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    Support Melbourne

    MCC have already predicted 37,000 for Sunday, and that was the figure yesterday. Clearly we're up and about. Would be a welcome change to see 40,000+ turn up to the G against an interstater with few supporters.
  2. stevethemanjordan


    Enormously proud of the group despite my often negative comments. As Jones said, this should take so much pressure off the club's shoulders and we can now play with a freedom that we won't have seen before. I really hope that the MFC faithful will show up in force next weekend and rally behind this club for what it's achieved. I've been guilty of picking and choosing when to go to games due to how flaky we've been as a side. We're playing finals. We're back.
  3. stevethemanjordan

    GAMEDAY - Round 22

    Dom Tyson, how good is he boisssss
  4. stevethemanjordan

    GAMEDAY - Round 22

    No other side in the AFL makes life as hard for itself as the current mfc side. Nothing has changed since last year in regards to leaking the easiest goals in our D50 or certain personnel making the same horrendous mistakes over and over again. We dominate inside 50's in quarter one and look at our efficiency compared to theirs? Zero improvement in this regard and whilst certain elements of our game are very strong, it doesn't make up for our major deficiencies that hold us back from winning what have been the seemingly unlosable. Also, I don't gaf how far ANB runs in game. It is absolutely astounding that he is playing this week after last week's effort. Goodwin's stubbornness is a major chink in his armour.
  5. stevethemanjordan

    Dom Tyson

    Not the first time I've made a comment about him, but for those who refuse to believe he is untouchable, I want to bring a few points to the conversation. As a competent midfielder in the AFL you have to be one of the following two things: 1 - A versatile midfielder who has the right attribute diversity to play anywhere from half-back, midfield to half-forward. Examples: Jones, Lewis, Petracca etc 2 - A midfielder who has one or two really strong attributes and plays a set position/role in a side week in and week out. That player may be considered a pure inside mid, (Priddis, Kennedy, Ward) or an outsider, (Billy Stretch, Josh Kelly, Shuey, Stephen Hill). I understand there are also those that are in between. Shuey for instance is a player who I'd consider outside because of his ability to run and carry, but he can also win contested ball and win it well. Now to my mind, Dom is a pure inside mid. He is a contested ball winner who in the past has displayed really clean hands in close, winning contested ball and an ability to hit the scoreboard. That is his jam. At least it is supposed to be. However, for a player who plays such a defined and limited role, it's of my opinion that they need to play it at a very high level and consistently. This is why: When Dom doesn't display it consistently, he is an absolute liability on the field due to his weaknesses which are his two-way running ability, agility, speed and field kicking. And the fact that he can't offer anything playing forward or back. Defensively on the outside, he can't do much other than guard space as an inside mid. As average as Viney has been this year, I still think he offers more. Especially defensively. And please don't give me a tackle count. Anyone can tackle if playing solely as a contested ball winning mid. I'm talking about perceived pressure, chasing, harassing. Viney does these things very well. Oliver similarly but he is also dominating as a ball winner. Dom is the odd one out and really I think his position going forward should be questioned given the midfield we've assembled. What we now need is a really classy user. We desperately need someone in the mould of Josh Kelly. Unless Dom gets back to his best of 2014 pretty soon, I imagine he'll be back at Casey before long -(injuries aside).
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    Should O.Mac and JKH Play A Game For The Dees Again?

    I'm not sure how one can deduce that. Where's the reference point? All clubs have young key defenders, but every club has a difference in quality, experience and depth in a given line. Oscar is being played. He has had to improve because he was bog ordinary in many games last year. Aside from Lever, he is the most experienced key back playing right now. (Frost is not a key back imo). And therein lies the problem. A problem I've been frustrated about since we let Dunn go. Whilst I think this thread is fairly ridiculous and don't believe Oscar should be dropped, I do share the frustration that we are still so weak defensively. Whether it was Oscar or Frost on the weekend, Tom Hawkins couldn't be contained. That's a problem. Mason Cox couldn't be contained. A problem. Ben Brown couldn't be contained. Problem. The ease at which opposition sides continue to score once the ball is inside 50? A problem. The coaches have refused to put a mature, big bodied key defender into that defensive group to provide relief and trust for our entire defensive unit. And it is absolutely killing us. Every other side in the top 8 has at least one mature bodied key defender to be that rock. To compete and body up against opposition key forwards. To provide aggression and inspire those around him. Maybe Oscar isn't to blame. But the fact we are relying on him to be our pillar is an enormous issue. I'm not sure that can be argued with given the evidence on show.
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    Oscar, Frost and Smith in the backline doesn't comfort me. And don't get me started on the inclusion of Tyson. If we are to win, absolutely everything must go right.
  8. stevethemanjordan

    Angus Brayshaw

    Possibly doesn't need its own thread so to the overwatchers of this forum, feel free to merge. To anyone who has info, what is going on? I heard him interviewed during the week and he gave away nothing to suggest his omission was due to his wisdom teeth being pulled/lack of preparation. I had just assumed it was to do with that. He is a number 3 pick, highly talented and I can't understand why he's been overlooked again when any number of players could have been omitted for this week's game.
  9. stevethemanjordan

    Pace Or Grunt

    For the majority of the year, we've been stronger in that area than most other sides. The Collingwood game and doggies game may be exceptions. We brought Tyson in after the Collingwood debacle and he had a whopping 3 stoppage clearances and 16 touches against Port. He is a 'bit' player. His inclusion will not be the difference.
  10. stevethemanjordan


    Yes, I watched their entire game. I'm going off of what we've seen to date. Geelong lost to a fired up Adelaide away from home and are now in jeapody of losing their position in the 8. Do you believe they won't respond? I'm the realist anonymous Melbourne supporter you'll meet. If I think we're a good bet, I'll say so. And I'm simply saying that I can't see us winning this weekend given my reasoning. Which is backed off an entire season of results and trends in our play. We're yet to take a scalp. We're yet to win a prime time game. And we're yet to make a statement. Also, there's a difference between "Can't" lead and "leading to the wrong spots far too often". And if you don't agree, I suggest you watch how often Hogan and McDonald get in the way of each other during games. I admire what Goodwin has done since his takeover. It's nice to know that we're one of the best contested possession sides in the AFL, even 'the' best. But maybe unlike you, I don't get carried away with those positives due to the good work that comes undone so often in games. In short, if those areas of our game are even a little off, we're an extremely vulnerable side because of our inability to stop opposition scores once inside our defensive 50. All the top sides know this. And they've beaten us by outcoaching and outsmarting us.
  11. stevethemanjordan

    Who else do we realistically target at season end?

    Weitering could be worth a crack even though he's under contract. Lever will be of most value when playing that true third intercept defender. Oscar and Weitering to mark talls with Lever as intercept. Two key backs and Lever as the intercept specialist.
  12. stevethemanjordan


    Whilst beating an injury hit and out of form bulldogs in a single quarter was nice, I simply cannot see us beating Geelong down there for too many reasons. For one, we still make far too many mistakes as a side and Geelong are a team who will punish turnovers from our defensive 50. Frost is my case in point. He is playing, so we're already in trouble in that regard. Aside from the third quarter of last week, we were again extremely inefficient when going inside 50. Whether it's Hogan leading to the wrong spots far too often or our mids and half forwards kicking to the wrong spots and refusing to lower their eyes again, it happened all game aside from the third. Defensively, last week was an improvement. But it's the first game all year whereby opposition weren't scoring at will when the ball was going inside their forward 50. That body of work doesn't bode well for this game. We'll need all those three things to go right as well as having some outstanding indivial efforts for us to get up. We are yet to beat a strong AFL side this year who haven't been hit by injury. In short, I think we still have too many major deficiencies as a side that always seem to be magnified whenever we play top sides. Geelong by 35
  13. stevethemanjordan

    Pace Or Grunt

    Guthrie, Kelly and Duncan are all fleet of foot and are strong power runners. I'm really not sure Tyson will help us given we clearly have no issues at the coal face. Hannan offers variety and is an awkward match up defensively because he can take contested grabs and is quick when the ball is in dispute.
  14. stevethemanjordan

    There is a role for Bugg

    There is a role for him. He's playing it at Casey.
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    Hard to know what to think after last night. We won, as we should have. We made changes, as we should have. But we're without doubt the biggest enigma within the AFL. Aside from winning it at the contest and trying to play a 'forward half game', do we actually have system when moving the ball forward? Or from a defensive kick out? We're extremely erratic in the way we play.
  16. stevethemanjordan

    Changes vs Western Bulldogs

    Goodwin's stubbornness kills me.
  17. stevethemanjordan

    Casey Demons v North Melbourne VFL - Round 14

    Some conflicting reports on his game. I know you love him though so I can't be surprised with your view.
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    This. Hopefully the nuffs read this.
  19. stevethemanjordan

    Steven May

    No, obviously not. He is a young and developing player. However, it's the only line we have that lacks depth, quality and experience. And it's remained that way since Dunn left. Frost, Keilty and Petty are not depth yet as we saw with Petty. Two of them are untried and Frost is a mistake ridden athlete who is the furthest thing from the word 'consistency' one could think of. The fact we don't have a mature body with either experience at AFL level or the level under is a serious oversight by Goodwin and the recruiting team. You look at Weideman VS Oscar McDonald and compare the way in which they've been handled over their careers. One has been made to play out of necessity rather than form. The other one is in his third year and has been dropped again after one poor game due to depth and talent. Weideman was a top end pick. Oscar a pick in the 50's. It doesn't make sense to me. It should be our priority over the off season along with diversifying our midfield mix. You get rid of Frost, Tyson and Bugg over the off season and bring in May, Gaff and a half forward who is quick, skilled and pressures and watch our team transform.
  20. stevethemanjordan


    Hindsight? I've been saying it every time he plays an insignificant game so nah. Last week he was wrongly given another week. Yeh, coaches get things wrong. It's okay to admit that.
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    Tyson @Satyriconhome I guess those 17 others were super lucky hey? M8. No idea.
  22. stevethemanjordan

    Steven May

    Give Frost a chance? He's been given a chance in almost every position possible on the football field. Unfortunately for him, (and fortunately for us watching) his weaknesses won't allow him to be a consistent AFL player.
  23. stevethemanjordan

    How Lever's absence is hurting the Demons

    It's funny this has been identified, even though he was struggling earlier in the year. It still points to a gaping hole and weakness that is our key position stocks. Had we not landed Lever, I wonder where we'd be sitting now. Why have we chosen against bringing in a mature aged key defender since Dunn left? It is truly baffling that posters think 'we're fine' without one. It's astounding. Many stats hint to this area of weakness. Give me a key defender that will give aggression at the contest and make a genuine impact whenever the ball is in their area. The rest should be developing at VFL. If we don't have a crack at May I'll be livid. It's fine to have faith in young players, (Oscar). But why are we just assuming that these guys are going to improve in a linear way every year? Circumstances always change. Whether it's injury, form or anything else. The club needs to do something about this. I want a mature aged defender. I want reliability. And I want those younger guys to develop at VFL level like the rest of our younger mids and forwards, (Weideman, Brayshaw) have done because of depth in those lines. There's zero accountability from the club on this. It's the same with our ruck stocks. One injury to Max and watch what happens.
  24. stevethemanjordan

    Our workrate

    You need to post more please.