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  1. Yes open them and shut them quickly before 17 other clubs get into him. Looks like a coaches dream, pace to burn, hard at it, very team orientated and nice long kick.
  2. yes to this and to his knockers, how many AFL players would have missed a career if they were coach and didn't have patience? some like Gysberts start on fire but don't make it, Others like Ben Reid, Chris Dawes, Michael Tuck, Dippa arent up to it early then become premiership players. JKH has the ability of a Caleb Daniels and just needs the right role and some confidence. Where would Neville Jetta be if demonland coached the side. Long gone would be my guess. and Jetta was longer in the tooth before he became a regular. JKH is knocking the door down and I hope he gets another look in.
  3. Jomnes is out for 3-4 weeks with an abductor strain. source is from an ex player.
  4. my granpa puts viagra in his coffee.. I said you still getting some grandpa?, he said 'no its keeps the biscuits hard'.
  5. everyone who has said Lewis was finished last week, please hope on board and give us your view.
  6. like Hawthorn their development strategy is just get everyone else players already developed. just keep topping up. Danger and next year Ablett will have fallen into their laps. I agree they can go down the bottom.
  7. The assertion is not an insult to our leaders at all. Have a look at our record with those leaders in the team over the past few years. Lewis has been critical to us when the game is going against us. Far to often when the momentum swings like the 2nd quarter on Monday, we have curled up our toes and got shellacked. Goodwin will have him as one of the first picked every week.
  8. re-unite him with Jeffy.
  9. Its why Hawthorn were so effective yet not winning the clearances. You can shut down the opposition in other ways. and when he gets his kicking game going he is vital to setting us up. will be top 5 in our B and F this year.
  10. go watch the replay and concentrate on his defensive efforts, his positioning and being a key to stifling Collingwood in the second half. As someone on here said, you don't have to have the footy to be effective. He could do the same game again and he will not be dropped.
  11. if he just looked to 'draw' the contests he would tackle more I think, but if his opponent isn't marking it his aim is to beat him and gain possession. We have a beauty here.
  12. yes thought that was exceptional play that lead to a crucial goal for us.
  13. Yep credit where credit is due. We just want to see it more than one week. big game against the doggies, so we will see if he can back it up.
  14. I have a theory that Hogan is vital up forward when we don't have momentum and we can only bomb it in under enormous pressure, but when we have the momentum, Hogan in the middle is better as a linking target who can take a grab. Goodwin is starting to use him in the middle and I think we play better that way, especially if we have a recognised ruckman in so Pederson and watts can play as forwards.
  15. were you saying that in the first month of footy ?