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  1. Rarely given a long enough chance. Clearly believes he can dominate at VFL level and often does. Obviously lacks confidence in the seniors and is regularly out after one game. When the opportunity arises he should be given a stretch of games, almost regardless, to see if he 'has it'. Recontracted for a reason.
  2. Im with u. Really want him to do well. Understand that he has had an interrupted pre season and, as a big man, has time on his side. Having said that his total lack of aggression is a major concern. Ordinary players j aving a bad day can make a physical impact. He doesn't.
  3. Spargo forward and a bit up the field. Speedy, aggressive, penetrating kick and knows where the goals are. Baker mainly across half back. Composed, looks for options, covers the ground well and appears confident. Promising.
  4. Spargo and Baker the story of the day.
  5. Baker looking better as the game goes on. Promising.
  6. Keilty struggling to move on the bench. Looks gone for the game.
  7. Handy. V good in the first quarter.
  8. Weideman zero possessions at halftime. JKH easily the best for Casey. Keilty and Balic prominent.
  9. Weideman playing on Lucas Cook. The less said....
  10. Just about the best Demon
  11. Spargo best. Kent prominent. JKH v good. Balic ok. Weideman playing but unsighted as yet.13 for Casey?? excellent.
  12. Demons dominant. 21-0
  13. JKH in everything early. Spargo promising.