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  1. Every theme song will be re-done by AFL

    How many more lessons in this "renewal and improvement" space need to be learned? Arnotts with their Shapes flavours, BIG M with their chocolate flavour, Coca Cola (repeat offenders), the bloody MCC with the MCG siren (the digital wizardry could never replicate the sound and it's now been lost to the annals of history) and so the list goes on. The new song is not the same. And it's inferior. DeeSpencer nailed it. Reflective of an obsession with tinkering. Symptomatic of an organisation with a bloated management team, out of control egos and an out of touch CEO who doesn't understand the fundamentals of the business. Lived through it at BHP. Please email the club if you're aggrieved as I am.
  2. No Parking in Yarra Park

    It's a park....not a car park, let alone a development site! Like CBDees I live in East Melbourne so I have a particular perspective. But the City of Melbourne / MCC need look no further than South Yarra and what Stonnington is doing with the car park outside Coles and Woolworths for some inspiration - it's just about where you dig and the obvious but expensive answer is underneath the rail corridor. As for the policy itself, I'm not yet clear on the correlation between the ability for terrorists to detonate a device in Yarra Park for a "blockbuster"....however that's defined versus a 30,000 crowd game!
  3. JLT 2 vs. St. Kilda

    In: N.Jetta, J.Garlett, D.Tyson, S.FrostOut: J.Lewis (Injured), A.Neal-Bullen (rested) Kent, Spargo, Keilty and JKH are emergencies. Viney / Lewis and ANB are notable absentees. Seems to be a very straight bat approach in the lead-up to round 1. Wagner and Stretch being given every opportunity to grab a spot.
  4. JLT 2 vs. St. Kilda

    Groin or quad?
  5. JLT 2 vs. St. Kilda

    We elected to only play 24 in JLT1 (instead of 26). JLT2 is 24, so no squad reduction. Seemingly ANB and Lewis out (and probably Harmes) with Tyson, Viney, Jetta, Garlett potentially coming in and Frost / Balic / JKH / J Smith potentials. I don't think they need to play Jetta or Garlett and they probably won't risk Viney.
  6. JLT Squad for the North game

    Nope. From the AFL website: Squads of 30 have been released with four to be cut before game time. Stringer is the only one of that trio to be named on the bench. http://www.afl.com.au/news/2018-02-22/jlt-week-one-squads-star-recruits-unleashed
  7. JLT Squad for the North game

    26. 4 out
  8. Who plays in JLT v North Melbourne 24/2?

    Good points ProDee. Hope that doesn't make him borderline laconic though.....
  9. The Ox says the Dees in danger ....

    The subtext in Ox's obvious observation is all about avoiding complacency ie improvement is not a given and will need to be fought hard for, more so if there's any adversity on the injury front. Just messaging for the young bucks in the playing group....from that wise old owl the Ox!
  10. Trade rumours

    How many you expecting to bat for Brayshaw Self ? !! Is it 3 strikes and you're out? !
  11. 2017 Post Mortem

    I just emailed them noting that rule one of crisis management is you can't say nothing!! I'm really surprised they didn't have a contingency plan in place for this eventuality and that they didn't convene yesterday evening to work out when to launch it. It's a bit embarrassing to be honest.
  12. Looking ahead ... the Path to September

    This is just semantics Ungarie boy. Losing because there's not enough on the line to push for a win is akin to not showing up mentally. No doubt they'll probably run out this afternoon wanting to win but it may well be wanting to win conditionally ie so long as we don't have to put our bodies on the line / risk injury. If however, for some reason they have a preference for playing either Richmond or GWS at home next week (and wherever the balance of the finals draw likely heads after that), we have afforded them the possibility to pick and choose and obviously our fate swings with it.
  13. Looking ahead ... the Path to September

    Hey @Ungarieboy only three out of the selected Crows side so far! But there's no way they're flirting with form against WCE right?
  14. Looking ahead ... the Path to September

    In the fwiw category, interesting discussion on the Pies Big Footy board about the merits of losing against the Dees so as to finish 13th and get an easier 2018 draw (obviously assuming the Hawks lose tonight). Some even see the Reid general soreness out as being indicative of this being a consideration.

    For those who dismissed the prospects of Adelaide not going as hard as possible against West Coast, they've seen fit to pull Walker and Talia out of the selected side. Don't leave anything to chance Dees.....