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  1. Chelly

    Injury List - Season 2019

    I put the list in alphabetical order for easier reference. Not included in the list but referred to in recent training reports as being in the “rehab” group are Angus Brayshaw, Mitch Hannan, Jayden Hunt and Aaron vandenBerg who I presume weren’t considered by the reporter as being injured enough to make the list. The disconcerting thing from my perspective is the par on Jake Lever. Before his latest setback, I thought he would be right to go early in the season but that’s now a “mid-year return”.
  2. Chelly

    Injury List - Season 2019

    And based on the article from afl.com.au MFC End of 2018 Injury List Oskar Baker: Suffered a recurrence of a hamstring injury in September and the Demons are ensuring he has enough conditioning under his belt before starting him in full training. James Harmes: Another to undergo post-season shoulder surgery. Harmes is running but won't be in contact drills until after Christmas. Marty Hore: The mature-age draftee had an ankle operation before he was picked by the Demons with pick No.56 in the 2018 NAB AFL Draft. He and Melksham have been running laps together. Neville Jetta: The defender had shoulder surgery in the off-season. Running laps, but won't join in contact work until after Christmas. Jake Lever: Underwent more surgery on Wednesday after scar tissue around his reconstructed left knee left him in discomfort. Had started running before the setback and is hoping for a mid-year return. Oscar McDonald: The key defender had a post-season arthroscope on his hip and therefore has been on a modified programme. Jake Melksham: Melksham had an arthroscope on his ankle at the end of the season and as a result has been in rehab as he builds up his training load slowly. Clayton Oliver: Had surgery on both of his shoulders and, like many others, won't get into work with the main group until after Christmas. Running and moving well in rehab. Christian Petracca: Went in for a knee operation at the end of the year and as a result is in the rehab group. Running laps, but won't resume contact work until after getting back from the Christmas break. Tim Smith: Coming back from a stress fracture in his foot. Smith is running laps and will be eased slowly back in to training. Billy Stretch: Running laps at decent speed after having surgery on a stress fracture in his toe in July. Will build his training conservatively. Jack Viney: Had surgery on his troublesome foot at the end of the season and is on a modified program. Will look to build his training post-Christmas.
  3. Chelly

    Training - Wednesday, 5th December 2018

    Me too but we both have to wait for more than 11 months to feel that intensity.
  4. Chelly

    Injury List - Season 2019

    Tweet from Mark Stevens @7NewsMelbourne Can reveal Jake Lever having a procedure on his reconstructed knee today to ease issues with irritation to scar. Been troubling him in recently. Dees stress it is minor and he will be back on track on Monday. Frustrating by-product of surgery. Knee itself fine.
  5. The thread for injuries in season 2019 starting with a pre season update. *** If you are new to this thread the latest injury information will be on the last page CLICK HERE *** Based on reports from training the following players have been rehabbing (this doesn’t suggest anything serious with these players):- Oskar Baker Angus Brayshaw Mitch Hannan James Harmes Marty Hore Jayden Hunt Neville Jetta Jake Lever Oscar McDonald Jake Melksham Clayton Oliver Christian Petracca Tim Smith Billy Stretch Aaron vandenBerg Jack Viney
  6. Chelly

    2018 AFL National Draft prospects: The next batch

    Thanks for the kudos Andy - I stand by my original order. Gold Coast have a bonanza with Rankine and Lukosius. I don't know what happened to Matt Green.
  7. Chelly

    Phantom Drafts - 2018

    Our first pick is currently in the second round which will be part of the remainder of the draft starting tomorrow morning. However, in the unlikely event that we could somehow trade into the first round, then we would get a pick at the selection into which we trade. I wouldn’t hold my breath for that.
  8. Chelly


    I take it that this is the place for draft discussion today?
  9. Chelly

    2019 Fixture

    All aboard for the Jimmy Toumpas Cup.
  10. Chelly

    Bailey Williams

    Callum Twomey disagrees in Your club's first pick: Who's in the mix? He has Williams going at pick 53 - “Pick 53: At the start of the season Bailey Williams was touted as a possible top-10 choice. But the key forward's season was inconsistent, and although he finished well for the Dandenong Stingrays in their TAC Cup Grand Final win, he's dropped down the order. He plays best as a key forward who can pinch-hit in the ruck, and if he got to Hawthorn's first pick they'd have to have a think about adding to their tall stocks.”
  11. Chelly

    Bailey Williams

    I’m putting this name out there as a possible pick # 23 selection at the draft. He would make a good understudy to our two main key position forwards and would have plenty of time to develop at VFL level. Bailey Williams
  12. Chelly

    2018 AFL National Draft prospects: The next batch

    Good get ... and, based on my early prediction on this thread (January 30) and my previous record with Charlie Spargo, he’s going to be my player of interest. Here’s the flashback to my top 10:- 1. Izak Rankine – West Adelaide (SA) 2. Jack Lukosius - Woodville West-Torrens (SA) 3. Max King – Sandringham Dragons 4. Connor Rozee – North Adelaide (SA) 5. Ben King – Sandrin gham Dragons 6. Sam Walsh – Geelong Falcons 7. Ian Hill – Perth (WA) 8. Jye Caldwell – Bendigo Pioneers 9. Jack Bytel – Calder Canno ns 10. Matt Green – Sporties Spitfires (NT)
  13. Chelly

    Mid-season rookie draft

    The introduction of mid-season rookie draft will assist clubs with players who incur major injuries early in the season. AFL to introduce mid-season rookie draft in 2019 For eg., the MFC might have found a temporary replacement for Jake Lever.
  14. Chelly

    Draftees from outside the AFL system

    The detail - More help but no priority picks for Blues, Suns
  15. Chelly

    Rumour File

    In the footsteps of the late, lamented Chilliboy, its time to kick off the trade period with the good old rumour file. I have one - Dean Kent going to the Saints.