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  1. Kent has had a solid couple of weeks now and I can easily see him coming in to provide more pressure in our forward half.
  2. Odd that you feel the need to tell us you know anything at all in that case.
  3. I think supporters fail to understand that not every player on our list will be apart of a premiership or even contribute necessarily. There's a blueprint to an extent to follow in regards to list management and we're clearly at a stage where we need to start to identify missing puzzle pieces to add to our 'core'. Now, obviously some demonlanders will have all of Frost and both McDonald's as part of our core. That is simply a non-objective view of the worth of our key defenders. It's a Melbourne supporters view. Where every player has a place. As far as I'm concerned, none of our three current key defenders possess any significant composure with ball in hand. Frost is an athlete and is still developing basic decision making and kicking execution skills. Whenever he makes a dashing run from defence it's basically a 50/50 whether or not it'll result in a positive bit of play or a turnover. I've said my piece on Oscar and whilst I agree the last one and a half games have been really positive, he is similarly years away from being close to Lever. We have an opportunity to go hard for a player who would help our cause to no end. We're really only a couple of target players away + the natural development of our core to be challenging consistently for a few years. Lever is a big game player already, and a key defender who in my eyes will be the best in the game within three years. Frost or O-Mac won't ever be that. Because they don't possess the attribute diversity that he possesses, regardless of development to date. Which is obviously why he was so highly rated in host draft year even on the back of doing his ACL. Bring him home Dees.
  4. For real?
  5. We were more efficient in the end and made them pay on their turnovers due to our pressure. Our pressure was still high even when we made errors and turned the ball over. We seemed to be able to win it straight back.
  6. How damaging are his disposals, clearances and inside 50's? What is the end result of them? They are the important questions. Not the volume or number he is amassing. They are the questions that should be asked for any player and it's the reason I don't particularly rate Tyson this year, (save for his game on the weekend).
  7. This has been covered to death.
  8. 07 I believe. Maybe 06.
  9. Gawn will come in for a sore body and we'll definitely be playing Pedo given his form. I won't even be surprised if Weideman comes in, given the talls West Coast have at their disposal. I think people forget that we're one of the worst ball moving sides in the competition which spells disaster against a tall, marking side like West Coast. Last week they had Mackenzie, Schofield, Barrass, McGovern, Darling, Petrie and Vardy as their talls. Kennedy could come in for one of them this week. That's seven marking talls. We will be murdered in the air if we don't bring in Gawn and potentially Weideman. We still tend to bomb away in our forward 50 and whilst it came off yesterday against the dogs, much of that was to do with their undersized defence. West Coast will just sit back and lap it up if we bomb long without talls to help bring the ball to ground.
  10. Unbelievable coaching effort and execution of instruction. We played as a unit the entire game and completely smothered the dogs game. One of the best team wins I've witnessed. We're equal 4th. #daretodreamdees
  11. Today's result was attributed to manic pressure and intensity at the ball and ball carrier at all times. We sustained that kind of intensity for the entirety of the game today, something we haven't done all year. It was incredible. When you play that sort of brand of footy consistently, it takes so much pressure off your own players and makes your team look a million bucks. As an example, our defenders were able to see the ball coming in like beach balls such was the pressure on the kick, so it allowed so many of our defender to have strong games. Similarly, our forward-line seemed to function well due to the areas we were turning the ball over in. (Our forward-half). We still clearly need certain attributes and players in areas of the ground to help. I mean Frost's kicking at times from defence is proof. That was under little pressure. And we're all aware of the composure issues O-Mac, Frost and T-Mac have when the opposition aren't under immense pressure when entering their 50. We need a key defender with a similar set of attributes to Hibberd. He is mostly always composed, no matter the stage of the game or how much pressure he is under. I'm certain we need another key defender to really solidify our defence. The three we have are way too flakey. But as I said, when your team and especially your midfield apply that much pressure for the entire day, it makes everyone look good.
  12. Best complete game he has played without making too many errors and no diabolical errors. Strong in the air, intercept marked well and generally used the ball well. Have got to thank the work and pressure of the midfield also. Makes it easier for defenders to play well, especially key defenders. Hopefully he continues this form next week against a tall West Coast side.
  13. Nah but Frost is a gun remember?
  14. ^ Very good
  15. The ball is completely in his court, Adelaide have no say in whether or not he chooses to come back to Vic. Only that they'll have a preference of club to deal with depending on who has the better hand. From the articles that I've read, it'll be family and girlfriend that are the deciders. I don't care why we pay for him. If we land him, it'll be a game changer for our club.