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  1. GAMEDAY - Round 23

    What the .....
  2. The Jack Trengove is BACK Thread

    So, does he play a "team" role or does he try to win kicks to look good? If given a "role" on someone or a position, may not showcase his abilities. If he goes "off plan" he get a black marks from coaching staff. Bloody difficult for him!

    Fantastic! Here is the cheersquad singing after the game.

    Had a box of 50 lashes on it!
  5. Oliver is no 'stager'!

    Local media in Perth really winding up on it as well. 2 hours on 6 PR Sportstalk last night of rabid callers, also back 2 pages of the West Australian today. What worries me is how this translates on Olivers next visit west, will it be the non stop booing ala Goodes a few years ago, or some drunken WCE member going over the top of the dugout? Really irresponsible coverage imo, could lead to some bad outcomes over here in terms of crowd behaviour. Also Clayton is what, 19, and only played less than 30 games, he may not be happy on reflection, but what can he say or do differently now? Let the WA witch hunt and character assassination continue!

    Could not post Saturday night. Lived in Perth since 2000, haven't seen Melbourne win since 2004 in the rain against Freo. Sat at Subiaco in the rain, when it was cold, when it was hot, at the City end with the sun in your eyes and couldn't see the far end of the ground. Put up with drunks and moronic West Coast and Fremantle supporters. One drunk wanted to fight Mrs Nomed a few years ago because she cheered a Dee's goal (we left the ground). Watched year after year of massive disparities in free kick counts, head duckers and thugs roughing up weak Melbourne teams. Lost carton after carton of beers and packets of TIm Tams. And then this game...... We beat the crowd! We beat the umpires! We beat the Eagles!
  7. Of Course, Cyril gets off

    Complete mystery isn't it....wasn't even called high contact yet is sanctioned 1 week. Surely questions should be asked by the umpiring panel about the performance on the day and it should be acknowledged as an error?
  8. Together at Last- Petracca and Brayshaw by Emma Quayle

    I thought Petracca broke his toe? Article mentions "fractured ankle": "He knows you can't partake in pre-season dunking contests against your dog, because you'll fracture your ankle and make your coach extremely unhappy."

    Shows a lack of integrity that they are so easily influenced by the crowd.....

    Agree, maggots robbed us. So many frees in the last 1/4.
  11. Channel Seven

    Turned the sound off 5 minutes into the last quarter, agree about the constant references to Hawthorns dominance over the years, nothing at all to say about the maggots in green.
  12. WA Crowd

    Agree, biggestred, there seems to be a particular sort of anti-social behavior here in WA, where the knuckle draggers feel free to act like this,most likely because most of the time there is no consequences for it. Its best described when they say "whatta ya gonna do about it!" because they know they will get away scot free, and if you object, you possibly you get hurt by them. Unless you are bigger and uglier there is no respect shown. Aggression plus booze is not a good mixture
  13. WA Crowd

    Pretty easy to see why this behavior occurred: Long weekend in WAFriday evening gameEarly knock off from workHit the Subiaco or city pubs to get a skinfulEasy access to booze at the gameLax crowd controlWe dread going to Subiaco for Melbourne games, usually don't wear our colours to avoid drawing attention from the knuckle dragging morons.
  14. Post Match Discussion - Round 19

    As a guess it might be in respect to Nic Naitanui's mum, given Jesse is from WA?
  15. Nev Jetta

    Looks like a Howe knee at the 3.09 mark 2nd quarter, overshadowed by the knee injury to Drummond