. We hit a team on song and almost snatched it. Yes 1 year in and I think Goodwin is still learning. One straight kick and we would be back slapping late into the night.
  15. investigates? investigates the facts, or asks question she wants the right answer from. I think there is a difference. she knows what sells and works towards that. The fact she looks above most journs because she actually does something doesn't make her a legit investigative journo.