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  1. Like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. it don’t matter.
  2. Thought Brayshaw was coming in to some form after 1/2 time Also Lever showed a bit Hibberd put his body on the line a few times and will be a sore boy tomorrow Oscar wasn't to bad either
  3. Changes Game plan, if not change have one. No up and under mongrel kicks forward to no one Hogan to play and remain in forward of square Do not handpass to a stationary guy under pressure
  4. Rebook the camp for the bye week, and if anyone sooks up, delist them. Need to weed out the mentally week players.
  5. We are only a one quarter team, can't expect to win games only playing one good quarter.
  6. Once again Melbourne not switched on and Hungry for win at first bounce.
  7. Paul Roos, simply is not up to it. Starting to think, it was his deputies that had the goods at the Swans. Lyon and Longmuire, Roos was just the front man.
  8. why would you not instruct after Howe kicking goal to all flood back? And last week not manning up loose man, I think the match day coaching is pretty dam average.
  9. They were probably clapping because Melbourne finally had a goal assist stat.
  10. Roos should have spoken(yelled) at playing group after game, Let them know exactly what is acceptable and what is not. Not speaking to the group was a sign of weakness from the coach,
  11. Home ground,opposition no bench, [censored] poor effort from players and Coaching staff .
  12. Go Frawley, you are not worth any amount above 400 000.
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