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  1. The Importance of Jordan Lewis

    The yawn increases.
  2. The Importance of Jordan Lewis

    So, so boring😴
  3. The Importance of Jordan Lewis

    Delusional in a pathetic attempt to prove a point. No credence given to the fact that Lewis has been a very good performer all season and has been excellent recently perhaps given that he is fully integrated with the game plan, team mates and culture of the club?To assert that he has 'cruising' until now is errant nonsense. Maybe u could pot all greats of the game that bring their very best at finals time. Conversely, if he wasn't performing now you'd be saying he hasn't got the bottle for the big games. Laughable.
  4. 11 wins

    11 might be enough to get us there!
  5. The Importance of Jordan Lewis

  6. Female Football Commentary Talent

    Just re read: "Mel McLaughlin could pull anything off". OK.
  7. Female Football Commentary Talent

    Give you 5 minutes and it gives you 4:59 to spare! Fair dinkum. Spending your time defending and being a flag waver for Mel McLaughlin.Embarrassing.Actually, you've finally outed yourself. Welcome to the forum Chris Gayle. Stick to physio Tugr...if u know what I mean.😘
  8. Female Football Commentary Talent

    ✔Seriously, should anyone be allowed to post on this forum that publicly declares his insatiable desire for Daisy and Co? This his first thought after a momentous Demon victory. Pedant.
  9. Female Football Commentary Talent

    You seriously need help. Tiffany Cherry sycophant. OMG! I might be a 'tagger' but you're the consumate 'tugger'.😍
  10. Female Football Commentary Talent

    This is what you post after a superb win. Uneffinbelievable. Who really cares.Once again physio, a total irrelevance.
  11. Round 17 Non MFC matches

    Losses for the Swans,Bulldogs,Eagles & Tigers would have made us four points better off. Simple. All were possible in the run.
  12. Round 17 Non MFC matches

    Pretty much a disaster weekend for the Dee's. Apart from the loss,Richmond,Swans,Essendon, Eagles & Bulldogs all winners. This time next week will likely be out of the eight. Relaunch from then.
  13. The Importance of Jordan Lewis

    An even bigger yawn Parkville physiotherapist. Was that u talking to Clarry on the fence yesterday?
  14. The Importance of Jordan Lewis

    Massive yawn.
  15. AFL Round 16 - Non MFC Games 2017

    Although Crows form is fairly ominous. Blues ran them close. Worrying.