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  1. No escaping the 'fact' that when Angus receives a head knock it's,at the very least, a game ending injury for him. Can't continue for him and the club.
  2. Agreed but he really can't afford any more in the foreseeable future. This mainly for his sake but also a team does not want to be a player short early in a game.
  3. Fair enough but u weren't the least concerned when he was withdrawn early from the game with a head knock given his history?
  4. May have been construed as 'hysterical',nevertheless, it's his fourth or fifth head knock and a cause for serious concern.Others have had long periods out of the game or even retired with fewer knocks than Brayshaw. Ongoing affects and repercussions cannot be minimized.
  5. Really good news on Angus.Lot better outlook than last night.
  6. Watched him closely and rate him. Gathered a fair amount of the ball in the first half then faded. Looked nippy but his decision making and disposal were poor.Needs more time at Casey
  7. Brayshaw was heavily tagged against Willy. Let him have a kill against North Ballarat. Trengove must be considered after two excellent performances at Casey. If not, y is he on the list? Hibberd is a no brainer.
  8. Weideman was at the game with a massive bandage on his thigh and was limping. Doubt that he'll play anywhere next week. Pederson a lock.
  9. Corey Maynard showing plenty.
  10. If Hibberd gets through he will play. He has been very good to this point.
  11. Based on the first half Hibberd,Pederson, Brayshaw and obviously Hogan MUST come in. Hannan,Weideman,Bugg and possibly Melksham all back to Casey.Hibberd for mine has been the story. We are crying out for his distribution and leadership.
  12. Looks class Trengove but very slow.
  13. Melbourne injury/suspension toll taking effect. Numerous average Casey players. A shadow of the GF team.
  14. A Zephyr if anything.
  15. There's a breeze?