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  1. tess

    Tim Harrington

    Derrick Hine, Steven Wells and Graham Wright are all list managers at their clubs.
  2. tess

    Jack Watts Thread

    He left at the end of a season not mid-year.
  3. tess

    James Magner's Instagram today

    He didnt play yesterday!!
  4. tess

    Jack Viney after game in rooms

    He might need a Melbourne girlfriend to keep him here....*cough*
  5. tess

    Sellar, Gillies and Pederson

    I question how the recruiting department could have watched Pedersen and Gillies all year and thought they were capable of being in Melbourne's or any teams best 22. How is Cam Pedersen a better player then the discarded Stefen Martin?
  6. tess

    Dan Nicholson James Sellar Goodbye!

    Tom Gilies also.
  7. tess


    A Barry P special!!
  8. tess

    The Ox on SEN

    There is a direct link between Jamar's form drop and when he signed that big contract!!
  9. tess

    Did we draft the wrong guy again?

    A shocking thread!!
  10. tess

    Dan Nicholson James Sellar Goodbye!

    Both not AFL players. Why someone listened to Neil Craig in the first place and put Seller on the list is beyond me. Tapscott is also not an AFL player. Another Barry P special. He's been kissed on the doodle Barry P, getting a oppo job at Carlton after bringing so many non-competeive hacks into the MFC.....Well Done Baz you will be remembered!!
  11. tess

    Matt Jones

    Surely you recruit every player to play.
  12. tess

    Matt Jones

    Jones trained with the Dogs before the draft in 2011, he was very unlucky to miss out to Austin. His season at Box Hill was very good in 2012 when he played in the middle. As Box Hill had a lot of Hawthorn players running around in the VFL last year when Jones was forced to play on the wing or half back he struggled but some of his work through the midfeild was that of an AFL standard.
  13. tess

    The Filth Delistings today

    They have Jarrod Witts developing nicely.
  14. tess

    Mock Draft 2012

    Kristen Jaeskch will go higher then Shaw, Taylor Garner will go between 10-20 for certain, no way Macrae will go past the top 10 and Nathan Wright and Tanner Smith are not a top 20 picks.
  15. tess

    Mock Draft 2012

    He runs like an old women and wont get picked in the top 10 due to the risk, one that the dogs cant afford to take.