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  1. Crossroads

    Collingwood V Melbourne Round 22. 1976

    Similar memory. The game finished 15 mins before the Carl v Footscray game. Most supporters stay around listening to their transister radios. I havea lasting memory of the Coll supporters singing the Footscray theme song before the game was over. It sticks with you. Murray Weideman was their coach and they won their first wooden spoon. They went on to play in the drawn Grand Final in 1977 under Tom Hafey. Barassi sorted that game out.
  2. I was only a lad in short pants. Last round before finals. Many interesting Facts about this game. I will start with one. We had to win to make finals for the first time since 1964. Melbourne did win.
  3. Crossroads

    Training - Wednesday 31st May, 2017

    Best not to rush either of them back. Comfortable with our midfield for the next game.
  4. Crossroads

    Jayden Hunt

    Agree, a major test for him this year with the added awareness and attention. Hopefully a few will lift a notch or two to divert the attention. Need to physically protect him.
  5. Crossroads

    Realistic Trade Week Results (Wish List)

    Don't rule out a trade with Fremantle.
  6. Crossroads

    The Diamond Defence

    The Mids are the key. A few times on Sunday they hesitated as to who was picking up who. The ball was coming down too quick and easily. Is it a coincidence Tommy Mac, Dunne and Garland appear less effective this year. Jury is out on the Zone. High risk/High reward
  7. Crossroads

    Jack Watts' Game

    The game goes in to 'slow motion' when he has the ball.
  8. Crossroads

    Tom McDonald needs to take a good hard look at himself.

    We need to remember The Saints game was a great effort considering his side kick Dunne was out of the side. With Dunne and to a lesser extent LaMoomba back from the Congo the pressure on him will ease. He has filled the breach left from Chip Frawley and excelled for his age. This year they are working to a new defense game plan. Not yet perfected. A born Leader. A key bookend for Hogan
  9. Crossroads


    Window of opportunity for Viv. We have selected a few under 21's in draft. Lifts his running and fitness. He is a better chance than others. Roos has given him the challenge Bigger AFL body 5+ pre-seasons.