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  1. Indeed it's not, although everything else being equal, I'd prefer Kent's bigger body against the Swans (provided of course that he's prepared to use it). The team will need to be selected with maximum flexibility in mind this week as there's quite a few variables ie does TMac need to go back if Buddy gets off the chain on Frosty or OMac. In that sense, I'm more comfortable with Kent's ability to role through the midfield if Hunt got swung forward for example, than I am with JKH's ability to make a major impact at half forward. Similarly, Wagner probably a few more strings to his bow at this juncture than White. For us to win, Lewis, Vince, Viney and Tyson will have to play to their full potential I think against Hanneberry, Kennedy, Parker and Heeney.
  2. Jeff's scan came back completely clear as reported in the club's injury update. If he had a hamstring tear, he would not be running laps. But he had / has hamstring tightness. So it becomes a risk assessment as to whether the tightness dissipates sufficiently to be able to play, including running at full speed which is vital to Jeff's game. I don't think he'll get up....
  3. Just back from training. Salient points: - no Watts for the entire session - Garlett joined Jones for run throughs on the boundary for the whole session. Practiced a few snaps at goal but you'd think unlikely to come up - Jones quipped that his quad was feeling significantly better than the previous session - Hogan participated fully in the whole group session - Kent looked sharp and up and about - TMac doing lots of goal kicking practice - Joel Smith training fully with the main group - Hunt looked a bit flat, Pedersen looked a bit sore
  4. I will be there with the mad wheaten terrier known as Fergus....
  5. Was in at the club yesterday, will attend training this morning and see how Hogan, Watts and Garlett are shaping. I would proffer that sore and tired bodies will be the key determinant of changes this week, followed by team balance / match-ups. Dangerfield's comments on TF were instructive about consecutive 6 day turnarounds and the cumulative toll. Expect to see "rested" or "managed" next to a name or two. Watts will be the key. Going back to Webber's informed comments on hamstrings, you'd conclude that Watts' hamstring isn't the back related variety and hence it would be unlikely he'll get up this week. But here's hoping. I think Hogan will play and that the club was just taking the external expectations pressure off him when they said 2-3 weeks more. The club had the game budgeted at 39k (from start of the season), the AFL are forecasting 42k and the MCC 55K. They settled on 52.5k. 60k wouldn't surprise if the weather is fine (as per the forecast).
  6. This doesn't leave much in doubt I wouldn't have thought......
  7. I think what we're seeing is as a result of the emphasis the MRP now places on consequence instead of the action. If you go back to the round 2 incidents, there is no way that the Hogan and Lewis incidents warranted two weeks, it was purely the medical reports that sunk them. Clearly a medical report for any of these types of incidents has a continuum of potential slants that a Club Doctor can ethically put his name to. The fact that so much emphasis is placed on it by the MRP (rather than the action) has resulted in the medical reports having undue bearing on the outcome. It only needed for one club to exploit that and an arms race was going to ensue. I think that's what we're seeing and I've no doubt the MFC was sufficiently livid after the round 2 outcomes that it resolved firmly there and then for any medical report to be "comprehensive" in nature. Unless and until the competition moves to independent medical assessments by an AFL appointed doctor or the MRP focus returns to the action, it will continue unabated.
  8. I think that's spot on Ted. Notably there was lots of encouragement for Kent at training from his team mates and Stretch too, including a reassuring arm around Billy's waste from the senior coach at one point. I've no doubt that everyone on the list knows what they need to work on, whether in the starting 22 currently or not.
  9. Just back from training. Observations: Watts was stretching and manipulating his tender hamstring throughout the portion of the session he completed prior to leaving early as per the previous posts / SEN. It doesn't look like it will come up but I think he'd be right for next week. Hogan doing left foot snap practice with Daniel Cross whilst the main group warmed up. Left afterwards. Looked to be in good spirit. Wagner, Trengove and JKH in the middle at one point kicking in a triangle under the watchful eye of Goodwin Hibberd trained fully with no sign of discomfort Brayshaw and Smith joined in the training sessions and moved well great camaraderie amongst the entire group I suspect TMAC may play forward in Watts' absence but we'll see on Sat night.
  10. I loathe Selwood as much as the next guy and maybe my eyes aren't as good as they once were but the vision I've seen on this seems to show his forearm striking Mitchell's back and then sliding up to the back of his head. I haven't endeavoured to do a frame by frame analysis though. Did they grade it as high or to the body?
  11. The Hibberd talk arose because the media pack wanting to report on the status of Jones and Watts got images of Hibberd limping on the Tuesday morning. I'd suggest there's plenty of sore bodies the day after a game of AFL. Nothing in it whatsoever.
  12. Probably not an abductor strain as we haven't stolen the premiership just yet. But an adductor strain might be a possibility! Put Vince in the midfield (to tag Mitchell) and bring in Wagner as the first of the changes.
  13. Steady on! Paul Roos is totally biased to the Dees when commentating on Fox and Ox is unashamedly a Dees tragic on SEN.
  14. Jim, I see it the polar opposite. I think the Dogs defence is a large chunk of their current problem. Boyd out of form and dropped, Suckling lucky to stay in, Murphy and Adams injured (and Morris only back in today). Biggs very ordinary and Johannisen shown up last week for his soft underbelly and now under huge pressure to stand up. Wood is the only consistent performer in recent times.