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  1. don't make me angry

    Training - Friday 15th February, 2019

    Jordan hurt his ankle today at pies intra
  2. don't make me angry

    Jack Watts video

    Yes sources close to jack watts relieved to new idea that jack was worried that Demonland post's about him had stopped, so he organised this video so they would not forget him.
  3. don't make me angry

    Jack Watts video

    How could she be having fun, only men like sex, poor women they are forced by men to doing anything that involves anything sexualized, yes us men force them to do these things, no way no women would ever what a man to touch them, he must of forced her. The job of these women is to encourage men.
  4. don't make me angry

    Jack Watts video

    A moron he might be. not really too old, that statement of yours, sounds like u wish u were young again, and able to even get within 2 feet from young perky breasts
  5. don't make me angry

    Jack Watts video

    Come on mate u know you wish that was u in the video
  6. don't make me angry

    Jack Watts video

    Fair suck of the sauce, it's a woman's breast and he is a young hetro male of cause he has passion for the breast, tell me you wouldn't have passion for those breasts
  7. don't make me angry

    Josh Kelly

    If he goes anywhere it will be to north so what the hell is anyone here is talking about him anyway. Hope he stays will be a huge dagger in the north's heart.
  8. don't make me angry

    Ollie wines injured?

    It is better to break your shoulder then dislocate it, break it and they put in a rod and your back in 2 weeks
  9. don't make me angry

    Ollie wines injured?

    Both teams are a total opposite to back then, we were a bad team getting worse, they were on the rise, now we are on a rise and their team was already weaker before wines injury.
  10. don't make me angry

    Clubs Must Dread This Time of Year - Injuries

    Well it is dangerous, water skiing, more dangerous then riding a motorbike, it was not trac playing basketball that was the problem, it was that he did it barefoot.
  11. don't make me angry

    AFL fantasy league

    AFL.com fantasy league is now open, I have started a unofficial Demonland league, who wants to join, pin for the league. 55AJFUFX
  12. don't make me angry

    Training - Monday 21st January, 2019

    Does anyone else thinks that vagg is a ox look alike, and I mean David not the animal
  13. don't make me angry

    Laughing at the Pies.....

    Not a chance always thought u supported the pies
  14. don't make me angry

    Origins/meanings of Display Names?

    Kurringal flats the flat of horrors the police where scared to go there., are u a native original.
  15. don't make me angry

    Tom Mitchell out for the season

    Fell sorry for tom but not for the hawks, happy that it will hurt them bad, but not happy about the poor man getting hurt. They are a old team they put everything into the Mitchell and O'Meara trades. Every old power get desperate, them and Geelong are holding on for dear life
  16. don't make me angry

    New Major Sponsor - Jaguar CONFIRMED

    Amazon don't need to sponsor anyone, companies advertises on amazon.
  17. don't make me angry

    New Major Sponsor - Jaguar CONFIRMED

    I don't think it is good for our clubs brand having a new major sponsor every few years, it might give the impression to companies that sponsoring our team does not sell their products well. Why does there need to be a front and back sponsor any way? most teams have the same sponsor on back and front.
  18. don't make me angry

    Origins/meanings of Display Names?

    My first username was vincehotboy,, because vincenzo being my first name and because demons live in fire, but someone said I was gay because of my user name, so I changed it to angry demon, but there is a angrydee and some where getting us mixed up. As a kid my favorite show was the hulk, and my most common saying to my kids is don't make me angry.
  19. don't make me angry

    8 Reasons to Get Excited

    And what are u saying we move the ball slow!! Gee I Wonder how this slow ball moving side with the worst defence, that can't hit targets made the top 4. Will the MFCSS members ever look at any positives, anyway this thread is about things to get excited about, not how many MFCSS members can poke holes in this sh@t team. WE ARE A GOOD TEAM WITH HUGE UPSIDE, MFCSS MEMBERS CAN GO BACK UNDER THEIR ROCK.
  20. don't make me angry

    8 Reasons to Get Excited

    That's right we are not slow, and we move the ball fairly well. I think the MFCSS is so in grained in some supporters that they can't except we are actually a good team, and have to find fault in everything.
  21. don't make me angry

    8 Reasons to Get Excited

    Watch the game against carlton , bulldogs, and GWS and any of our wins every losing team looks slow, speed is over rated, it's myth, and the sheep believe what others say.
  22. don't make me angry

    8 Reasons to Get Excited

    This is the biggest myth who in our midfield group would u say is slow
  23. don't make me angry

    IG Partnership Continues

    We where but that ended a long time ago
  24. don't make me angry

    Former Demon Cam Johnston has great NFL Debut

    No Essendrug
  25. don't make me angry

    List Management- Hawks have 31 players out of contract end of 2019

    Sicily is the most over rayed player in the AFL, he average 6.6 turnover a game, is easily beaten 1 on 1 and is easily put off his game with a few choice words.