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  1. He was talking about Jeff farmer leaving
  2. Jack Is all grunt and power. You are so bias that your post are unbelievable, never a good word about anyone, gee OMAC has played less the 50 games, this point of his career, and big men take time, what he is showing at the moment is unbelievable, he is already showing improvement just from round 1, he is playing like a 80 game player, his upside is huge, and if you can't see that then you know nothing about footy
  3. I would rather get a 30 point lead at half time and hold on, then be 30 points down, more likely to win with a big lead.
  4. He is thinking about life after footy, he will get paid heaps in the media, and when you have won a brownlow you can act with personality, too many serious people, like hardwick wanting to smash cornes for pointing out the truth, lighten up picked you would be no fun watching a stand up.
  5. We need him to play his best game ever this Saturday night for us to have any chance, 30+ pos 4 goals
  6. I think everyone should contact our club and demand Carlton take actions of their members abusing players and touching them when they abuse them, players have been stabbed by fans at other sports
  7. Anyone that has vero make a complaint and say you will leave them if this rep of their company is abusing afl players and trying to make contact with players
  8. Don't worry about a six day break just had a 9 day break, with heaps of changes
  9. If it was nev and not Oliver that Carlton fan would be dragged out of the ground and no one would question the player, that said there is no such thing as bad culture or good culture at footy clubs its all buzz words there is only two types of cultures at football teams a winning one and a losing one, we are in the 8 Carlton are not, winning is good and losing is bad. They way the media is going at Oliver is a form of bullying.
  10. May have cost the game made no sense picking 2 defenders when we have all our goal scores sidelined
  11. What tonights game shows we never give up, every team that plays as from now on will never think they have beaten us until the game is over, we can win from anywhere
  12. This year side has the same culture as the doggies of last year, that no matter who goes out another soldier takes his role.
  13. Pedo has been reallly strong, watts is a big loss so is jones, but with gawn back in the ruck the set up of the team is the same as in the first three rounds, so pedo now plays the role that watts played.
  14. There is so much depth on the list hard call, everyone is making too much of 6 day turn around, we have just had a bye, the 3 6 day are not so bad after a bye
  15. I have been saying OMAC has been playing well for weeks, he has stopping most of the Forwards he has played on. now he is starting to hit more targets and turning over the ball less,