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  1. ProperDee, in the case of Nicholls I beg to differ. He has a track record of blatant bias against the MFC that is so significant the club ought to be doing something about it. Umpires, like players can have poor days. But the Nicholls vendetta against the MFC has gone way past that possibility and is clearly a case of systemic bias.
  2. Calm, considered thoughts as usual Wiseblood. I'd also add that the palpable frustration being experienced by Cranky Franky and others assumes the apparent lack of transparency (from a supporter perspective) around the selection decisions is repeated with the playing group. I'm in no doubt whatsoever this wouldn't be the case. Clearly there are metrics other than the headline numbers we as supporters focus on that are driving whether you get in to the team and whether you stay there. You have to assume the playing group have been fully apprised of what's required.
  3. Keep in mind that of the guys being discussed following Saty's observations this morning, one will be the emergency (unless there's a plan for someone to play limited minutes in the VFL on Sat night and be the emergency on Mon night). Perhaps the emergency is Smith given his ability to play tall / small / forward and back.
  4. Steve, it's a Richmond home game and a Melbourne make-up game so 70,000 + 40,000 potential punters before the public gate. If the weather's fine (latest forecast is more promising than a few days ago) they mightn't be far from 80k.
  5. For the avoidance of doubt and so as to corroborate JV7's post, the tweet reads: "No selection news tonight, folks. We'll be naming our team for Monday's Anzac Day Eve clash against Richmond on Saturday #AFLTigersDees" NO SQUAD TONIGHT, NOTHING, NADA........
  6. Slobbo pushed it pretty hard on 360 last night. Lewis also acknowledged that the full implication of him being missing had hit hard whilst watching the last few minutes against Freo. One aspect of selection is that Casey play on Saturday night ie a full 2 days prior. And then the Essendon game is a less than 6 day turnaround (it's 5 for them!). I forget who lambasted me for mentioning this aspect previously, but it will be a factor. I flagged in another thread that in my view Pedersen needs to come in so as to afford us the possibility of a) leaving Watts forward; b) rotating Hogan through the midfield whilst still getting a contest. Weideman offers neither currently. It will be interesting to see if Goodwin rethinks things or persists - clearly an element of the Watts ruck chop-out has been to increase his exposure to contested footy. Question is, does it have a use by date. In my view it does, others I know have a different opinion.
  7. Agree with Pro Dee on many topics, but not on Pedersen. We need him in the side, not because he will kick multiple goals necessarily but because he affords us the possibility of a) taking the ruck chop-out allowing Watts to stay forward and/or b;) being the KPF target allowing Hogan to roam in the midfield (either to get him in to the game if he's struggling or to support our somewhat spluttering midfield). Weideman offers neither of these options in the current configuration of the team and the overlay of his form makes it clear he must go back to Casey and regain confidence.
  8. A de C, the 4th quarter capitulation was indeed disappointing. One thing I think we all need to bear in mind though is that our list is still very young and on Saturday we were coming off a six day turnaround. The Cats were too, but it was notable that it was the older guys with the many pre-seasons (Jones, Selwood, Dangerfield and Vince, notwithstanding the toe) who stood up in the last quarter. Today is a good litmus test though - coming off a defeat, a cool and still day, MCG deck, home crowd - we really need to bury Freo unequivocally. I hope the forward line functions - I worry about the Watts chop-out periods as Weideman can't orchestrate things down there in Hogan's absence.
  9. Only three undefeated teams at the end of round 3. I don't rate the Tigers basis who they've played (including WCE who just aren't competitive on the MCG) and as per the post match thread, the Cats are underwhelming. So yesterday's loss is hurting less now and our draw is looking even more favourable. If we can get the injury list under control and manage through the Gawn-less months, we could hit September in very good shape...
  10. Who are the MRP members this year anyway? Is Mark Fraser still the Chairman?
  11. What's even more staggering is that the appallingly biased umpiring in the GF was acknowledged publicly by Hayden Kennedy and the AFL. My expectation for this game was that they would be on high alert and the subconscious tendency to favour the Dogs (or whatever it is) wouldn't manifest itself for this game at least. How wrong can you be! I'm gobsmacked and there's clearly an issue that needs to be addressed. And for whoever it was that asked, yes Longmire did raise it in his presser, albeit in the guise of "we're clearly doing something wrong in the contest and we must change - it's our fault".
  12. Thanks Binman. If mo64 paid any attention whatsoever to what was said publicly by the club last year (Josh Mahoney IIRC), he'd understand that there was very specific selection planning around the 6 day breaks and the interstate trips, particularly the Darwin one where humidity was involved. But perhaps ignorance is the preferred approach.
  13. Appreciate it's early in the season but freshness for the Geelong game (both clubs on 6 day turnarounds) may also be a factor. Vince will of course come back fresh for that match (as could whoever is the emergency against Carlton). Anyone who plays with Casey on Saturday will have a seven day turnaround. I would think they would want Bugg to play a match this week after missing out last week. Harmes may well end up as the emergency. And interestingly, if there's any contemplation of the two ruckmen experiment, Sunday's game against Carlton would be the lowest risk nearby window to give it a run.
  14. No, he didn't. And for anyone coming back from a two week or longer layoff, other than the half dozen or so most senior players, I think a return via Casey will be the norm this season, unless the injury count grows. So Harmes, Tyson and Kent are in the mix, but not Frost and not Wagner. And since it's a squad for a Sunday match, Spencer and Bugg will come in to the squad as well. My tip is it's Tyson plus one of Harmes or Bugg that will get the nod
  15. Bernie needs to understand that there's a power of the badge vindictiveness that operates in this space ie he has trodden a very fine line on a number of occasions and quite possibly been given the benefit of the doubt. The expectation is that he learns from it and curbs his tendencies. Absent that, you have to expect this sort of outcome. Because they can.