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  1. Stretch Johnson

    Last chance for Kennedy-Harris?

    I watched the game from my phone in North Qld and saw this too. I actually had him mistaken for Jetta a couple of times going for a spoil. Was then surprised with the lack of physicality in the spoil attempts and realised it was JKH. Thought he deserved his game and he worked into it well enough. Needs to work on a couple of things, I think he has something to work with at AFL level and offers a point of difference.
  2. Stretch Johnson

    Yeats, Grinter, Green, Yze, Bruce, and others et al

    FFS.. Maybe we could get Chris Connolly to head up footy, or get Gary Lyon to choose our next coach.
  3. Stretch Johnson


    SLOW. Lost at selection. We are close to the slowest side in the comp defensively and we get smashed on the rebound. Why we would bring in 2 talls is strange. It's nice to reward blokes playing well at Casey, but not at the expense of balance. Again this loss sits with coaching and selection. This part of the club is under performing.
  4. Stretch Johnson


    Yes, I cannot stand the peddlers of misinformation.
  5. Stretch Johnson

    Changes v Port

    I've seen you post some drivel. This takes the cake.
  6. Stretch Johnson

    Watts Dropped from Port

    Lots of revisionism in relation to these players as usual. Yes, they were poorly managed however I would argue that they wouldn't have made it regardless. Watts lacked intensity and never consistently learned to watch the ball into the hands. Self-preservation instinct too strong. Had several opportunities to change, either can't or doesn't want to. Not consistently Afl standard and unreliable. Trengove, not a quick player, stuffed foot, became even slower. Not Afl standard Toumpas, not very good, what can you do with an outside slow player with average skill and poor awareness? Not Afl standard. I don't care where they went in the draft. It simply afforded them more opportunity than those taken later.
  7. Stretch Johnson

    Marc Murphy at the Dees.

    A fit Murphy could definitely help us.
  8. Stretch Johnson

    New CEO - Gary Pert

  9. Stretch Johnson

    Changes v Port

    Did you watch the game bing?
  10. Stretch Johnson

    Watts Dropped from Port

    The pattern has never changed for him. He doesn't want it enough and there is no shame in that. Not everyone is cut out for senior Afl football. It's a brutal game. And the game has changed sufficiently to make the type of role he can play well verging on redundant. I've got nothing against him personally but I made some observations about him when he was first drafted and playing VFL. I got an absolute pasting on here.
  11. Stretch Johnson

    Changes v Port

    Some great posts above. Worth coming to demonland and trawling through the garbage after a loss to find some gold. The good thing about this issue is it can be fixed and we have a fortnight to work it out. Personally I would like to see jkh rotated through the midfield for a go. Three weeks ago I would have poo pooed that idea, but I thnk we need Salem Brayshaw and another working through there.
  12. Stretch Johnson

    Changes v Port

    Why have our clearances dropped off since we have had all of Viney, Oliver and Jones at our disposal? Too many ball hunters?
  13. Stretch Johnson

    Changes v Port

    I think the midfield mix needs to change, just not sure how that looks. I watched jkh on Saturday and thought that he was playing a good brand of inside outside football. I had marked his cards but I would think about giving him a run.
  14. Stretch Johnson

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    In the first half they got three goals from stoppages. That is far too many and will need to be looked at. Viney, Jones and Oliver are see ball get ball types, too many times the filth were able to get the ball to the outside with ease. We may need to reassess this mix against quality opposition mids.
  15. Stretch Johnson

    Jordan Lewis is absolutely cooked, never pick him again

    Anyone not looking squarely at the midfield in that loss is barking up the wrong tree. At clearances and stoppages we were destroyed. They controlled the game.