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  1. Yep. As you've described. The cart was not a good look but it is a fair walk.
  2. 100% he left on a golf cart. Shortly before this I was no more than two metres from Jesse and a member of the fitness staff who were in earnest conversation. Bit hard to hear with music nearby but Hogan was indicating discomfort and looked particularly frustrated. He got to his feet, took no further part in training, walked over to the boundary and the cart took him to the rooms for swimming. Obviously there was an ongoing in as his knee was strapped.Hoping it's only minor and somewhat precautionary. Not the best thing to see when one first arrives to training.
  3. Hunt looks sore.Not a happy camper.
  4. Hogan left on a golf cart😏
  5. He's leaving the track now.
  6. Standing two metres from Hogan. Grimacing with a knee inury. Physio has said he should go inside for a swim. Hopefully not serious but not the best news. He looks frustrated.
  7. Preseason Training - Week commencing 4/12/17

    Any training on Monday?
  8. Viney's Foot

    And he still keeps taking the bait😘
  9. Viney's Foot

  10. The 2018 Fixture Thread

    If that's the case I really hope the game is late in the day or night match. No doubt the AFL will schedule a 2:10 start in 30+ degrees humid Brisbane sunshine. Bet on a six day break to follow.

    Any chance of Lochie O'Brien slipping to 29?
  12. Trade rumours

    I only heard the SEN interview so going by that. Obviously if a favourable trade comes our way we'll be very interested. Mahoney similar comments last year prior to us landing Lewis from nowhere.