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  1. I see, people are connecting hogans trading to his mental health as a reason, just think about that, your saying that anybody in the team that has mental health conditions are on the trading block. And many think like that in the media and say the same things. No wonder men between the age of 25 to 40 have a high suicide rates. these views give people with mental health issues a complex and low self-esteem, it makes them think that people think that they are undesirable to be at their club or be mates with.
  2. yes he's gone from a club we're he is just one of the pieces in a good side, to a team we're he has to be the messiah at a crap team maybe or maybe not but that's not the point I'm making, he's gone from a top side to a crap side, of course he's got anxiety, he now has to be the Messiah where at Melbourne he was one of the disciples.
  3. people come up with the stupidest conclusions, maybe that's why goodyhe traded him that's got nothing to do with it, Hogan brought this clinical anxiety on himself by going from a team that's going to challenge for the flag to a team that's going to be in the bottom 5 for the next five years no wonder he's got anxiety
  4. Stop complaining they have already had 137 pre orders of this jumper, that means that many people like the jumper. Lol don't care what they do, young kids are losing interest in playing sport, if we we don't engage the kids, footy will die.
  5. Easy have more supports then people think, many only come out when we are winning, we can gain 10000_ members over night, just count the people that go to the Darwin game as members.
  6. That called getting old we all do unless u die young
  7. Yeah update is, leave this tread and the plan dead and buried, not going to happen.
  8. Just needs 1 good preseason and he might come good, who?
  9. Nick is a liar bad now but not in my time, bull!!
  10. What sort of messages is this giving the young players, it OK to do drugs
  11. He had retired, but after football he snorted all his money up his nose
  12. Never hurt west coast they have always played 2 ruckmen plus 2 talls up forward
  13. That essddrug where drugged up to there eyesballs
  14. That's a bit melodramatic, it won't change the way the game is played. Don't like change I can see why Hemingway did himself in after his world tour, couldn't stand to see anything change.
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