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  1. stevethemanjordan

    Injury List - Season 2019

    The only positive out of our lengthy rehab group is that 90% are able to run unhindered, which is clearly the most important part of pre-season. I think that's what the bearded man means when he says their pre-seasons are 'not interrupted'. Even if by definition of the word, they are.
  2. stevethemanjordan

    Injury List - Season 2019

    Amazing. You've just defined the term 'interrupted pre-season'.
  3. stevethemanjordan

    Training - Friday 30th November, 2018

    One time many years ago, @Satyriconhome made mention that Mark Neeld 'finally' had the right players at his disposal for us to play the was he wanted us to. Many others disagreed. Since then, he has said many, many other silly things. Things that have proved to me that his knowledge and attention to detail in all areas of this game is simply not there and that beneath all of this, he is really just a fierce supporter of all individuals that pull on an MFC guernsey and will defend them to the end. This is why when you hear him say, "an opinion is neither right nor wrong, it's just an opinion", you're allowed to laugh. Opinions can either hold weight, or little weight, depending on one's track record. And saty's is poor. For anyone who has doubts over a player at this time of year during the pre-season, just hold your tongue. I have no idea about how Bradtke is tracking... But I sure as hell know that if Satyriconhome's argument (against the poster suggesting that Bradtke looked out of his depth during training) was that the 'coaches didn't kick him out of a drill', then all you can do is laugh. I'm quite certain this post will be removed by the powers that be, but I'm pretty sick of Saty nitpicking an entire post due to this posters observations of Bradtke. It's quite ridiculous, it's the same every single year.
  4. stevethemanjordan


  5. stevethemanjordan

    Wallace Rates Dees Trade Period

    Gary Buckenara has a write-up on how he thinks each club's list is shaping up going into next year. I can't get past the pay-wall though so a paraphrase would be great from someone who subscribes to the Sun... Anddddd go.
  6. stevethemanjordan

    2019 Fixture

    The AFL have to please 17 other clubs. When's the last time we travelled in round 1? Seriously, lol at demonland and some of the complaining posters.
  7. stevethemanjordan


    Our backline has gone from a shambles three to four years ago to now being a strength. We've added Hibberd, Lewis, Lever and now May. It's unbelievable. Not in my time once as a supporter have felt confident in our back six as an entire unit. And now I will be. To my ears, it sounds as if many posters who have questioned the May trade haven't actually watched him play, or nearly enough of him. Let me elaborate. In May, we're getting pretty much exactly what Frost offered us in terms of speed and offensive play from our back-half. However, unlike Frost, May is an exceptional one-on-one defender and intercept player, he has elite foot-skills for a key defender, he is super smart and composed with ball in hand and he plays with a similar intensity to Viney both at the ball and man. He is similar to Rance in that he has the closing speed and awareness to leave his opponent and halve contests that otherwise would be pencilled in as a win for opposition sides. That trait is extremely special. He is a leader and former captain. His aggression and presence are going to change the entire look and feel of our defence. During the year, I am certain that opposition key forwards would have been strolling into our backline, seeing Oscar and Frost as our key defenders and thinking they'd have a day-out. Franklin, Riewoldt, Kennedy, Hawkins. All of them would have licked their lips. May's addition in that sense is enormous. Opposition sides know that May is aggressive and plays to hurt, and that advantage is significant. Opposition forwards second guessing at contests is exactly what you want as a defender. I can't remember ever having that in our backline save maybe for Jetta on smaller forwards, but never key forwards. They've always had something laugh at. Posters really do underestimate what he's going to provide and the onflow effect he'll have. His arrival is as big as any imo.
  8. stevethemanjordan

    Jason Taylor Resume

    Let's wait it out, ey? I doubt anyone could foresee Brayshaw get to the level of performance he has after serious concussions. Yet here we are. Who's to say KK won't? The only part of your post that rings true is that May and Hogan are not in anyway alike. Well done for pointing that out. One is a full forward, the other is a full back.
  9. stevethemanjordan

    Jason Taylor Resume

    Posters who are unhappy about this trade period need to relax and revisit this in 5 years time. The same posters complained about Melksham. A player who had the best year of his career to date this season. Do these naysayers know that since Roos took over, we're the only club to have a moved in a consistently upward linear fashion year upon year? Where has this view that 'Mahoney always gets pantsed' come from? There is absolutely zero evidence to show for it if looking at our results year after year since the Roos rebuild. Wake the fuckark up you ninnies. We just made a prelim without Hogan and have addressed a pressing backline need by nabbing a former number 5 draft pick, who is still seriously untapped as well as a player who footy experts say would be an AA key back in a better side. Both of them for a pick 6.
  10. stevethemanjordan


    The 'mighty' dees eh eh eh?!
  11. stevethemanjordan

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Don't ever post here again. Kind regards, Steve.
  12. stevethemanjordan


    There's no doubt May would have taken notice of the way we play footy and part of the attraction in coming to us would be to play alongside some the other tough and uncompromising types we have on our list. Anyone watching us against Geelong and the way our youngsters made Selwood, Ablett and Dangerfield earn every touch would have been impressed. None of our young guys back away from heat. May and Pruess will not only make us walk even taller, but they'll walk taller themselves. We now have the toughest side in the comp. Of that I'm sure and oppo sides won't like it.
  13. stevethemanjordan


    Definitely not elite. He is a neat kick generally. His awareness is very good, it's his execution that let's him down at times.
  14. stevethemanjordan


    I know that we were into Duursma last year as an underaged player and he's projected to go around the 20's. I watched some of him last year, he's very untapped. But has some special talent. Wouldn't be surprised if we got him.
  15. stevethemanjordan


    I love Simon Goodwin.