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    Lyon's Plea to Petracca: Be Like Max

    Petracca averages 20 possessions a game that's Elite for a half-forward, what's with everyone wanting everyone to play heaps of midfield times, we have enough good players through the midfield, what's wrong with him becoming a great half forward, with pinch hits in the midfield, he just needs to sort out his set shot goal kicking, fix that up and he can kick 40 goals a season.
  2. don't make me angry

    Goody in the offseason

    Ross Lyon is smart he knew the saints where going down, if he stayed at the saints and would have been sacked, and we all know once a coach gets sacked they never coach again, makes no sense for Goodwin to leave now, no coach leaves a team on the up.
  3. don't make me angry

    2018 Delisted Free Agents

    That's not correct, then hogan, Neal, and beams are rejects, many traded players their clubs wanted to keep them, the 2 from essendon where not rejected they wanted to leave a club that let them down, a reject is someone no one wants, you are wrong don't be a Fonzie.
  4. don't make me angry

    The Jay Lockhart Thread

    In a strong draft no way will he go in the top 60, last years draft was a every even draft, if we use either second round pick that's not something taylor would do, that's what BP would do, like picking gysberts when he would still have been available in the second round.
  5. don't make me angry

    PICKS # 23 & 28

    Jy Bolton for pick 28
  6. don't make me angry

    New major sponsor?

    Thay can because USA sports get hundreds of millions of dollars from TV right, example the NFL clubs get 260 mill each from TV rights a year.
  7. don't make me angry

    Blazer Glory

    Nothing wrong with the old boys club, the hawks under clarkson is full of ex demons. Some times clubs think the old boys club is bad and rids itself of some great people, and the heart and soul of its own Club. The vitriol of many of you posters is disgusting, all Australian players get a blazer, CS is not to blame for 186, that's fairly on the shoulders of the players and dean who let the players get away with murder, they say it was a protest to CS, deep down it was a protest to the coach, and a protest to the players own lack of pride in their performance. And I don't know cam but deep down he was working his [censored] off keeping the club above water, and meant well it is easy to be a arm chair expert and live in hindsight.
  8. don't make me angry

    2019 Fixture

    That Hawthorne President is a real sh@t head, what the hell is he complaining about, he says that the hawks are not getting enough exposure, 5 Friday night games 12 free to air games, I bet he is looking at our fixture and thinking that they should have 2 of our Friday night games. If I where a President of another club I would tell him to shut up.
  9. don't make me angry

    2019 Fixture

    No matter what the fixture is someone will complain, just shut up about going to the NT. We will be going there twice every year for the next 5 at least, and we will get a few 6 day breaks that does not matter, unless we get 3 in a row the team always loses the third game.
  10. don't make me angry

    Wallace Rates Dees Trade Period

    The eagles don't have as much depth as our midfield the last three times we played them Kennedy not playing Melbourne 2 weagles 0, all at their home ground where they are a 8 goal better side, Kennedy played 10 times in home away season they win all 10, without Kennedy they are 6 wins 6 loses, a average team without him. The eagles won the trade because Judd was getting 1 mill 6 years before clubs could fit in a 1 mill player in the cap, which means with Judd coming they could not build their depth, they played 3 finals in his first 3 season, then have not come close, yet weagles have only missed finals a few times since. And yes it is not Judd's fault but that's not the point, wins and loses is the only measurement of success.
  11. don't make me angry

    Vale Colin Sylvia

    Lucky he was made a life member before this happened, stuff all those that said he did not deserve it, I was always protective of col, was struck down with op at 17, he was one of those types who got hurt a lot Early in his career. Rip
  12. don't make me angry

    Official Nicknames

    personality like chucky, what is he a psycho serial killer
  13. don't make me angry

    2018 Player Reviews: #5 Christian Petracca

    Is building nicely, averaging 20 touches, and just under 1 goal a game, there are 22 player every week, not everyone needs to be in to top 5 of the b&f. If his still playing the same way at 23 then will judge harshly, g ablett jur only averaged 16 touch's a game in first 100 games.
  14. don't make me angry

    Daniel Menzel

    Until he had his groin injury he was the most dangerous small forward in the competition.
  15. don't make me angry

    Wallace Rates Dees Trade Period

    I still can't work out how port got a b on there report, there list has gone backwards, I think he is giving them a b because they brought in a premiership ruckman, they have lost their best outside mid and there only x factor in wingrade, in this world premiership make players better then they really are.
  16. don't make me angry

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    Better to say, " get out out of the way b
  17. don't make me angry

    Demons Grand Plan for Yarra Park Training HQ

    When we were there everyone was complaining about being there, short memories.
  18. don't make me angry

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    There was a time when they got to around $10 kg, then circus monkeys went wild because the circus's could not afford giving them bananas.
  19. don't make me angry

    Demons Grand Plan for Yarra Park Training HQ

    Going back to junction oval, would have been no good, would have to have shared it with cricket, they use to have no goal post on the ground in preseason training, don't know the size of ground. We need a training base that is the same size as the MCG, I think the biggest reason the eagles won the flag is because of the training ground, they have a MCG size ground to train on, they have been no good on the MCG for 10 year, there is no coincidence why they've all of a sudden become good on the MCG.
  20. don't make me angry

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Having mates won't feel so good when he see the dees play in finals and grand finals, freeo are 3 year away from even being competitive, they Have 1 a grade midfielder, they were a 2 man midfield now they are a 1 man midfield, you at least 3 a grade midfielder, and 3 b grader midfielder they have 1 A grader and no b grader midfielder.
  21. don't make me angry

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Not really anyone that dies not play for the Dee's are enemies he'll be just like Jeff farmer who deeply regretted leaving us for that God awful Club
  22. don't make me angry

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Full [censored] hogan does not love our club I wish him no goodwill, hope he never taste success, Lyon kills forwards, hope he loves 30 inside 50's a game
  23. don't make me angry

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    If may goes somewhere else then Hogan's going no where.
  24. don't make me angry

    Would we take $cully back?

    He could be the steal of the century, or nothing, but not a bust for the hawks, has cost nothing, a future forth round that will be passed up. Are GWS on a rebuild, they are shedding everyone.
  25. don't make me angry

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    It least he scored big runs.