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  1. If he continues playing the way he is, it won't be long before he is at Casey.
  2. Are we jumping the gun re: Brayshaw? Was it concussion or not? I hope the club was being ultra cautious and it's not a mild concussion and was just a slight knock.
  3. Emily's now dead.
  4. True. But I'm not sure you're the best example setter of that.. Interesting info though. I would genuinely like to see Tyson dropped. Don't like what he's offering our side and bringing in JKH for him sounds about right. Ins: Hogan, Hibberd, Smith and JKH Outs: Weideman, Hannan, Tyson and ?
  5. Soooo nothing different to what everyone already knows.. That he might be out.
  6. Confirmed?
  7. Perhaps you're right. I hope we turn out in strong numbers too. Those numbers in my eyes are disproportionate and are not a true reflection of how we want to play. Consider the overuse of our handball for one.. In the wet, the skill level becomes much more even between any two sides and is therefore a battle of contested ball winning ability. And I'd back our midfield brigade to win that and win it well.
  8. Might be a bit of rain about Monday evening. I'm not so sure we'll get 80,000. Although Richmond supporters will come out in huge numbers. Rain will help us too. Hope it floods. Dees.
  9. Martin out would be huge for us. i hope there's truth to it.
  10. He walked for an easy flag and he got one. Off the back of champion players who stayed at Hawthorn through the hard times in the early to mid 2000's. He left during some of the worst years our club has ever seen. I have zero respect for players like James Frawley. And I would be almost certain that if he was interested in coming back to the club, Nathan Jones would be the first one to tell him to get [censored]. Jones would take it as an enormous insult. Frawley is also overrated as a player. Yuck.
  11. It'll be Elton or Griffiths. Not both. Richmond rely on their three mosquitoes in Rioli, Butler and Castagna to make turnovers in their forward-half. It's the reason they're unbeaten. Playing Oscar wouldn't be advisable against them. Not at all.
  12. Whilst Frost is hardly streets ahead of Oscar as a key defender, he possesses speed and agility which at this stage we need - especially against a nippy Richmond forward line. Frost made no more mistakes than Oscar has over the first three rounds. I question whether either will cut it as an AFL quality key defender over time. But time is on their side and we have no one else at present. Regardless, I'll be shocked if Oscar comes in for Frost this week. Unless there's an injury, it simply doesn't make sense.
  13. The fitter he becomes, the better he'll get. I think people still forget how broken his seasons and pre-seasons have been and how much of an effect that has on a young player's development. You build fitness over consecutive pre-seasons and seasons of footy. Christian has an incredible skill-set and is one my favourites.
  14. That's disappointing then.
  15. Tearing games apart at VFL level isn't a numbers game. As we've seen in the past with plenty of players getting insane leather poisoning. Magner, Valenti etc etc. I didn't watch the game yesterday so I can't comment on his performance. But considering those who have already made mention that he was targeted heavily by the opposition, is it not obvious that the FD would have been looking for signs other than how much ball he got? Things like the quality of his touch, his ability to work hard, compete etc etc? Seriously, I would wager possession count at VFL level is not even half of what coaches look for when considering who to bring in to an AFL side. Another thing to consider would be that due to Gus being so heavily targeted and tagged meant that Trengove was able to have a field day. Did those watching consider this? I think we need Gus on Monday night. And I'd have him ahead of Tyson for that midfield spot.