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  1. Complete mystery isn't it....wasn't even called high contact yet is sanctioned 1 week. Surely questions should be asked by the umpiring panel about the performance on the day and it should be acknowledged as an error?
  2. I thought Petracca broke his toe? Article mentions "fractured ankle": "He knows you can't partake in pre-season dunking contests against your dog, because you'll fracture your ankle and make your coach extremely unhappy."
  3. Shows a lack of integrity that they are so easily influenced by the crowd.....
  4. Agree, maggots robbed us. So many frees in the last 1/4.
  5. Turned the sound off 5 minutes into the last quarter, agree about the constant references to Hawthorns dominance over the years, nothing at all to say about the maggots in green.
  6. Agree, biggestred, there seems to be a particular sort of anti-social behavior here in WA, where the knuckle draggers feel free to act like this,most likely because most of the time there is no consequences for it. Its best described when they say "whatta ya gonna do about it!" because they know they will get away scot free, and if you object, you possibly you get hurt by them. Unless you are bigger and uglier there is no respect shown. Aggression plus booze is not a good mixture
  7. Pretty easy to see why this behavior occurred: Long weekend in WAFriday evening gameEarly knock off from workHit the Subiaco or city pubs to get a skinfulEasy access to booze at the gameLax crowd controlWe dread going to Subiaco for Melbourne games, usually don't wear our colours to avoid drawing attention from the knuckle dragging morons.
  8. As a guess it might be in respect to Nic Naitanui's mum, given Jesse is from WA?
  9. Looks like a Howe knee at the 3.09 mark 2nd quarter, overshadowed by the knee injury to Drummond
  10. Really worried for Nev's health, another head knock and concussion, hope he is OK. I missed what happened, anyone see it?
  11. And a year less we get out of his contract, returns to fitness, gets some games under his belt then we are back into a Scully scenario......
  12. I don't think it was crowd influence, they were very quiet on Saturday night at the ground, just crap umpiring. Also enjoyed watching that Eagles player run all the way from HF flank across the top of the centre square (about 30 meters) without bouncing the ball.....with the umpire running alongside him. My theory is the percieved "low value" games get the less experience "L" plate umpires
  13. That was last year "the day of the duck" West Coast dropped their knees in every tackle and the umpires paid a high free every single time. This helped WC to the 8 goal first quarter in that game, free count of 20 plus to 2 at half time. AFL changed interpretation after other clubs screamed about it
  14. Outs - Mrs Nomed. Point blank won't go Saturday night Test - Nomed Junior. Looked at tickets on the fridge and went "Oh yeah", seems to lack commitment, however I can't delist him as he is in a "development" role. Paterson Stadium I hate it, is it really10 years since Round 11 2004 when Vardy dragged us across the line in the rain?