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    He will end up a good athletic build. Seen much of him?
  2. The Matthew Ling Thread

    Have seen a bit of Ling and would be very happy to get him. Smart footballer. Not sure he gets to us though...
  3. Farewell Jack Watts

    1. It's a disgrace 2. The type of person you are dealing with is self evident casting serious doubt on the information 3. The relationship between the poster and player is far less likely to produce objective information anyway 4. It's a disgrace

    Joel Amartey | Sandringham| Ruckman/Tall forward | 195cm | 75kg | 2/9/99 While it was a day he would rather forget, Joel Amartey was probably the most dominant big man on the ground on Sunday night. Took a number of leaping marks around the ground, his most memorable being the fantastic pack mark that gave him that fateful kick after the siren. However, his fantastic snap goal in the second quarter was arguably more impressive, showing brilliant athleticism for a player of his size. Amartey dominated the hit-outs with his trampoline leap, finishing with 27 hit-outs, including plenty of thumps to Sandy’s advantage.

    Really like Joel Amartey for a late pick. Yeah he missed the goal in the TAC Cup grand final but he can play. Is the modern mobile ruck, is super athletic, can tackle, carry the footy and take a mark. Will take some time but has a lot of upside. http://www.espn.com.au/afl/story/_/id/19132443/joel-amartey-impressing-forward
  6. Rd 1 Team with Lever

    I think with our best side kicking is ok, Frost and Tyson still a worry and TMac playing forward mitigates it a bit Run and carry around the middle... I think is the area that needs urgent improvement. Whether we can shuffle what we have around or some other solution pops up?
  7. I take it you don't expect us to be top 4 in 2018 Picket?
  8. Trade rumours

    This is my summation of what I know about the dialogue regarding this negotiation:
  9. The Bayley Fritsch Thread

    What role can you see him playing Drunkn?
  10. The Bayley Fritsch Thread

    MFC I think through Mahoney have publicly stated after picking up Smith and Keilty last year that the Casey alignment was a factor in them being picked up
  11. Trade rumours

    Carlton had the player. Adelaide had the player. WTF are you on about.
  12. Farewell Colin Garland

    Announced on SEN. Remaining at the club in a coaching role
  13. Josh Schache

    The key to a bloke like this is understanding what his impediments are and whether they can be removed. It seems that most clubs think they can't at this point.
  14. Farewell Jack Watts

    Happy to see the end of it. The footy world has been watching the Jack Watts stage show which was rolled out by the club 9 years ago and could never be shut down. Wasn't helped by the buffoons in charge at the time and the player didn't help himself often displaying his cavalier approach to the game and his profession both on and off the ground. A polarising and ultimately limited player that drew far too much energy, resources and attention.