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  1. stevethemanjordan

    Changes v Port

    Challenge him. Ask him to aim for 8 tackles and to pressure the oppo like crazy. If he does, he stays in the side.
  2. stevethemanjordan

    Changes v Port

    Vince and Harmes have both been poor in big games. Harmes is so bad defensively, looks great on the counter but had no appetite to work hard the other way. Vince has been serviceable at best in our string of wins and we can't play both him and Lewis in the same backline. I'd rather bring in another tall. And I've stated my reasons for Pederson. Something has to change. We've played a very similar team and set-up for a while. Port are another tough challenge. I want to see some players challenged. Too many are in cruise mode.
  3. stevethemanjordan

    Changes v Port

    I've changed my mind re: changes this week. I think we need a couple more talls to come in this week. Smith wasn't bad, but we desperately need some more height in our backline. Oscar could be rag-dolled by Dixon if Port get easy ball. Pederson just doesn't do enough for me. Sure he can take a clunk, but everything else he does is so average. Doesn't provide pressure, doesn't use the ball smartly and just doesn't have footy smarts. I'd like one of Smith or Weideman in. I'd like to try Petty as another tall defender and I want Garlett to come in to our side with a really defined role. Ins: Petty, Smith and Garlett Outs: Vince, Pederson, Harmes I thought Harmes was very very poor in a few key areas against Collingwood. It would allow for Tom Mac to play more on the wing and become a threat. I think we could worry them with our height. But again, it'll all come down to who gets on top in the midfield. We need to come out breathing fire.
  4. stevethemanjordan

    Marc Murphy at the Dees.

    True, worth the question I believe anyway. Will be interested to see how his body is toward the end of the season.
  5. stevethemanjordan

    Marc Murphy at the Dees.

    I'd have him playing half forward over ANB any day for a couple of years. I imagine Vince will finish up at the end of this year with Lewis finishing the year after. The talk of him being injury prone is a bit of a furfy. This year he's had plantar fascitis and can't take a trick. Last year he was very good. I think some supporters on here still underestimate the importance of having senior players around to continue to teach and lead our young group. Murphy is the same age as Jones and if he was to replace Vince as another senior member, I'd be all for it. Adds skill, composure and class which are three things we're dying for.
  6. stevethemanjordan

    Marc Murphy at the Dees.

    Hahaha. You really are ridiculous.
  7. stevethemanjordan

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    Great post @Rusty Nails Witnessed much of that myself. Pederson is a really limited player. Some of his decision making in regards to positioning, contest work, who to tackle, when to chase ball etc is very very poor.
  8. stevethemanjordan

    Changes v Port

    I'd be happy to trial that, but not against Port. Ebert, Polec and Motlop are too fleet of foot for us to risk playing an inside mid on the wing.
  9. stevethemanjordan

    New CEO - Gary Pert

    Incredible resume, huge get.
  10. stevethemanjordan

    Is Brayshaw more rounded than the Trac?

    Both Petracca and Brayshaw have had to face some adversity early on which has most obviously had an impact on their development as players. I don't really care for comparing them at this stage. Gus had his breakout couple of games for us this year and Trac has shown glimpses of what he's capable of. As long as we continue to nurture and educate these boys, they will both be big time contributors for the MFC. Trac missed all of his first year and Gus pretty much missed all of last year. It put them both back. The exciting thing in my eyes is that they're both so untapped along with some other players and we're still sitting 5th at the halfway point. As I've said a number of times, greater consistency in performance will come once these guys reach 80-100 games. And from then on it'll be a hell of a watch if we can keep our core together.
  11. stevethemanjordan

    MFC Cactus for the rest of 2018

    Calm your [censored]. We're fifth on the ladder half way through a season. Plenty to work on, plenty to look forward to.
  12. stevethemanjordan

    Changes v Port

    Yeh, clearly he was dominant. My question has always been around where he plays in our 22. I'm assuming Goody knows now that he's not a wingman. So if that's the case and he's been playing in the guts at Casey, who does he come in for against Port? One of Viney, Jones or Oliver? No thanks. If he replaces Harmes, the problem remains. Harmes only pinch hits in the midfield. Tyson has no positional versatility. He is like Viney in that sense but no where near as important.
  13. stevethemanjordan

    Changes v Port

    I've tried hard not to post since Monday's loss, allowing for some time to view the game on TV, (having been there live) and to watch closely on what went on at the coal face which is where the game was lost. First off, it's clear as day that Buckley went to town on the first quarter of the bulldogs game and would have shown his players and said, "look what happens when you pressure Melbourne to this level". Props to him, we couldn't handle it at all and they maintained that level of intensity for the entirety of the game which was impressive. Why were or levels of intensity and pressure not at theirs given its what we've built our entire brand on? Buckley also exposed us in a couple of areas within the midfield. Having a contested heavy, one dimensional midfield group who are all natural ball chasers/inside players can be a double edged sword. When we're on, playing with intensity and most importantly are 'clean' in the contest, we look really good. If the opposition put pressure us at the coal face and nullify Gawn's taps then we look slow and reactionary given the types of players we have playing as half forwards and wings. As an example, if you watch Harmes closely in patches when he's on the wing, you'll see how hard he finds it to sit back from the contest and trust that a team mate would win the ball. Some of his efforts when he decided to chase the ball were very poor as he had no impact and it allowed for his opponent to sit back on the outside and become an option in space. Too many times this happened, and Collingwood had a much better spread of midfielders both inside and outside. Sometimes I wonder what instruction is given to players like Harmes and Brayshaw when they play on the wing and or if they're listening? Both players played their under age years as inside mids with Harmes having rests forward. Unfortunately at this stage, if the opposition get on top in that area, we don't really seem to have another plan due to our personnel through through the midfield. I noticed Goodwin tried to throw Hogan in there again and for me, that's just clutching at straws as he is not a midfielder and cannot play that position effectively. Watch some of his efforts and you'll see. Whilst there are other areas of the ground we can tinker with, like the Vince and Lewis in the same backline conundrum, I thought I'd concentrate on the midfield as it's our strength. Bringing Tyson in is not an answer for me. Unless you're taking one of our starting mids out which there's no need yet imo. We need to get back to starting the game with real intensity and being clean with that first possession. Pederson whilst strong in the air, doesn't provide the same defensive pressure as Smith or Weideman. I would bring Smith back in. Other than that, keep the same side. The only way we beat Port over there is by playing to our strength and smashing them at the coal face. Oh, and Petracca needs to start in the middle. Needs a rocket.
  14. stevethemanjordan

    Wines Unsure of Contract

    Would love to package Tyson and pick 25 to move up the draft order. Carlton or St Kilda would bite.
  15. stevethemanjordan

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 12

    Not the thread but wondering if anyone knows whether one can buy MND beanies at the ground rather than o line only?