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  1. don't make me angry

    Oliver to have surgery on BOTH shoulders!

    That is true, but he can still run, it won't effect his fitness level, or skill level just no contact training, cross works his rehab men hard.
  2. don't make me angry

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Some changers will be made, but not as radical as some want. Next year is the start of our window, you don't make top 4 have the youngest side in the finals and make huge changes.
  3. don't make me angry

    Say what you want, I’m proud of this club this year.

    Pickets belongs somewhere else he only post after losses to spew out his MFCSS disease, he has no idea at all, said we would come 10 th, the only ones who agree with him they are only fellow MFCSS members. No his right we need to trade half the player that played on sat, trade ANB, hannan, tyson, frost trac, retire Jones, lewis, and many more is what he and his other fellow clueless fools want, because that's what you do to a young side that made top 4 we need a rebuild. Don't worry about posters like him.
  4. don't make me angry

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Take your hand off it all four have been very good over the last 4 weeks 1 bad game after 4 good ones, and you what to delist or trade, did not hear you much over the last 4 weeks when we were winning, this is the time when all MFCSs member come out to spew their total sh@t.
  5. don't make me angry

    Say what you want, I’m proud of this club this year.

    You are chicken little pickets, did not hear from you much in the last few weeks when we were winning. You did say we would go backwards this year that we would not make the 8, you are captain MFCSS, what do you want to delist half the list rebuild a young side, who has won 16 games, spargo is not slow, you have no idea, in the preseason you said we where no good, don't go to any games next year, no one really cares.
  6. don't make me angry

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    knee jerk are number one Foolish Stupid call You have no idea, you blame BM for every lose. He is the one who taught the team the contested footy thar everyone is saying is why we are in the last 4, your bias against him has always made me laugh.
  7. don't make me angry

    Camp wars

    Those naysayers will still say they were right, right about what I do not know, but they will still stand by there nsysaying because they have MFCSS and always will.
  8. don't make me angry

    The Tyler Roos Thread

    What level? More likely to be picked up by Sydney if he is any good, they can pick him up as a rookie.
  9. don't make me angry

    If we beat the Eagles in the prelim I will ...

    Had a still born in 2007, luckily she was a twin so my boy Rocco is healthy, so joy and sadness, a bit like this Saturday going to be.
  10. don't make me angry

    The moment you know when you’re going to win

    I knew we would win when the teams where named, the hawks have zero depth, once O'Meara and Stratton were out they had zero chance.
  11. don't make me angry

    Changes v Eagles - Preliminary Final

    No change!!!! Don't trust J smith, did not play that well at Casey very average, for anyone to come in they have to be in better form then who goes out, and I don't see j smith in better form. I bet most that want Tyson out just are copy and paste posters, unless Dom did not play his role he stays in.
  12. don't make me angry

    David King thinks Eagles will Belt Us.

    No I can came up with a lot of negative, very easy no sheep. How come when people say, If this happened and that happened they only refer to 1 team, king would sound smart if he also said, " if Melbourne had hit more forward 50 targets in the first Qtr, they would have had a three goal lead in the 1st qtr" because we mlssed at least 3 targets in the 1st QTR under no pressure. What ifs go both ways, I think king does not even believe what he said, he just wanted to sound different from what most said about the game.
  13. don't make me angry

    David King thinks Eagles will Belt Us.

    I seem to remember that u almost always say the something after every win, it goes like this, if we play like that against a good side we will get smashed, its getting tied the same posters seem to post the same negative post again and again, example grinter riot squad wrote the same post 3 times after the win, I think people like you and him have a copy and paste post. The posters that post that, often post the same thing after every win, they are copy and paste posters with no insight just negative MFCSs members. I like SWYL he is often negative but never after a win, there is a time to be negative and a time to be happy, MFCSS member have to be negative every time. Just be glad you like me can enjoy a win, those that can't maybe should stop following football.
  14. don't make me angry

    Post Match Discussion - Semi Final

    Gee after a great win this is your first post. Give it a rest, and just because you post the same post 3 times won't make it true, stop being a copy and paste poster. To Mr president of the MFCSs.
  15. don't make me angry

    David King thinks Eagles will Belt Us.

    ALL OF YOU SHEEP that ARGREE WITH KING ARE JUST MFCSS DROP KICKS, THE ONES THAT HAVE TO FIND A NEGATIVE IN EVERY THING THAT GOES GOOD. STAT WATCHERS have no idea about footy, Richmond did not play that much better then us against the hawk, the hawks miss even easier shots against Richmond then against us, but no one is saying they played poorly, and king said we went backwards, so anyone of you who agree with him agree we took a step backwards, you really know nothing about football.