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  1. JKH has been beset by injury. He was brought in underdone last time. His form at Casey has been first class. I suspect ANB will play more of the Jones role and vice versa for JKH.Think you're really tough on a young bloke that has had an extremely rough passage.
  2. Agree 100%! There will be.
  3. No 'knickers in a knot' mate. TBH, what is 'pretty boring' are these TGR and your type of posts that dwell on a supposed negative in a time that shows so much promise. Despite all of our opinions, do you really believe that the likes of yourself and TGR have greater insight to the recruitment of Lewis than our club? Do u profess to to know his full value ahead of Goodwin and the FD? Obviously a rhetorical question. So Lewis is done by next year? Let's see. If so beat your chest and pat yourself on the back and tell our club and the rest of us how wrong we were.. Amazing.The only problem with your formula is that as soon as Lewis has one bad game - Collingwood - he is finished. That means that Dustin Martin is in trouble after the weekend. Jordan, like Cross, will be valuable to our club for many years to come.
  4. So it's a non issue then? What is the point of banging on about Lewis? He has, and will continue to be valuable.So what does 'fast coming to the end of his career' actually mean and what value is there in stating that? Self appointed football pundit that derives self esteem from 'predictions' that are basically negative? Congrats. So go on, is his fast finishing career coming to and end today, tomorrow, against WC, end of the season or September 2019? So easy to be vague and general,
  5. Watching a different game.
  6. Lewis has never been a spectacular player. The way he played yesterday is what he's been doing for years. Watch the tape again. As well as 31 possessions numerous tap ons, tackles and was instructional. Its so easy to say that a player of his age is nearing his use by date, der! He has given us plenty. I think some believe he needs to be BOG every week racking up 40 + possessions each time to justify the trade. Wrong. Lost nothing in the trade and paying him a fair wage. This club has been superb in its judgement in recent times - Hannan, Clayton, Hunt, Smith, Hibberd, Melksham etc. I think I'll back our FD/recruiting department over some doomsday soothsayers here. So easy to pot a 31 year old. And yer, let's hope competition is so hot for spots that Lewis and others really need to earn their spot in 2018/19. Regardless he is invaluable to a club that has been anonymous for more than a decade.
  7. Finally. Yes,it can be easier to play well in a team that wins by ten goals. Having said that, Lewis was awesome in the first half when the game was on the line. Instrumental in setting up the victory. Haters will be circling like vultures when he has a bad one. Guess what, not all his Hawthorn games were magnificent. If we make finals watch out for Jordan!
  8. Speaking of primary school behaviour like never admitting when one is wrong? Remember Terry Wallace TGR? Your self professed demigod. Greatest coach ever? U r a sad individual. Clearly no joy again from another immense victory. Rubbing up too many young ones on the physio table methinks. Consumate darts player. Eventually you'll score a bull's-eye,maybe.Way off the mark here pal.
  9. Lewis 31 telling possessions. Yep,he's finished.
  10. Yes! I am in Brighton atm. Still available?
  11. Well spoken. Non issue.
  12. Spencer is arguably the worst ruckman in the league.
  13. Still no Brayshaw.
  14. Lewis contract heavily front ended. Has paid dividends already. Jordie McKenzie was on bigger coin in the last year of his final contract than Jordan will be..If he plays one game bin 2019 it will be a bonus.Club fully aware of this. Even as an assistant coach he'll be on roughly the same as Ben Matthews.Plenty of salary cap room for young bucks.This discussion is just about the biggest non issue of the millennium.
  15. Jackson Trengove for me. Much cheaper, restricted free agent and can play defence, forward and ruck. Proven.