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  1. really interesting player Sam Frost. Some think you can't improve your kicking but he certainly has, and his speed out of the backline is breath taking at times. still drops easy marks but his recovery is very good. He is gaining in confidence no doubt and he, Hibberd and Hunt make for a very attacking half back line. Hope he can maintain this level as he has not shown it before. It makes you think if he improved his marking, we could have a real beauty on our hands here.
  2. Yes but we were able to convince Hibberd as well who is a quality player. Players will start to see we are creating a strong team here with plenty of hardness and flair. I like the Hawthorn model where they usually got in one real quality player each year, rather than 2 or 3 B graders i.e Burgoyne, Gibson, Lake, Frawley that filled a need at the time. slowly but surely building the jigsaw pieces to complete the puzzle. We have brought in Lewis and Hibberd who are big ticks so far. I think if we can get a quality key tall backmen, and they are hard to get, we will be doing well. The other would be a real quality outside runner like an Isaac Smith type. If we can complete just one of these in the off season we will be doing well. Quality will be the key.
  3. Jesse deserved it as did Cotchin
  4. who are they ? which ones ?
  5. He is not express but he is not slow. quite a long kick too. Would like to see him more up the middle where he belongs. He could be one of those bloes who gets better and better as he is good at quite a few things. except short kicking at this stage.
  6. Buddy was at that level.
  7. Been a very good player for us, and asked to do jobs he may not be suited to personally. He is definitely one of the guys helping to lift us off the bottom, and we can't take that for granted. Sanderson didn't want him and he was our gift for Silvia leaving.
  8. When things got tough against the Saints where was Kelly?. but im sure if they had their full side in and pumping the saints he would have looked a millions bucks. a very good outside runner but not worth close to a million. go for a lesser priced fast finisher and throw good money at a key back.
  9. good post. Weideman should serve a fair bit of time in the twos. apparently was quite poor yesterday so let him play a full year at Casey. He obviously has some ability, a good mark and a nice kick. We just need to build him up to get more of the ball, so he can at least get 10-15 possession games.
  10. He probably is right. Very Fair on Tom but you have to give Oscar a bit more time. I actually think Tom is the worst kick in the league.
  11. yes we were bees to a honey pot yesterday, sometime with 4 up spoiling and mot one ground level player to contest.
  12. Would much rather go the hawthorn rote and get one quality player that fulfills a need. E. G Hibberd is a perfect example. We need a quality talk backmen who can stand the Danihers, Hawkins, Pattons etc and ideally a good kick. Hawks god gibson, lake and Frawley knowing how vital they can be. Yes history shows spending $1.5 m on Fyffe will improve you but no one has won a premiership. We don't want a jealous group.
  13. I might be in a minority here but Melksham brings much needed urgency and impacts contests a lot. I think people don't see what he and JKH were bringing defensively for us on the weekend. He also has some toe. I keep hearing Wagner is quick but I didn't see a lot of pace when he played. Melksham is not as bad as people think.
  14. he gets a big tick for Sundays game. he had the midfield playing more defensively knowing they had the dominant ruckman and had everyone leaping to get the ball to ground for the crumbers. Watching the replay what I did notice is that we were very clean taking the ball. kicking was atrocious at times but we didn't fumble much which usually leads to opposition goals. and blokes like Melksham and JKH whilst being bagged on here, kept the pressure on which created turnovers.
  15. would be competing with Weideman for the key forward spot.